The Best Celebrity Homes in the Philippines


Many people see celebrities as stars, shining brightly with their talent, good looks, and charisma. Fans look up to them because of their skills. Some may even resonate with certain aspects of their story life story. It’s perfectly normal to be curious about their everyday lives: especially about the celebrity homes.

As personal and enjoyable as it is to peek into the lives of our idols, it can also be quite beneficial for us. Looking into the design choices and aesthetics of our models can also spark our creative energies. With how beautifully designed most of these celebrity homes are, inspiration is indeed all around us.

Ready? Let’s peek into some of the best celebrity homes in the Philippines!

Classic themed mansions - Luxury homes in the Philippines

Top 10 Best Celebrity Homes in the Philippines

1. John Lloyd Cruz’ Ornate French Mediterranean Mansion in Antipolo

This famous actor’s sprawling 1,100 sqm property located in Antipolo is the embodiment of luxurious comfort. It features a clean and modern color palette, predominantly off-white or cream color accentuated by brown, light blue, and even gray tints. 

With a French-Mediterranean theme, the house features all the trappings of luxury: a grand facade right at the entrance, a spacious, high-ceilinged interior with glossy wooden flooring, and even a zen garden and pond combo in the backyard. Of course, let’s not forget the huge swimming pool that the family and guests can jump in to escape the scorching tropical heat.

The actor himself said that he designed the house’s looks and style specifically to comfort him and his loved ones.

2. Kris Aquino’s Airy Pink-Themed Home in Quezon City

Leaving her legacy as one of the best actresses in Filipino cinema, Kris Aquino now turns her efforts into being a great homemaker and provider for her children. And she seems to be doing well if the design of her house says anything about it.

Her three-story Quezon City home has a delicate light pink as its predominant theme, which the actress believes expresses her personality very well.

Created with a minimal color palette, the house also has bright splashes of color here and there. If the rest of Kris’ house is as clean yet cheerful as that living room picture above, the interior design–designed by Rossy Yabut Rojales–is definitely envied.

Speaking of interiors–the house features walk-in closets for every member of the family. It’s not a secret that the family has plenty of clothes and accessories, with their very active and public lifestyle.

One of the house’s main features is the outdoor area with a massive pool that the family and guests can certainly play around with, with an attached lounge. Also, the lounge has attached luxurious bathrooms and gaming machines. Truly a comfortable luxury home befitting the entire family.

3. Aljur Abrenica’s Modern Industrial-Inspired Townhouse in Quezon City

Reflecting his preferred industrial yet still elegant style, Aljur Abrenica’s townhouse in Quezon City is a beautifully designed luxury home that certainly matches the owner.

The house makes use of industrial elements such as hard edges, metal details, and woodworking. It also uses a lot of brickwork throughout, which beautifully complements the stark nature of the industrial themes. Featuring predominantly earth-themed colors, the house is filled with browns and reds that complement each other well.

The townhouse features a dining area with a bar cabinet, a full-range kitchen, and a versatile second-floor sanctuary that can be used as a second living room, hangout spot, or gym. The sanctuary is also where his wife Kylie leaves a tangible mark on the home’s overall design with her original paintings.

4. Slater and Kryz’ Ultra-Open Mansion in Cebu

Another industrial-themed luxury home, Slater Young’s Cebu mansion, stands out as one of the most “open” on our list. And by open, we mean wrap-around, floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows on multiple sides of their home. What a way to style a luxury home!

Ultra-modern all throughout, it boasts good use of single-slant roofs and harsh angles and industrial elements such as minimalist dark colors and exposed woodworkings. With an emphasis on the outdoors, the house features many windows and a very generous floor area.

The couple’s forever home, which they christened as the “Skypod,” is admittedly one of Slater’s most “architecturally challenging” projects. Due to this, the couple encountered a 2-month delay from their projected 7-month build-time goal.

Nevertheless, it seems like the PBB winner and Cebu-based model and civil engineer completed the project with flying colors. 

5. Iza Calzado’s Luxuriously Eclectic Condo in Makati

Reflecting the actress’s own sophistication mixed with a sense of playfulness, her condominium unit features eclectic design elements that tie together with a sense of feminine luxury.

With close to neutral color tones everywhere, Iza’s house brims with life. It features her careful and loving choices for the furniture and decorations which fill the home.

Aside from the standard rooms, the luxury condo also features a spacious and welcoming foyer, its own entertainment lounge, a powder room, an impressive glass-and-metal themed staircase, and a full walk-in closet.

6. The Kramer’s Spacious Family Mansion

After a lengthy 2-years of making the house, the celebrity family is finally ready to move into their new modern mansion.

The mansion features a few luxury home amenities, such as an infinity pool, a barbecue pit, a classroom for the children, an extra-large bed fit for the entire family, and an especially large walk-in closet bigger than their own masters bedroom.

The family didn’t hire an interior designer, so everything inside is the fruit of their own planning and labor. And what a success: with the house’s modern yet rustic theme, the interior design is on point with lots of large windows, well-curated floor space, and earthy color tones that complement the primary color well.

7. Derek Ramsay’s Glass Mansion in Palawan

With one side of this house made entirely out of glass, it’s no wonder that this actor’s Palawan mansion is called a “glass house.”

The house is built around the view. The entire side faces the magnificent white sand beach, and since it’s made out of glass, you can see the beach from wherever you are in the house. The house also features an airy and open floor plan that enhances the summery feel of the place.

Perhaps another striking aspect of the mansion is that it is filled with art of every shape and form. From paintings to sculptures, figures, and furniture, this luxury glasshouse is rich with artistic details that enhance all the senses.

8. Sharon Cuneta’s Elegant Family Mansion in Mandaluyong

Showing nothing but the class that carried the megastar throughout her cinema and music legacy, Sharon’s house is a picture of sophistication and classiness.

From the grand staircase to the clever use of design and color, the house resembles a 5-star hotel at every turn. The mansion features a pool with an attached outdoor lounge, a fully equipped kitchen, a powder room, and a second living room.

9. Enrique Gil’s Modern Beach House in Batangas

Filled with contemporary design themes yet with a wild and timeless edge to it, the actor’s Batangas 5-story beach house is a vacationer’s dream.

It has a wide floor area that can accommodate friends and family, a mixture of glass and wood elements, and comfortable amenities inside. More than that, the home features the ocean view wonderfully with floor-to-ceiling windows directed at the sight.

10. Kim Chiu’s Glamorously-Chic Home in Quezon City

From the custom double front door of the house alone, you can already feel the princess theme of this young star’s mansion.

Guests are welcomed into a clean foyer that gets them ready for the explosion of detail in the living room. Seamlessly blending modern and classical themes, the house certainly feels like a modern castle. It features a magnificent Egyptian Crystal Chandelier and lofty ceilings, a chic dining room that features an entire mural, and a full-scale modern kitchen.

Aside from those, the house also has a lanai, a day bed, and an expansive outdoor area.

How the Best Celebrity Homes in the Philippines Inspire Us

With their taste for design combined with their unique skills and experiences, the celebrities that we look up to can create beautiful works of art in the form of their homes. As much as we admire those celebrity homes, they can also be a fantastic resource when looking for design themes and inspiration when designing our own luxury homes at Brittany.