Preparing Your Children To Move To Your New Alabang Home

Moving To Portofino Alabang

We’ve all had those moments of not wanting to leave a place. It may have been the time you first visited the theme park, beach, or toy store when you were a kid, the time you went on a vacation somewhere real nice inside or outside the country, or when you had to leave a school or workplace where you felt you truly belonged. Indeed, when you’ve fallen in love with a place, it’s definitely difficult to have to say goodbye to it. How much more when that place happens to be the place you’ve called home for the most part of, if not your whole life? For adults, this kind of adjustment could probably be considered a mild one compared to other changes they’ve had to face, or are currently facing; but for children, this could very well be one of the toughest times of their young life.


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Of course, children will have different kinds of reactions when you inform them that your family will have to move to a new place, even if that place happens to be Portofino Alabang. Some will get excited, there may be some who will be indifferent, but there are those who will also not be too ecstatic about the news, especially when there are certain things or people in your present home and neighborhood that they’ve grown a deep attachment to, which they will have to bid goodbye. Aside from your house and their rooms, these may be friends, a nanny, or grandparents/other family members who will be left behind. Keep in mind also that children thrive on familiarity and routine, so having to go through something that will break these will definitely be a cause of much stress and anxiety for them.

Sad about moving

Though the decision to move to Portofino Alabang may already be final, parents should not forget that how their children feel about it is something they should acknowledge and not choose to just brush aside or ignore. No matter what their reactions may be, it is important for you to let them know that you care for how they feel, and that you understand them. This would make it easier for you to explain to them the reasons for your move, and enable them to accept and understand these reasons better. Despite their shock or resistance in the beginning, proper communication will definitely help your children see and face this change with a better attitude.

Happy about moving

Just like how you search or ask for moving tips as you prepare for your relocation, your children will need a lot of help as well during this time. Make sure not to be too preoccupied with all the arrangements and preparations that you forget to address the fears or worries they may have about this whole moving thing. Instead of focusing on what will be different, assure them of the things that will still remain the same, such as all the things in their room and in the house, as well as certain arrangements they’ve gotten used to. Taking them on a tour of your new house and neighborhood, or at least showing them pictures, could also help get them excited as you show them the luxury homes, and places of interest such as a park, clubhouse, or nearby establishments where they could have fun and meet new friends. With your attentive guidance and support, though it won’t be easy, your children will be well-prepared to face this transition with much courage and confidence.


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