How to Achieve the Luxury of First Class Travel


Sometimes a luxury hotel room is so beautiful and relaxing that you would never ever want to leave the place. Luxury hotels are usually far more beautiful than you would have thought, they compare to your own luxury house and lot. The common areas, which include the lounge, are so pleasing to the eye and it’s likely that you will know you’re somewhere special the moment you step into the hotel.

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From being first-class passengers with first-class seats, it’s important that your hotel room be better than your airport lounges. In this premium economy, domestic flights should feel like first-class seats in international flights.

There are some of the extra services that you may also enjoy in a luxury hotel like welcome sweets, laundry service, car parking service, multilingual staff, and a lot more.

Top luxury amenities and features

Poolside photo of the clubhouse at Georgia Club Sta. Rosa first class travel | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Some of these extras and the hotel’s amenities and features can go a long way to making your holiday even more special.


Swimming Pools

While many regular hotels have swimming pools, the pools that you’ll find in or outside of a luxury hotel are usually nicer and better. Some of the pools are heated, it may be an indoor pool and it may even come with a separate hot tub or whirlpool.

Your hotel might even have separate kid’s pools too, ensuring you can have a good swim while your kids play around in the water.

Stunning Rooms and First Class Seats

Many luxury hotels have stunning rooms with views. They are occasionally designed in a specific way so they remind you of a location. Rooms in luxury hotels are so beautiful making it hard for you to leave the place. If you thought being first-class passengers with first-class seats was already good, imagine what you can do with your home.

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Very Comfortable Beds

The beds you’ll find in luxury hotels tend to be very comfortable. They’re not just any simple double bed as if you’re in lie-flat seats in a class cabin. They are often large. You might not want to get out of bed as they’re so comfortable and the pillows are so soft that they mold around your head.

Modern Amenities of Business Class

The rooms in the hotel you choose to stay in may come with a number of modern amenities. You’re likely to have a TV with lots of channels to choose from. You may also have a coffee machine, your own bar, a desk to work on, and even some special set of towels and toiletries.

Every luxury hotel offers something different. And in each business class luxury hotel, it is likely that you will find the different amenities available for you to use. If you are considering going on holiday it’s clear that you should stay in a luxury hotel as first-class passengers.

This will surely bring a lot of memories when you get back home. Instead of letting your travel memories fade, why not relive them by bringing the luxury style to your home to recreate the experience. And if you are the type of person who travels a lot and is fond of bringing souvenirs home from your vacation trips, you may also want to consider making them a part of your home decor. This will instantly add uniqueness to your home interior.

Here are some of the ways to achieve the luxury of travel in your home as you were in first or business class.

Buy Luxury Linens

Nothing makes a home feel luxurious than being able to sleep in a big bed with the finest quality sheets and blankets. Admit it or not, there is something about luxury hotel linen that’s just softer and comfortable than in any other accommodation.

Bring that luxury comfort to your own home by buying quality sheets for your bed. There are a lot of companies that offer linens to luxury hotels across the world, which means you know you will get that exact level of comfort you’re looking for. Don’t forget to buy quality pillows too – these are needed to recreate that luxury hotel experience.

Buy Quality Toiletries

One of the most interesting things about staying in a luxury hotel is that you get to test out different toiletries, most of them are even branded. Think about the lotions, shampoos, soaps, hand creams, and more that are neatly lined up next to the sink, and each day you get a chance to try something new.

Why not set up your bathroom like a luxury hotel by installing black tapware that can instantly transform the room’s look and feel. You can also complement this by buying quality toiletries that will surely add a touch of luxury. Test out different toiletries so that you can find your perfect selection, and arrange them in your bathroom in an organized, inviting luxury hotel way.

Get an Elegant Coffee and Tea Set

Every luxury hotel room always comes with a classic coffee and tea set on a tray, accompanied by boxes of tea bags, coffee, and other treats. It’s just so beautifully arranged that everything matches perfectly together.

You can pull this off at home by putting a coffee and tea set in your bedroom and having it there for your early morning fix or late-night refreshment. Why not treat yourself to a classic set that looks like it could be in a hotel room, and keep it full of your favorite teas and coffee drinks.

Get Yourself Some Nibbles

Have you ever noticed that there is always something to nibble on in a luxury hotel room? You can also do this at home by keeping a few goodies by your bedside or on a desk in your room to create that five-star hotel feel.

You can buy some chocolates and snacks on them every night, or put some biscuits on your coffee and tea tray. But remember to watch your diet. Control yourself from eating a lot, because, unlike a hotel, no one but you is going to refill them!

Buy a Good Robe

Having a soft, quality robe to lounge around in after a shower is essential to the luxury hotel experience. Luckily, it is also easy to bring that luxury vibe to your home. You could buy yourself some slippers to match your robe.

If you’ve stayed in a luxury hotel and would want to have the same quality robes, you can directly buy from them in order to get the exact feel that you want or you can also buy from quality suppliers who can even personalize your robes.

Look for Signature Pieces of Furniture

One of the best features of luxury hotels is the interior design and signature pieces of furniture that work well together to create a unique concept. You can take inspiration from the best hotels you’ve stayed in around the world and apply it to your own home with signature pieces.

You can buy matching lamps to put on either side of your bed, or a chair that you can place in the corner of the room with a cushion that matches your bedsheets.

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Display Your Travel Souvenirs as first-class passengers

Most people like to bring souvenirs home from their travel trips. Vacation souvenirs seem to be a good idea to collect when you are on an adventure trip because they remind you of the distances that you have journeyed and as well as your memorable experiences during the trip.

You could make use of these travel souvenirs and create your bedroom’s look around it to feel like a hotel in that particular country.

Get Some World Cities Time Zone Clock

There are some who purchase expensive and inclusive time zone clocks to decorate their home. Make it a bit innovative by making a personalized set of individual watches. You can simply label them with city names from all over the world.

Print the labels from different countries and place them under the watches. You can set the timings according to the county names and simply frame them.

Polaroid Photography

If you love photography, then capture your travel pictures. But instead of placing these polaroids in a book, turn them into wall art. Display these polaroids on your wall to create a memory wall.

It is a bit more expensive than other decor ideas with travel souvenirs but worth keeping at home.

When you are home, these pieces are a conversation piece and a reminder about the memories and moments you spent in different places. So think out of the box on how to make them glam up your home.

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