Easy Holiday Home Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Space


A photo of holiday home decor Christmas-themed living room, featuring green and red chairs, a fireplace, and other bright-colored holiday ornaments | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

When September comes around, it’s never too early to put up your holiday home decor in the Philippines! | Image from Unsplash


It’s that time of the year again! The Philippines is known to have one of the earliest and longest Christmas festivities in the world. The beginning of ber months—from September to December—cues the start of holiday cheer. Not to mention Jose Mari Chan’s hit record “Christmas in Our Hearts” in full swing almost everywhere you go. In a pre-pandemic world, this season means local shopping malls are already bustling with Secret Santas searching for unique Christmas gifts and early holiday home décor shoppers. Travel hot spots and popular garden parks would be brimming with locals and tourists, and of course, never-ending social gatherings are happening far and wide. 

Festivities this year will inevitably be different. Huge get-togethers might not be possible due to lockdown protocols, church attendance is limited, and outdoor leisure activities are restricted. But as generally festive and resilient citizens, Pinoys are not the ones to throw in the towel on Christmas celebrations. There are still ways to keep the magic of holidays alive despite having to stay mostly indoors. For instance, homeowners are doubling down on their holiday home décor this season. Many will be spending more time indoors, after all. So why not bring the festivities right into your own luxury house? 

There are countless ways to make your luxury house Christmas-ready, but if you want to elevate your setup this year, consider going beyond your usual decorating staples. It’s time to untangle the Christmas lights, dust off the lanterns, and deck those halls and corners. Here are some new and easy holiday home décor ideas to inspire your holiday display. 

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How to Decorate your Home with Holiday Home Decor 

A) Begin with a Styles and Stocked Bar Cart

Bars are definitely one of the busiest areas of a home during a party. All celebrations call for a toast and a bit of mini Hors d’oeuvres, after all. Anyone who loves to entertain guests knows that a bar cart is a convenient piece of holiday home décor for any gathering as they are stylish, entertaining, and functional. Roll them out to display your drinks, some treats, fancy dinner wares, and other holiday party essentials. Just be careful not to overstuff. It’s tempting to fill every tier of your bar cart with treats, but make no mistake—a cluttered space can be a sight for sore eyes. Keeping things minimal lets the bar cart shine even more.

Wine bottles in a champagne basket cart for holiday home decor needs | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Decorating your bar cart doesn’t need to be an all-day commitment. | Image from Unsplash


Start with the basics: bring out your best wines, some spirits to appeal to all family members’ or guests’ drink preferences, as well as a good decanter and wine glasses. Beautiful holiday home decor, bottles and some fancy glasswares already look festive and sophisticated on their own, but you can make your bar cart even more celebratory by putting seasonal touches like metallic accents, glitz, some reds, and blues, or a pop of natural color from pine leaves, dried foliage, or indoor plants. 

Photo of a clear glass jar beside white ceramic bowl on brown wooden table for holiday home decor | luxury homes by brittany corporation

You can also stock up your bar cart with alcohol-free beverages like tea, hot chocolate, or mocktails. | Image by Kadarius Seegars via Unsplash


B) Bring Out the Christmas Wreath

A festive luxury house is not complete without a Christmas wreath. Even if you are not hosting a huge holiday gathering this season, you can still place a beautiful wreath on your doors for a welcoming and warm atmosphere. But if hanging a traditional wreath is too predictable for your liking, you can always add your own twist. Instead of the usual evergreens, add a refreshing yet stylish touch to this classic holiday home décor by adding faux or real citrus fruits like clementines, lemons, or limes. You can also take the floral route by hanging a homemade wreath of fresh or faux flowers. 

Photo of a lovely flower arrangement for a door wreath | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Reinvent traditional Christmas wreaths by following the same formula—to experiment. | Image by Steve Lieman via Unsplash


Another idea: convert your holiday wreath to a beautiful centerpiece on your dinner table. Lay flat a wreath on the table and add some elegant candles or a glass vase right on its center. You can fill the vase with dried pinecones or string lights. Better yet, elevate your wreathe centerpiece by adding a cake stand instead. No matter your preference, the Noche Buena feast will not be the only star on your Christmas table. 

The natural aesthetics of Christmas wreaths surely accentuates the rustic appeal of Swiss-themed homes. Case in point: the Swiss Chalet-inspired luxury houses for sale at Crosswinds Tagaytay. These Brittany homes exude a warm ambiance, attractive monochromatic palettes, and country-side appeal that set the perfect Swiss Christmas experience – with wreaths on top!


C) Try Going Au Naturel with Your Holiday Home Décor

If adding fresh flowers or real fruits to your Christmas wreaths suits your taste, why not take it to another level by going full au naturel on your holiday home décor? Many have found comfort in collecting houseplants and spending more time with nature during the pandemic. That’s why a lot of homeowners are moving to luxury houses closer to nature. Meanwhile, others prefer to revamp their spaces with earthy interiors, organic materials, and natural elements like jute strings or rattan baskets. That said, if you want a festive home that leans more on peace and calm rather than loud and grand, or if you decide to be more eco-conscious this season, you can never go wrong with decking the halls in all-natural style.

Photo of real pine leaves ornaments on a rattan basket as a holiday home decor | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The best thing about all-natural home decors is they bring the calmness of the outdoors indoors.| Image by Steve Lieman via Unsplash


Nothing can beat the natural look and refreshing smell of fresh greenery. Instead of the usual store-bought metal or plastic trinkets as your holiday home decor, opt for natural and wood accents like boughs, house plants, or candle-filled lanterns, or reclaimed wood accents. Pinecones and evergreen sprigs are also versatile holiday decors that can look good everywhere. Use them to build a real mini Christmas tree or place them on the dining table for an elegant holiday tablescape. You can also stick them on doors, banisters, or on your cupboards to inject the seasonal feels from room to room.

If you want to take this eco-friendly holiday home décor idea to another level, try including some upcycled pieces into your setup as well. For instance, you can reinvent your used glass bottles as Christmas vases by adorning them with jute strings and some fairy lights.

Photo of Christmas greeneries on a glass bottle surrounded by holiday home decor fairy lights | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Natural holiday home decors not only add more authentic and relaxing vibes to your luxury house, but they are also compostable and easy to upcycle. | Image by Alisa Anton via Unsplash


E) Extend the Holiday Vibes on Your Outdoor Space

One of the greatest upsides of owning a luxury house and lot is having a huge indoor and outdoor space to enjoy. For instance, luxury mansions for sale in Brittany Sta. Rosa includes the spacious Promenade mansions, whose lot areas range from 697 sq. m. to 803 sq. m. With these expansive spaces, affluent homeowners definitely have more freedom in planning and putting up their holiday home décor no matter the occasion. This year’s holiday season might not give you the chance to flaunt your indoor setup to various guests like usual. So what do you say about adding some festive accents outside your home too?

Let your luxury house spread the holiday cheer far and wide, and be the talk of the block as well, by transforming your outdoor space. The first subject: your front door.

Photo of green wooden door with a Christmas wreath and lights | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Welcome every onlooker with a “Silent Night” vibe and soft lights. | Image by Nazrin B-va via Unsplash


Make a bold impression by repainting your front doors with Christmas holiday home decor hues—think of olive greens or festive reds. Then, jazz it up with simpler seasonal touches like a holiday wreath, trailing soft lights and ornaments, a simple Christmas tree, and a few outdoor plants. For those who like to keep things light and easy, simply letting the huge pine wreath get the entire spotlight should do the trick. A quick reminder: do not overdo your decors. Front doors are one of the most used features of a home, after all, so you wouldn’t want to sacrifice their purpose. 

Another outdoor décor setting is your backyard or home garden. If your space would allow, set up wooden tables and chairs outdoors where the whole family can enjoy holiday nights. For extra festive and cozy ambiance, adorn the place with soft string lights and cozy throws—now you have a perfect setup for small bonfires and roasted s’mores fest. 


Home is where the (Christmas) Heart Is

Did any of these holiday home décor ideas inspire the next holiday setup of your luxury house? Decorating your home for the Christmas season does not have to be rigorous. The right ornaments plus the warmth of celebrating with your loved ones are surely enough to make your spirits bright. With these, your luxury house will surely be the merriest home on the block. 

And no matter what the occasion, you can always return home to Brittany’s warmth, joy, and safety. Explore Brittany’s ready-to-occupancy residences for a deeper look at the majestic architecture, prominent location, and unrivaled grandeur of luxury homeownership.

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