Best Celebrity Walk-in Closets in the Philippines

One of the best things anyone could ever want in luxury properties for sale are walk-in closets either attached to bedrooms, or as entirely different rooms in the luxury house and lot. For some, these are good to have, while for others walk-in closets are a staple; and this is especially true for the rich and famous—particularly celebrities. Celebrities are known to wear different hats, figuratively and literally. They play different roles that require different outfits. Most of the time, they also personally own hundreds of clothes, shoes, accessories, and extravagant celebrity homes just because they can.

modern luxury walk-in closet with modern interiors for men bachelor's pad | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Mansions in the Philippines usually feature walk-in closets tailored to their owners.


The purpose and emotions behind luxury items may differ from one person to another, but one thing’s for sure: all luxury goods and valuable collector items of fashion require walk-in closets that can house all of them and keep them in tip-top shape. This is why walk-in closets are usually spacious, sometimes as big or even more spacious than a bedroom. 


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A commonality among all walk-in closets is that they are all one large organization storage tool for personal items. There are different ways to maximize storage space in your luxury home, but walk-in closets are definitely a must. And when it comes to celebrities, they don’t shy from showing off how meticulously curated their displayed fashion items are in their walk-in closets. 

One of the most well-known fashion icons in world history is none other than Immelda Marcos, known around the world to own three thousand pairs of shoes. Imelda’s footwear are now housed in the Marikina Shoe Museum, along with those of celebrities, personalities, and former presidents. The affluent and wealthy Filipinos do have a history of fashion collecting and grand displays. 

Top 5 Celebrity Walk-in Closets in the Philippines

Nowadays, celebrities have transitioned to a more modest way of displaying their rare and expensive items: walk-in closets. Below are the best celebrity walk-in closets in the Philippines.

1. Bea Alonzo’s Elegant Walk-in Closet

Bea Alonzo keeps it classy with a neat and well-organized walk-in closet. The interior design incorporates light neutral colors in the woodwork, with a splash of purple as seen on the cushioned stools. Her curtains and chandelier add a touch of traditional elegance to match the modern structure and lighting of the entire walk-in closet room. It definitely is important to keep it neutral when you’re displaying items of different colors.

Modern and elegant walk in closet in neutral colors with vanity.

Bea Alonzo’s shoe display and vanity area. Photo by Rene Mejia.

Walk in closet with light-colored wooden cabinets and wooden floors and classic chandelier.

Bea Alonzo’s walk-in closet design incorporates light-colored woodwork and a color splash of purple. Photo by Rene Mejia.


2. Heart Evangelista’s Walk-in Closet That Doubles as a Second Home

Heart Evangelista’s walk-in closet could double as a second home because of its size and multi-purpose function. To start with, she has carpeted stairs so she can safely walk up and down her walk-in closet in sky-high heels. Hung up on the walls of her staircase are framed Hermes scarves, which are some of her favorite fashion items to collect. Not only does her walk-in closet house her clothes, shoes, and accessories, but also her home office, home spa, and its very own balcony.

3. Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s Pristine Walk-in Closet

Slater Young and Kryz Uy definitely built up momentum towards the completion of their dream modern luxury home, The Skypod, and did not disappoint. One of the luxury house and lot’s salient features is the walk-in closet. The modern yet elegant interior design says a lot about the couple’s personalities: flashy yet classy and private. From the cool marble walls, modern light fixtures, and custom-made modular cabinets, this walk-in closet deserves to be on our list.

4. Cheska and Doug Kramer’s Walk-in Closet: The Biggest Room in the Team Kramer House

Similar to Kryz Uy and Slater Young, the Team Kramer family of five are famous for having built their dream home from scratch. It is reported that the biggest room in their house is Cheska and Doug Kramer’s walk-in closet, and note that they do own a fully equipped full-size cinema in their luxury property as well. This high ceiling room is surrounded by tall wooden cabinets and rows upon rows of drawers that contain expensive clothes and accessories. There is one section dedicated to Doug’s shoe collection, and another for Cheska’s bag collection. In a few years, maybe they’d have to build another for their two girls and one son.

5. Gabbi Garcia’s Glamorous and Chic Walk-in Closet

Gabbi Garcia’s walk-in closet is very much like her: chic and posh. Not only does her walk-in closet store all her designer clothes, shoes, and accessories, but it also displays her favorite things and achievements. From portraits from her favorite photoshoot, to custom-made dolls inspired by her iconic character in the Kapuso series ‘Encantadia, this walk-in closet is definitely her pride and joy. It also has its own smart TV to keep her and her glam team entertained whenever she needs to prepare for a shoot.

Chic and girlywhite and pink walk in closet with flowers and framed photo.

A youthful yet luxurious corner for Gabbi Garcia’s shoe collection for her walk-in closet. Photo by Gabbi (Instagram).

alk in closet with white sofa with cushion and golden elements.

The theme of Gabbi Garcia’s walk-in closet is clean white with elements of pink and gold. Photo by Gabbi (Instagram).


The most beautiful houses in the Philippines sure do seem incomplete without walk-in closets similar to the ones owned by celebrities listed above. That’s why Brittany Corporation offers mansions in the Philippines that not only have the essential areas of a luxury home such as the kitchen, dining hall, and spacious bedrooms with balconies, but a special few luxury properties also have walk-in closets.

Eliot in Brittany Sta.Rosa: Your Smart Home with a Straightforward and Functional Walk-in Closet

Eliot is a luxury house and lot model located in the Old English-themed residential development of Promenade. It’s part of a master-planned development called Brittany Sta. Rosa, a project of Brittany Corporation, the luxury residential arm of Vista Land. This quaint English manor is perfect for families who want to reside nearby key establishments in the Metro South, including medical facilities, top schools, and retail and lifestyle centers.

The great thing about Eliot is that it brings the luxury walk-in closet feature to you. After all, luxury properties for sale aren’t just offered to celebrities, but also to other members of the affluent and wealthy. It definitely comes at a high cost, given its prime location, impeccable design, and grand surroundings. 

Aside from Brittany Sta.Rosa, Brittany Corporation also has master-planned developments in other key locations in the south namely, Crosswinds in Tagaytay, Portofino in Vista Alabang, and La Posada in Sucat. Each development is beautiful in every detail and charmingly thematic—reminiscent of Old World Europe and America. For more details on Brittany Corporation and its properties, you may visit the official website for a virtual tour or schedule an appointment.

Poster of classic modern house with lush green courtyard, surrounded by pine trees.

Promenade’s smart luxury home model: Eliot


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