Luxury Brands Participating in Black Friday Sale


One thing everyone is looking forward to this time of year is the holidays and, of course, the seasonal retail promotions such as the Black Friday Sale. Regardless of your gender, age, and interests, there is always something to look forward to. Clothes, toys, furniture, gadgets, luxury homes for sale—you name it! In this article, we will be focusing on the beloved Black Friday Sale and the participating luxury brands you should look forward to.

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What is the Black Friday Sale?

Although the term Black Friday is commonly used worldwide in modern times, its origins actually began in the United States and go way back in the 60s. In fact, it’s meant to be held right after Thanksgiving, a popular family holiday shopping season in the States. However, it gained so much popularity over the years that the retail tradition spread throughout the world, even to the countries that don’t practice Thanksgiving, including the Philippines.

Its name was coined by Philadelphia policemen, describing the chaos when crowds of suburban tourists would fly in and fill the city to perform their yearly holiday season shopping and watch the annual Army-Navy football game. During this time of the year, police officers would dread “Black Friday” because of the surge in traffic jams, accidents, shoplifting, and other issues typically associated with large crowds.

It was not until the 80s when the Black Friday Sale became a national retail phenomenon. In order to boost sales, merchants created a narrative around Black Friday weekend, deeming it to be the biggest shopping day in the country. People bought the idea, thinking that it was the best day to shop all year while the prices were low. However, the truth was that most stores at the time performed their largest sales every Saturday before Christmas. From kitchen appliances, robot vacuums, amazon devices, and other discounted products—we just can’t wait for the busiest shopping day.

Early Black Friday Deals: What Are The Participating Luxury Brands and Retail Stores?

Today, people can look forward to Black Friday promotions from their modern luxury homes. In fact, it’s an event everybody enjoys, even the wealthy and famous. Although we haven’t caught a high-profile celebrity or business magnate admitting to it, even the self-made billionaire and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was seen shopping for electronics at Costco, a wholesale corporation known for good bargains.

On a local level, style icon, celebrity, and philanthropist Heart Evangelista love sales so much that not only does she shop at sales, but she also hosts them from her own divine closet.

You can don the same luxury pieces from your luxury homes in the Philippines. Here is a list of Black Friday deals participating luxury brands for the Paris Fashion Week enthusiasts and lovers of all things fine and beautiful:

1. Farfetch Black Friday Sales

If you are a true blue fashion diva, then you probably know of Farfetch. The luxury e-tailer is a global marketplace in partnership with over 3 thousand coveted brands such as Rejina Pyo, Off-White, Frankie Shop, Victoria Beckham, and The Vampire’s Wife. They have been participating in Black Friday Sales in the past years and have become quite a battlefield for men and women alike, and they know just exactly how to host one.

Last year, the e-tailer dropped a massive sale with up to 50% off on designer clothes, shoes, and accessories leading up to the Black Friday Sale. Then, on the sale day itself, the fashion giant surprised everyone by adding another 20% discount on already on-sale items. Brands featured include The Row, Prada, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga. Everyone is hoping for another mega sale this year, and the best thing about it is that these top-notch brands won’t cost as much as luxury real estate.

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This fierce Burberry high neck draped midi dress is 70% off from £2,063 to £619 (VAT included) |


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2. Selfridges Early Black Friday Deals

Selfridges, not to be confused with Miss Selfridge, is another fashion giant to look out for. Selfridges is a chain of high-end department stores in the United Kingdom where you can shop until you literally drop for designer womenswear, bags, homeware, jewelry, gifts, and beauty. Luckily, they also participate in the Black Friday Sale, but only discreetly. They would rather call it the Christmas Comes Early Sale, a name perfectly suited to the excitement they bring at this time of year.

Last year, Selfridges put on a 20% discount on all items. This doesn’t seem much, but the myriad of luxury branded items in these stores had people lining up in the wee hours of the morning. Apart from offering fashion cult brands such as Prada and Gucci, Selfridges also champions cool London-based designers such as 16 Arlington, Wales Bonner, and J.W. Anderson.

But the one department everybody rushes to first is the legendary Beauty Hall, specifically the fragrance department. After all, fragrances are Christmas in a bottle. From Tom Ford’s covetable bottles to Le Labo’s cult scents, and blockbuster fragrance sets from the likes of Prada and Gucci, the festive holiday spirit is definitely in the air.

Fortunately, there is still a way to go on a Selfridges shopping spree online! Check out stocks and pre-order essentials without the chaos only on their website. You’ll find an endless supply of holiday gift sets as well, such as the 12 Days of Missoma Advent Calendar. Your friends and family would absolutely love you even more. You are welcome.

luxury brand black leather boots | luxury homes by brittany corporation

These VALENTINO GARAVANI Rockstud Beatle leather heeled boots are now £175 from £ 865. On top of that, any web purchase with a minimum of £150 is free of charge in delivery to select countries |


3. Cult Beauty Holiday Sales

Get ready to be spoiled by Cult Beauty, literally a cult favorite across the world that offers the top luxury beauty brands that only the privileged few know of. The likes of Augustinus Bader and Déesse, ultra-expensive skincare items, can be found here.

The good thing is that Cult Beauty prefers quality over quantity, extending its collections to more affordable yet highly effective products from luxury brands such as Drunk Elephant and Laura Mercier. And for many skin enthusiasts, skincare is way more of a priority compared to a luxury condominium for sale. This Black Friday, it won’t cost that much to bag all your beauty favorites and more!

Cult Beauty’s website is easy to navigate, unlike the pandemonium usually seen at the physical Black Friday Sale. In the comforts of your luxury home, delight in all things beautiful by brand, recipient (For Him, For Her, and Treat Yourself), or budget (Gifts Under £30, £50, £100, and over £100). Just hover over to their Christmas banner, which is where they place all the discounted items for the season.

Under Skincare, you will be happy to find that they have organized items according to your needs (Cleanse & Exfoliate, Toners & Mists, Moisturisers & Serums, Night Time, Skin Concern, Shop by Ingredient, Eye Care, Lip Care, Skin Care Tools, and Discover). Other categories such as Makeup and Hair, have extensive collections organized by product, concern, skin/hair type, etcetera. You can even click Mini, which is their section for all beauty and care for children. There is truly something jolly beautiful for everyone.

luxury microneedling set for at luxury home facial | luxury homes by brittany corporation

This BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool comes with sample sizes of the Skin Prep Pads, The Nightly (5ml), The Ultimate (5ml), and The Balance (59ml). Get this gift set for only £199 and free shipping to select countries |

4. Swarovski Black Friday Price Guarantee

Remember when Rihanna dazzled the world at the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2014? If you don’t, then you know exactly what we’re talking about here. She ushered in a new era of the naked dress when she wore a sheer, Swarovski crystal-encrusted Adam Selman gown with matching bedazzled headscarf and large mesmerizing earrings.

Fortunately, people will be able to enjoy how universally gorgeous Rihanna felt that prestigious evening. How? Swarovski is holding its yearly Black Friday Sale!

The Swarovski Collective was founded in 1999 as a collaboration between Nadja Swarovski, Isabella Blow, and Alexander McQueen. As you probably know by now, this jewelry empire disrupted the world and forwarded the use of crystals in fashion. It rose to fame quickly when Daniel Swarovski partnered with Charles Frederick Worth – hailed as the Father of Haute Couture. He embroidered bespoke ball gowns with Swarovski crystals for his elite clientele, including Queen Victoria herself in the 19th century.

Get the royal treatment now from Swarovski online sales or in stores open in high-end shopping malls in the Philippines. If you live in luxury mansions in the Philippines, it would only feel right to deck your halls in Swarovski for Christmas. Unfortunately, the sale was hosted on a much larger scale in pre-pandemic years.

Today, the best you can get nationwide is free standard shipping in the US for orders over $75, but they also have similar offers in Asian countries such as Japan and Taiwan. This time, they are limiting exclusive offers to Swarovski Club members. Sign-up today and receive 10% off your first purchase.

annual-edition-2021-advent-calendar-swarovski | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Annual Edition 2021 Advent Calendar by Swarovski looks like a gift straight from Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City. Packed with 25 expertly crafted Christmas ornaments, you can adorn yourself and your home with these studs. |


5. Dyson Vacuums Black Friday Deals

Dyson may be a completely different brand from the ones mentioned above in terms of genre, but Dyson is a luxury lifestyle brand that touches on cleaning, air treatment, hair care, and lighting.

In a sense, it is also a brand under beauty and aesthetics, applied to your luxury homes by Brittany Corporation. This should definitely be a household staple because of how easy it can make your life be with its products. Imagine vacuuming but fun or hair styling without damaging your locks!

Penetrating the Filipino market with what seems to be a quick and easy victory, Dyson is the most popular cleaning brand in the country and maybe the world today. There are some well-known brands in the market, but a fifteen-year-old is probably more familiar with this one because of its social media presence. A lot of people actually think that it’s a new technology developed in this modern age.

However, the origins of Dyson can be traced back to 1978, when inventor James Dyson was frustrated with his vacuum cleaner’s diminishing performance. He then pulled off a typical dad move and disassembled it to check what could be wrong on the inside.

He discovered that the vacuum bag was clogging with dust, causing suction to weaken. As an industrial inventor, he knew that by using centrifugal force, there was a way to improve the dusty old thing. Five years and 5,127 prototypes later, he invented the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner.

This Black Friday, do your luxury homes in the Philippines a favor and purchase a one-of-a-kind vacuum cleaner by Dyson at a Black Friday deals earlier. Each one has core technology that’s lightweight yet powerful enough to suck up microscopic dust and large debris. Its patented Root Cyclone technology captures dust and debris from the airflow, so there’s no loss of suction even over time.

It is also the only technology of its kind that uses anti-static carbon fiber filaments to extract fine dust from hard floors. On top of all that, it has an energy-dense battery that’s long-lasting with fade-free power to clean your entire home, no matter how big or small. And if you find that hard to believe, they have conducted studies and experiments available on their website so you won’t have to doubt them.

dyson wireless vacuum | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Dysdon v11 fluffy+ is the brand’s most powerful intelligent vacuum and it is currently on sale. Save P18,160 and purchase it now for P24,740 (the original price is P42,900). |


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