Best Skin Care Tips for a Home Spa Experience


It’s been more than a year since we last enjoyed a completely relaxing experience at a luxury spa, where the sweet aroma of essential oils, combined with earthy toned visual elements and a perfected comfortable room temperature, already unwinds the body, mind, and soul. We go to these establishments for a good massage to loosen up the body, and of course, to maintain perfectly smooth and flawless skin through facials. These are luxuries we truly miss. However, there are ways to duplicate this experience in your very own luxury home spa, with the best skin care tips practiced by supermodels, celebrities, and skin care gurus all over the world.

Woman wearing a towel wrapped around her head during a luxury home spa experience - Luxury homes by Brittany

The most important step, which is present in all the best skin care tips, is to figure out what your skin type is. From there, things get easier.


The best skin care tip is to know your skin type


In the world of skin care, there are generally four skin types: oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. Your dermatologist can easily determine the best skin care tips once finding out your skin type through various examinations; but in most cases, a thorough observation of the skin under bright light, as well as its texture, suffices. You can do this too at your luxury home. Below are the symptoms of each skin care type and how to spot them.

1. Oily skin

Our skin naturally produces oil, especially on the T-zone, and one of the best skin care tips is to know what this is. The T-zone is the area on your face where the bridge of your nose forms the base of the “T” and the part of your forehead above your eyebrows forms the top of the “T”. You have probably noticed that this area is the oiliest part of your face. Check the mirror in your luxury home throughout the afternoon to check if your face is shiny with oil. Another method is to dab your face, especially your nose, with a dry tissue and lets it absorb the oil on your face, hours after it has been washed. Sometimes, even swiping your nose with just your finger and feeling if it’s oily is enough. If you’ve noticed that, plus pimples in your T-zone, you definitely have oily skin. 

Check out this skin care routine for oily skin by Gretchen Gatan.

2. Dry skin

If you’ve been suffering from flaky, rough skin, then you probably have dry skin. Worse cases include red and flaky patches around the face. If you have dry skin and you are washing your face with a foam cleanser (definitely not the best skin care tip or product for you), then your skin should feel tighter after rinsing. It also feels tight when you stretch your skin with your hands or by making big facial expressions. When you use an oil film, which is very popular in teenagers, it should be able to absorb a bit of oil as our skin naturally produces sebum. If the whole film goes clear, then that is a clear sign of too much oil. If the film doesn’t absorb any oil at all, then that’s actually a negative sign which indicates that you have dry skin. 

Check out this skin care routine for dry skin by the stylish Filipinas of PrettyMe.

3. Combination skin

The reason behind its namesake is that the combination skin type is a combination of both oily and dry. If you’re experiencing symptoms from both of the skin care types mentioned previously, then you probably have combination skin. Usually, people who have this skin type have dry and flaky (or even itchy) skin around the face, by their hairlines; but have a shiny, oily T-zone. For severe types, the best skin care tip is for some areas of the skin to require different care or medication compared to the other areas, for a more targeted approach. 

The wellness gurus at Self recommend these products for combination skin.

4. Sensitive skin

A sensitive skin type means your face is easily irritated by different elements; whether that be new or harsh chemical products, dust, humidity, or allergenics like some breeds of dogs or cats. When your face gets irritated, this causes a burning sensation, sometimes causing your skin to redden or itch. The best skin care tip for you is to seek professional help online to discuss your symptoms and be prescribed with correct medication that you can order and apply safely in your luxury home. 

Dermatologist Dr.Sison listed the top soaps for sensitive skin.

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Skincare products come in all shapes, forms, and routines, but the best skin care tip is to keep it simple and focus on the essentials.


Choose the right products to incorporate in your best skin care tips


Now that you are aware of your skin type, you may now purchase skin care products according to your skin. Always read the contents that come with a skin care product’s packaging, even if the title claims it’s the best skin care tip in the market. Usually, the skin type it is intended for is indicated on the box. It is also best to search for products that are dermatologically proven to give the promised results. Here are the most important products that make up the best skin care tips that you can practice in your luxury home:

Facial Wash

If you have dry or sensitive skin, do not use a foam-based cleanser, as this strips off the natural oils on your skin, which causes the feeling of tightness after washing. If you have oily or combination skin type, switch to a gel-based cleanser that will refresh your skin as it moisturizes you, without any oils. 

Cosmo PH listed the best facial cleansers for acne-prone skin – from drugstore to boujee.


No matter what skin care type you have, moisturizer is essential – yes, even if you have oily skin. However, not all moisturizers are concocted the same. The best skin care tip for those with oily skin is to choose gel-based products, as mentioned earlier. There are gel-based moisturizers out there that won’t leave your skin feeling sticky. Remember that your skin is producing more oil to compensate for the lack of moisturization and care that it needs.  For people with dry and sensitive skin, moisturize as much as you can, especially at night when your skin is doing its best to rejuvenate while you sleep in your luxury home.

Check out the best face moisturizers in the country by The Wedding Vow.


The sun is more damaging to our skin than we think. Thus, it needs protection on a daily basis, even when we’re just inside our homes. In fact, UV ray exposure from the sun is the fastest way to make your skin age. Think sunscreen is too thick, heavy, and sticky? Worry not because nowadays, gel-based and water-based sunscreens are available in the market to keep you feeling fresh as it protects your skin from the sun.

Preview PH gave us a breakdown of types of sunscreens and how to use them.

Woman sitting on a bathtub with tray of candles, bath salts, lotion, and soap, a luxury home spa experience at Brittany Corporation

You can replicate the spa experience in your luxury home, with the best skin care tips and some essentials that you can purchase online.


Applying the best skin care tips in your home spa


Who says you can’t enjoy a facial treatment without the spa? We beg to differ because if you can have a luxury home gym or a luxury home cinema, you can most definitely have your very own luxury home spa. AllHome, one of the biggest home depots and a one-stop-shop for all your home and builders’ needs, is equipped with everything you need to capture that tranquil indoor experience as you practice the best skin care tips. Here are some products and adjustments you can incorporate in your home spa to elevate your experience:


Diffuser and essential oils

One of the first senses that come to mind when we hear the word “spa” is the calming aroma. Spas use essential oils to give this effect because certain essential oils are scientifically proven to calm the nerves and remove stress. After all, stress tightens the muscles and causes skin issues. That is why some of the best skin care tips out there involve destressing. In this case, we are destressing through a luxury home spa experience.

Scented soy candles

Turn off the harsh lights and romanticize your home spa with warmly lit candles made of soy, because wax candles are unhealthy and not environmentally friendly. Just like a romantic dinner, the warm lights provide the feeling of intimacy, while the scent gives off feelings of sensual healing.

The Beauty Insider recommends five local soy candle brands for the ultimate home relaxation.

Bath neck pillow

Practicing the best skin care tips in the bathroom can be a luxury home spa experience in the bathtub. Apply your face mask as you lie in your hot bathtub in a relaxed position, where your neck is supported by a pillow. Let the warm water embrace you because water is definitely healing.

Surround soothing music

When you’re at the spa, your mind goes blank – it’s just you, the music, and great service. To complete the best skin care tips for a luxury home spa experience, create a playlist of lo-fi or naturesque music, and play it on loop. Of course, you can enhance this by installing surround sound speakers that will transport you to paradise when you close your eyes.

Tatler listed a couple of pleasant playlists, perfect for your home spa.

Woman practicing best skin care tips with a luxury home spa experience in a bathtub with a grand view at Brittany Corporation

The best skin care tips can be applied with the best view of nature at your luxury home in Crosswinds Tagaytay.


The home spa experience is part of a lifestyle best lived in a luxury house and lot


A luxury home spa is not possible without the space needed for it to imitate that of a professional luxury spa. The extravagance of beauty and relaxing experiences is not achieved without the lifestyle it requires. And the opulent lifestyle is not best lived without a matching luxury house and lot.

Brittany Corporation, the luxury arm of Vista Land, offers the best luxury houses and lots for sale that replicate the beauty of world-class destinations: the Italian countryside in Vista Alabang, the Swiss alps at Tagaytay, the charming old England in Brittany Sta.Rosa, and famed Victorian San Francisco La Posada in Sucat. All of these are master-planned communities rich in character and thematic in their appeal. Thus, a luxury lifestyle is best lived in a luxury home by Brittany.

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