Style Tips To Follow This Pandemic, Rainy Season

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These style tips will help you flex your sartorial chops and stay healthy in this weather and in these uncertain times.

When it comes to fashion nowadays, you would not think that following a few style tips will help you navigate the hazards and the uncertainty that the ongoing pandemic brings. After all, most of us practice social distancing and are working at home, have online classes, or catch up with our passion hobbies alone or with family members. Also, almost everything can be ordered online and delivered to our luxury homes to avoid the risk of Covid 19.

But fashion somewhat still reigns, even though we do not consciously seek it. After all, who wouldn’t want to be stylish and memorable every single day? The coronavirus pandemic, however, has significantly shifted how we see and incorporate fashion in our daily lives. While the days of everyday business casual wear for the office or school and dressier outfits for going out may be far from between, we still seek style tips when it comes to virtual meetings, or even in moments where you just want to lounge in comfort and self-care.

Moreover, going out now requires additional protection to keep the virus away. Face masks and face shields have become social distancing necessities when we need to go out. And with the rainy season, protection from the weather is a must when we go about our daily routines.

We have rounded out 12 style tips you can follow to feel comfortable and stylish anytime, anywhere, even if it is just at the comforts of your luxury house or luxury condo.


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1. Loungewear

Woman wearing loungewear in nude and in black as different style tips that is perfect for the rainy season - Brittany Corporation

Your years-old t-shirt and shorts will no longer cut it.


Loungewear was one of the hottest clothing of 2020, which was incidentally the year the pandemic started. As people are on furlough and had their number of work or school days reduced, the need to wear a stylish set of comfortable clothes became a necessity not only because of your physical health but because of self-care as well. Whether it is a matching top and bottom set or a pair of the softest joggers, loungewear became a uniform for people who work out and stay in place at home, and continue to be so in 2021.

The quest for loungewear relies on two important criteria: high-quality practical clothes made in buttery soft, and sometimes thin materials like silk, teddy, waffle knit, and even velvet. Some go all-out comfort and now swap their jackets for the plushest bathrobe and matching home slippers. As more and more people find the importance of mental health, wearing comfortable loungewear will help you get into the mood and continue to do things that will provide emotional relief and stress relief, like laying about and watching tv shows or the latest K-drama.

For those who are athletic or those who need to move around, a comfortable, flexible pair of track pants are the only things they need so it will be easier to transition to relaxation after doing the daily chores or if they conduct physical activities outside, like a short walk in a nature park.

Other popular loungewear pieces are sweatshirts and sweatshorts. Sweatshorts and sweatshirts are quite popular in neutral colors like browns and grays, and soft pastels. These clothing items are much preferred as they offer comfort while staying inside the home. The humidity and winds from outside had some fashionistas seek these loungewear styles to keep the lower extremities breathing.

2. Practical footwear

Different footwear you can match for different style tips in the pandemic even while staying at your luxury home - Brittany Corporation

Footwear that gives you the right protection is great, but seek styles that exude an understated style.


Nowadays, there’s not a lot of opportunities for many of us to go outside our homes. And if we do need to go out, it makes sense to wear practical clothes as opposed to wearing something ostentatious. The same goes for footwear.

For folks who do not want to get their feet wet during the rainy season, they steer clear of fancy footwear and choose that offer comfort and protection. A pair of boots that can withstand the weather both outside and inside is a preferred choice. Leather boots made of waterproof materials are considered better than boots made of absorbent materials like suede. For those who prefer some breathing room, a chic pair of Birkenstocks or leather sandals will also do the trick.

Think of it as a vacation for your feet: they’re flat, soft, and good for your soles as you take each step. A pair of Ugg slippers also provides more protection than a pair of socks does. Also, it beats going barefoot on the cold, marble-tiled floor of your luxury home, does it?

3. Cute Activewear

Woman in pink sportswear doing stretching exercises to work out at her luxury home - Brittany Corporation

One of the popular hobbies that have seen a significant rise since last year is fitness.


The pandemic has resulted in some health and fitness centers, wellness facilities, and gyms in the country operating on a smaller capacity or close for good. However, more and more people recognize the need to be active to stay healthy and are now working out at home using health or exercise apps. Some even watch fitness videos on YouTube.

And when you work out, a good exercise outfit helps.

The usual workout staples for women are a good, snug pair of bra or top and a sturdy pair of leggings. Some of the athletic wear now comes in fun and pastel colors, and even in certain styles like mesh panel cutouts or a backless feature. The cuter the athletic wear, the more opportunities for you to document your #fitnessjourney, and look good while doing it.

On the other hand, there is a rise in cycling shorts among women nowadays, Usually paired with an oversized t-shirt or a sweatshirt, they are seen as the better choice than a snug pair of leggings. For the bolder ones, a matching crop top completes the look while sharing their hard-earned set of abs and buns.

4. Designer Face Masks

Woman flaunting her designed face masks as protection against the virus - Brittany Corporation

Designer face masks nowadays are now made in breathable, comfortable materials that still offer the same protection a surgical or a KN95 mask offers.


It is essential to leave home with a face mask, so why not get a designer one? The most stylish personalities are now seeking designer face masks that offer similar protection, but are styled in so many ways that it is no longer hard to express your individuality. From prints, monochromatic colors, to embellishments and emblazoned logos of some of the most popular fashion and athletic brands today, it is really possible to stay stylish and protected.

Despite all of these style tips, health agencies and regulators still recommend that you get ones with extra layers of construction and features such as filter pockets to ensure that you still get the protection you need against COVID-19.

5. Casual Sneakers

Shoes and Footwear for different style tips - Brittany Corporation

Sneakers remain the perfect footwear for many who are not into a fancy pair of boots, even during the rainy season.


Sneakers are more comfortable to wear and go around in and are available in the hottest styles that some of them can even pass as evening footwear.

And if you are worried about getting it wet? Don’t even think about it. Products like waterproof spray and whitening marker are your best friends in retaining the new look and feel of your sneakers. If you do not want to get bothered with the sneaker maintenance, you can always opt for sneakers in waterproof materials, no shoe raincoat is required!

6. Understated Pajamas

Aside from loungewear, this kind of pajamas is becoming a work-from-home staple during this pandemic. They can be easily confused with loungewear, thanks to the materials used in the pajamas. But the main difference is that these pajamas are so comfortable to sleep in, and so convenient to wake up in minutes before your early morning Zoom meeting.

You can go for a matching set made in ultra-luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, and even knit. If you are not into matching sets, opt for a monochromatic pair, with a darker color for your top and a lighter color at the bottom. Also, do choose pajamas with luxurious details like pockets, bias-cut short sleeves, and curve-hugging pleats.

Here’s an extra style tip for you: Get several pairs of pajamas that you can mix and match for more combinations.

7. Tie-dyed Fabrics

Just because it is the rainy season doesn’t mean we shouldn’t introduce exciting colors in your wardrobe. Whether it came from the latest fashion brands or they are homemade, tie-dye can brighten up the mood of your luxury house or luxury condo.

Also, set your sights on apparel other than t-shirts. You can update your wardrobe by seeking out shorts, polos, pants, or even your innerwear. If you cannot spot any tie-dye apparel to your liking, you can revive old clothes at home using a tie-dye kit.

8. ‘Zoom’ tops

Zoom tops as the most essential outfits in the pandemic - Style tips for Zoom meetings at your luxury house and lot - Brittany Corporation

Your dressy tops should exude a sensible balance of style and seriousness.


While loungewear and luxury pajamas may be enough for some meetings, there will be meetings wherein you need to present your professional self. “Zoom” tops were coined early in the pandemic because many of us tend to dress the top half of our bodies only. “Zoom” tops are important especially for the most significant moments in your career, like a job interview, client presentation, or thesis defense for your continuing education course.

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“Zoom” tops are mostly blouses that are made in structured fabrics. However, you can use a silk or polished shirt under a structured jacket. If you want to introduce a little femininity, you can choose blouses in muted pastel colors, creams, or whites.

9. Branded items

As people spend more time on social media during this pandemic, people are also more exposed to their favorite influencers and the brands they are wearing. And if you happen to own a piece or two, wouldn’t it be fun to sport them now? With fewer opportunities to show your stuff, wearing your favorite luxury brands now will be such a treat. Try wearing your luxury coat or anorak on an errand run or when you need to visit the bank.

Also, you do not need a reason to bust out your branded clothes. Simply wear them at home on days where you need to lift your mood. You can also follow the style tips you learned from your favorite influencers at home too. Wear the luxury brands with pride by choosing those with the obvious logos up, front, and center.

10. Bright colors

Bright colorful fashion pieces put together different style tips - Brittany Corporation

If you are not into tie-dye fabrics, how about introducing bright punches of colors like neons, fluorescents, hot pinks, and loud oranges?


Introducing flashy colors into your wardrobe can make one feel good and without worry. But what colors are exactly in nowadays? According to consumer market trends, you need to go towards the brightest part of the color spectrum. Neons, fluorescents, hot pinks, reds, and loud oranges are perfect examples.

If you do not prefer to go all out with these solid colors, there are different ways to introduce these colors in your wardrobe. You can choose hairbands, friendship necklaces and bracelets, and even your watch straps.

11. Minimalist jewelry

Jewelry as style tips as accessories at home - Brittany Corporation

You can choose to wear the staples or wear multiples of them, as long as they are thin and are of minimalist design.


For some, self-care can also come in the form of jewelry. And for people who are working hard, and continue to do so in this pandemic, they spark feelings of joy.

When it comes to jewelry, go thin and simple. Choose rings, earrings, bangles, and necklaces that are of minimal design. You can never go wrong with minimalist jewelry because you can pile or stack it on without overpowering the entire look. While gold is the obvious choice, you can also combine dainty pieces with jewelry in diamond or colorless gem settings, or silver pieces.

12. Synthetic fabrics

Synthetic apparel is often the most preferred type of clothing during the rainy season. This is because synthetic clothes are engineered using plastic-type material that dries fast. As such, the fabric quality of these synthetic clothes reduces the risk and spread of fungal infection as compared to water-absorbent apparel. Moreover, synthetic clothes do not stick to the body and are comfortable to wear.

Synthetic clothes are lightweight too. While they are mostly used in raincoats, anoraks, and overcoats, synthetic fabrics are also used in activewear as well.

13. Upcycled fashion

Upcycled fashion as a convenient ways to keep in style - Brittany Corporation

If you are tired of what’s in your closet, how about giving a new lease of life on some of your beloved pieces?



Upcycling clothes and even accessories are not only a fun hobby to do at home, it is also a conscientious effort in taking care of the environment. If you are not ready to let go of your worn-out favorites, you can reuse and create new clothes or accessories out of them.

There are so many stylish possibilities when you upcycle clothes. For example, how about converting your pair of pants into a pair of shorts or a cloth bag for your next errand run? How about sewing two oversized shirts of different styles together as one shirt, just like those you see in K-Pop idols? Or rework a beautiful tablecloth as sleep clothes? You can even cut out interesting fabrics from a designer item and decorate them on top of your face mask.


Update Your Luxury Closet With These Rainy Season Style Tips

Before subscribing to these style tips, make sure that you take a good look at your luxury closet. This is so you have an idea about what you already have, and make space for incoming rainy day season clothes. Luxury homes and luxury condos for sale usually have walk-in closets that will make it easier to update the wardrobe according to season, and a separate entryway or mudroom with a closet to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at home.

Brittany Corporation is a luxury real estate developer that considers all the aspects of a high-end, stylish lifestyle are considered in their luxury properties. Aside from developing stylish homes in residential communities that are close to nature, the luxury properties evoke a signature class and style that supports even the most sartorial-minded homebuyer.


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