The Community at Georgia Club Sta Rosa

Nothing quite makes a home like the people around us. While you may be completely bonded to your family and have a great set of friends, the folks who are—literally—right at your doorstep are your neighbors in Georgia Club Sta Rosa.


What kind of neighborhood is Georgia Club Sta Rosa?


Pink Southern American style club house by a paved rotunda with healthy green pine trees, palm trees, and bushes | Georgia Club Sta Rosa | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Clubhouse at the Georgia Club in Brittany Sta Rosa


If anyone can understand your lifestyle in Georgia Club Sta Rosa better than you do, it’s someone who has been living in the same neighborhood for a long time. No one’s pushing you to change your ways, to go extrovert from your introverted nature, or go interventionist when you’ve spent two years building the habits that make you an isolationist. You don’t have to get along with everyone, but it would be excellent if you’d take the time to at least get to know who lives next door.

Still not convinced? Here are different reasons to find some friendly neighbors and immerse yourself in your local community.

Things to take note of in the neighborhood


Firstly, you’ll see them all the time.

When your car rolls up from the neighborhood entrance up to the moment you park your car in your open garage, you’re bound to see one of the friendly faces in your village walk their dog or take out the trash. You could a) avoid them and face awkward one-way good-afternoons perpetually, or b) make a friend and come home to a smiling neighbor every day. Might as well brush off the stress from a rough workday with a “How’s it going?” when you step off the car, right?

Second, knowing people who live close by has its perks.

Country Living in Augusta | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

This lovely luxury home for sale at Brittany Sta. Rosa features more living space and gardens amongst a sprawling landscape of greens.


One of them is the beauty of carpool. Do your kids go to the same school? Perfect, you bring them to school in the morning, and your cooperative neighbor can finish the job by bringing them home. Another perk can be having a helping hand. Say you bought the most amazing new couch at AllHome today and would love it if someone—anyone!—could carry the other end of it through the narrow door and up a flight of stairs. A neighbor can do just that, but only if you ask!

Thirdly and finally, you get to build a network.

Having a network can mean a lot of things. But mostly it means, having a wider scope of connections with people that you know. Imagine if you lived across someone who worked for Disneyland and you just happened to have some issues booking your time in Anaheim. Or think about a situation wherein your daughter was desperate to get a prom dress and a designer was fated to live just two blocks away from you. By no means are you supposed to take advantage of everyone, but having an open network of different connections might come really handy when you need it.

If by now you still aren’t convinced neighbors aren’t worth your time, remember that Jennifer Lopez was once just Jenny from the Block. You could be living in the same street as the next Philippine president and you’ll never know because you didn’t get yourself out into the world. So, step out of your luxury home sometimes and let the world get to know you!


Luxurious and romantic homes await you in Georgia Club Sta Rosa


Georgia Club Sta Rosa is among the best luxury house and lot communities in Laguna. Alongside Georgia Club, the neighboring luxury house and lot developments are Promenade, Belle Reve, and Augusta Santa Rosa. All these communities are friendly neighborhoods that still foster exclusivity and privacy of a luxury development. Each luxury home is strategically and beautifully crafted to cater to investors who are looking to experience something better beyond the ordinary lifestyle. Georgia Club has houses and lots for sale and lots for sale in Sta. Rosa that showcases a similar environment to South America. Its South American-inspired architecture promotes the beauty of worldly culture that you can find just in the Philippines. What is offered in Brittany Sta. Rosa is not only the most beautiful house in the Philippines also some of the mansions in the Philippines.

Blue western picket fence house with a terrace on top of an open carport garage, in a green grassy lot surrounded by trees | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Marcia luxury house model at Augusta, Brittany Sta. Rosa


Living in Georgia Club Sta. Rosa doesn’t only offer a great community inside. The location is pocketed on the exclusive side of Sta. Rosa but still close to the lifestyle malls and entertainment hubs along the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road. Living nearby keeps your drive at a minimum but enjoying life to the fullest. Living here with family and soon-to-be close neighbors will surely make Georgia Club a fulfilling investment. Your Georgia Club home is a home that is inviting. With big spaces, you can accommodate guests and loved ones to experience the community with you.

Investing in this luxury house and lot in Sta. Rosa is a great investment because it is one of the luxury developments of Brittany Corporation. Brittany, the premier name in luxury real estate in the Philippines, is a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes, the largest and most successful homebuilder in the Philippines and pioneer in themed real estate development. With Brittany’s Old World European and American-themed projects, Brittany creates masterpieces of upscale living for sophisticated home buyers with a taste for artful living. Brittany offers a fine selection of home designs in excellent locations: Portofino in Alabang, Georgia Club in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, La Posada in Sucat, and Crosswinds in Tagaytay.



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