Lighting and the Elegance of Luxury Brittany Homes


Home Lighting is often overlooked during the interior planning of a home residence.  The most elegant and stylish design can become a bit underwhelming because of inadequate lighting. Brittany homes always make sure that light is great. Moreover, inappropriate lighting can be hazardous to an individual’s health.  Poor lighting distribution may cause headaches and eye strains, or even induce depression.

It is therefore essential to put extra thought and care into planning the home lighting.  However, lighting is not as simple as placing the bulb in the center of the room.  There are several considerations to enhance the brightness of your elegant abode and provide you with a home radiance that matches your luxurious lifestyle.

What kind of lighting can Elevate Brittany Homes?

Ambient light

Brittany-How-Lighting-can-Bring-Elegance-to-Luxury-Homes-Ambient-Lighting | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Natural lighting brings beauty into any home. | Image from pexels


Ambient lighting is the general source of light in the room. It is the “base” lighting that becomes the starting point for the other lighting designs.  It is soft and diffused and often dictates the warmth (or gloominess) of a room.

Natural light is still the best source of ambient lighting.  It is said that natural lighting does not only reduces your energy footprint but also increases the happy aura of the room.  Moreover, big, tall windows that create great ambient lighting, also provide for striking aesthetics.

Task Lighting

Brittany-How-Lighting-can-Bring-Elegance-to-Luxury-Homes-Task-Lighting | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Studies show that having the correct hue and brightness can help you focus. | Photo from Pexels


Task Lighting provides additional illumination to accomplish certain tasks.  While ambient lighting provides general light in a given space, task lighting is more focused and task-oriented.  One example is that task lights in the office area need to be brighter, less glaring, and more comfortable.  This is to be able to do daily tasks such as working on the computer or even reading.  Kitchen counters also need bright illumination for meal preparation and cooking.  Dining rooms often have softer task lighting to provide a happy eating atmosphere without being too bright.  It can even have dimming functions to give off a romantic vibe when needed.  A bedroom’s task lighting is dependent on the homeowner’s activities before sleeping.  It can be bright for reading, or soft for watching a movie.

Accent Lighting

Brittany-How-Lighting-can-Bring-Elegance-to-Luxury-Homes-Accent-Lighting | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The correct light can accent the best parts of your home. | Photo from Pexels


Accent lighting highlights specific items in the room.  This is the best way to feature your favorite piece.  It could highlight a landscaped photo of your most recent travel or it could show off your rarest and most precious painting from your collection.  It can be wall-mounted or floor mounted, depending on the piece you want to highlight.   You can even emphasize an architectural accent in your home with appropriate lights.

Decorative Lighting for Brittany Homes

Brittany-How-Lighting-can-Bring-Elegance-to-Luxury-Homes-Decorative-Lighting | Luxury Home by Brittany Corporation

Decorative lighting can add personality to any space. | Photo from Pexels


Decorative Lighting, as the name suggests, is mainly used to beautify the home.  Stunning chandeliers or exquisite floor lamps are samples of lighting fixtures used for decorative purposes.  Choosing the right lighting fixtures enhances the style of your home.  Italian-inspired homes should make use of intricate ceiling and wall fixtures; while American South thematic homes should choose more rustic designs.

Landscape Lighting

Brittany-How-Lighting-can-Bring-Elegance-to-Luxury-Homes-Landscape-Lighting | luxury Homes by brittany corporation

There should also be lighting for your outdoor space. Have some landscape lighting and give your home a more dramatic flair. | Photo from Pexels


Landscape Lighting is outdoor lighting that accentuates your house’s exterior and gardens.   Your home gives off an imposing and striking appearance with well-placed lighting.  Your garden becomes even more beautiful with the appropriate lighting design.

Appropriate lighting can enhance your luxury home’s elegance and sophistication.  Your grand home in beautiful communities such as Portofino Heights in Alabang or Augusta in Sta. Rosa should be accompanied by equally beautiful lighting.  In designing your masterpiece, luxury property developments such as those developed by Brittany, always remember that lighting is the first step in giving your home a luxurious ambiance.


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