Essentials of the Perfect Noche Buena Feast

Christmas is the most anticipated holiday of the year especially in the Philippines. In fact we are the only country in the world that celebrates this holiday for months before the actual day which says a lot about how Filipinos enjoy religious festivities, and what is a Filipino Christmas celebration without a Noche Buena?


The Filipino Christmas Season

During the holidays people are more relaxed, in good spirits and more bent on planning a better year for themselves and their families so that they can finally realize their dream of having their own home and have the privilege of looking at houses and communities built by top property developers in the Philippines.

Filipino Noche Buena Meal | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

No Filipino Noche Buena is complete without Lechon!


Planning and preparing a Christmas feast in your own beautiful home, such as those South American-inspired houses in Georgia Club, Laguna, is the dream of many since there is nothing more wonderful than having friends and family over for a satisfying Christmas dinner.

If you will be hosting a Christmas dinner this holiday season for more than a dozen people, you need to realize that the same is not similar to having guests during any other night considering that expectations are usually higher as the Christmas Noche Buena is deemed to be the most special gathering of the year.


How to organize your family’s Noche Buena

● Make a headcount of all those attending including children and from there choose the best room to hold the meal in terms of room size. Although dinners are usually held in the dining room, you should consider first the number of people you have invited to eat. If the dining room is too small it is perfectly fine to transfer to a bigger space and you can just redo the set-up to look like a comfortable dining place.

● Avoid fitting in numerous chairs in an otherwise small table. Keep in mind that your guests are going to sit simultaneously and would need a certain amount of space to be able to dine and eat comfortably. Add more tables if there is a need and just add additional chairs for when you are circulating and entertaining.

● Keep the party as simple as possible so that dinnerware, utensils, and glassware would be minimal. Too many of these things would take too much space and make your gathering feel rigid or formal. Not a good idea if you want to encourage light banter and relaxed conversations over the table.

● Do not try too hard– like making sure dinner napkins are folded like swans. Fancy tablecloths and other accessories are not what make a Noche Buena a great success. A casual but interesting dinner will not make the occasion less special. Note that lovingly prepared food and good company with people that you love are the essential to a beautiful celebration.

A Noche Buena feast table complete with a roasted chicken, fried fish, egg tarts, diced potatoes, and rice | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A modern Noche Buena feast table


The tips above are just some of the most important yet often ignored factors in having a truly memorable Christmas feast. The list encourages you to visualize and plan ahead to ensure that you create a Christmas feast that would be the perfect backdrop to making great memories.


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