Spend National Nature Photography Day at Brittany

Nowadays, everyone spends way too much time stuck behind their phones, TVs, and computer screens. Looking behind the digital screens with all the facts and news that makes everyone’s life fast-faced. As this era is taking the world to a whole new level, people forget to notice how the world outside is so much to explore and how fascinating it is.

Spend National Nature Photography Day at Brittany | Brittany Corporation Capture the beauty of nature | Photo from Pexels Website

According to one study, being with nature comes with many benefits. One of those many benefits is it improves short-term memory loss. The study showed those who spent time walking in nature were better at retaining information than those who don’t.

Moreover, spending time in nature can help reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, increase happiness, boost one’s energy and spark creativity.

Man in Nature| Photo from Pexels Website | Spend National Nature Photography Day at Brittany | Brittany Corporation

Natural beauty has long been a source of joy and admiration for humans. In 2006, the North American Nature Photography Association, NANPA encourages people to celebrate nature photography day on June 15, It is a way of appreciating the art form and encouraging people to learn and enjoy capturing the beauty of nature. The celebration created an opportunity to advance wildlife conservation and awareness of climate change in the whole world.

Man taking outdoor pictures| Photo from Pexels Website | Spend National Nature Photography Day at Brittany | Brittany Corporation

A totally different method for documenting what one saw in nature existed prior to the development of the camera. For centuries, Pliny’s account of Mount Vesuvius’ 79 AD explosion at Pompeii has been considered one of the most important and influential natural history books ever written. He had two letters about what happened that day and those two letters formed important evidence in the study of natural history and ancient civilizations.

A breakthrough came in the 1800s when naturalist and scientist Charles Darwin published his writing “On the Origin of Species,” outlining his theories of evolution and the evidence he had collected to support them. During the same time, scientists were developing the camera which Darwin used as part of his studies. His work leads to a major understanding of nature and became the foundation of natural history.

Man taking a Photography of ocean| Photo from Pexels Website | Spend National Nature Photography Day at Brittany | Brittany Corporation

In honor of National Nature Photography Day this coming June 15, Brittany invites everyone to take a step back from technology and go outside and enjoy some fresh air in its luxury real estate.

Since nature is present in all-natural things, like the weather, trees, flowers, and insects, and once you start looking, you’ll realize it’s everywhere. Everyone can have a nice bike ride, hike with their loved ones in the beautiful Crosswinds where there are lots of houses and lots for sale, and have a walk in the park in the beautiful terrain of Lausanne with its lots for sale while overlooking the luxury condo in Tagaytay known as The Grand Quartier and Alpine Villa. You will discover plants you’ve never seen before or simply sit and observe your surroundings.

Overlooking view of Grand Quartier| Photo from Brittany Website

Celebrating National Nature Photography Day on June 15 will teach everyone more about nature and enjoy capturing it at its very best over the Brittany Sta. Rosa beautiful landscaping.

Everyone can take part outside their billionaire modern luxury house with whatever equipment whether you’re a professional photographer or belongs to amateur photographer, sharing your photos helps spread awareness, and exposes people to unfamiliar wildlife and landscapes. This is a form of education that can help highlight the way to preserving planet Earth as a vital role for all of us.

Here’s How You Can Celebrate Nature Photography Day at Brittany’s Luxury Communities

Take your unique own photographs

Whether you’re in the countryside or the middle of a city, Brittany’s luxury homes in the Philippines are surrounded by great nature. Take a look at La Posada’s whole area and you can take a quick picture on your phone or spend the day seeking out the perfect composition with a steady hand.

La Posada| Photo from Brittany Website

You can learn about your local plants and wildlife, research those you don’t already know, and dive deeper into some of your favorite species. You can also get inspired by reading about famous naturalists and nature photographers and take a glance at the excellent luxury houses in the Philippines.

Capture with your camera | Photo from Pexel Website

The birds fly high, and reptiles stay low but it doesn’t mean you have to mirror their movements. Sometimes, you want to be at eye-level with your subject. Other times, a higher vantage point offers a better shot. Play around with different perspectives and you can release the creative juices you have in your sleeves.

Lie on your belly and think of those beautiful thoughts, climb a tree, hold your camera overhead, use wide-angle photography, shoot a closeup and do whatever you need to find the most interesting composition as you participate on National Nature Photography Day.

Use what you’ve got 

Spending National Nature Photography Day will not be complete without a sheet of paper and some aluminum foil. You can make your own pinhole camera and understand the basics of the incredible technology we use every day. You can also create a scavenger hunt for specific animals, plants, and other natural sights in your Georgia Club neighborhood and it will be more fun doing it with the whole family.

Alysson House Model| Photo from Brittany Website

With today’s digital age and technology, camera phones take incredible and high-end pictures. While professional photographers use an advanced DSLR camera, it cannot hinder a normal person to use their smartphones to take imaginable nature and luxury condo photos.

Get familiar with your smartphones and refer to a beginner’s photography dictionary as needed and it will help you a lot to have a better understanding of different parts of a camera and settings available that you can also choose from.

Choose a lens with a longer focal length as you will need the longest reach possible. This allows you to keep a safe distance from wildlife while getting the best shot. You can also invest in a macro lens that magnifies all the tiniest details to get a truly stunning shot. Using this kind of lens, you will see even the zig-zag of a lizard’s skin, the veins in a leaf, and the texture of a bird’s feather.

This is ideal for capturing the beauty of nature in one of Sta. Rosa, Laguna’s beautiful landscaping in Promenade where there are plenty of nature photographs ideas, but this is a good starting point. In nature photography, an animal or plant is often the focal point. When you want all eyes on one subject, make the subject as sharp as possible. The background should fade out.

A helpful way to think about composition is via the rule of thirds. It’s one of the golden rules of photography that results in a much more dynamic image. Visualize the frame of your shot cut equally into nine sections, whether using your DSLR or smartphone. Then the sections are to be created by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. Where the lines intersect is where the eye naturally goes.

The goal of this is to position your subject on the intersecting points or centered in one of the squares. Using this method, you can take many photos. And you can try visiting a nearby park, nature preserve, or green space near Augusta and Belle Reve and start shooting images of the natural world around you.

Audrey Model House | Photo from Brittany Website

You can also create a tangible display with a photo book with a luxury house design. Thanks to advanced technology, you can use swap, rotate, zoom in on or crop your nature photos and you can also add filters through your photos to find the best shots.

Look at pictures from nature

As you spend this very special day of  National Nature Photography at Brittany, you can take some time to go online and to a gallery, or find a book with some inspiring photographs of nature and condo for sale. And you will be inspired to make your own tailored photos that have captured some truly breathtaking things which innovated by professional nature photographers.

Natural lighting should always be your first choice. Fortunately, nature is not selfish in giving easy access to light. The key is timing. Whether morning or evening light produces the most dramatic images. Plan to shoot during the golden hour – just after sunrise and before sunset. This level of natural light eliminates shadows for a more even glow.

Most animals are afraid of humans and will quickly scamper away and they are fragile more than you think. Maintain an appropriate distance at all times since you are in their habitat. The same respectfulness should also be applied to plants and try not to step on fragile flora.

Stay on pathways whenever and wherever possible. Walk softly and carry healthy respect for the world around you. Always carry out what you bring with you and pick up litter should you find any. And don’t forget to leave only memories and not trash.

Nature is wonderful and amazing.

It is only all around us, and most ordinary-seeming things are truly incredible when you understand how they work in nature’s plan. It opens our eyes and makes us realize that in our busy lives we can stop, look, and appreciate our surroundings but National Nature Photography Day encourages us to appreciate the beauty and power of nature.

It’s easy to take part and you can take a photograph of nature while enjoying the wonderful views of the luxury houses in Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore using your cameras and creativity and you will surely end up with a beautiful photograph to treasure forever with Brittany.

Do you want to make your Nature Photography even easier? Why not invest in purchasing a house and lot for sale from Brittany Corporation. In this way, you will always be closer to nature as you take photographs.

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