The Most Luxurious Chandelier for Your Home

As much as the color of the walls, the smell of the room, or the furniture and fixtures you arrange, the lighting is also something you should give attention to if you are aiming for an elegant and exquisite look for your house.

According to experts, lighting is the cheapest yet one of the most important accessories in terms of interior design. This highlights your furniture and fixtures, as well as your art pieces. It doesn’t just stop in scoring nice and fancy items, you also need good lighting to emphasize its beauty.

luxury house and lot for sale in daang hari with chandelier | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

The most beautiful houses in the Philippines, like the one in Portofino Alabang, have ornate chandeliers.


What Luxury House and Lot Property Has Chandeliers?

Vista Land offers different kinds of property developments at the Brittany Vista Alabang such as luxury houses.

luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Pietro is one of Portofino’s luxury houses for sale designed with Italian features and colorful vibrancy that would definitely leave an impression


Features of the Pietro House Model

The Pietro house model has 3 bedrooms, a balcony, 2 carports, a maid’s room with toilet and bath, a living, dining, and a utility area, and setting the lighting of the whole house may require extra effort. One of the features of Vista Land communities is that electricity and cable wires are implanted underground and through the walls of its houses unlike in a normal area setting.

Not only that it benefits from a safer environment because it helps lessen the risks of electricity-related incidents, but this also helps maintain the houses and streets looking neater and more uncluttered. The same goes inside the units, because of the built-in and pre-installed concealed wirings, it’s one less problem for hiding those cables that may ruin your interior design. Now all you need to figure out is what to put and where to put it.

Pretty sure we’ve all heard how a single art piece can change the whole setting of your luxury living space. But Art is not only limited to paintings or sculptures only because your room art can also be your lighting fixture.

Ghiberti with blue interior design - Luxury house and lot for sale near Alabang - Portofino - Brittany Corporation

The Ghiberti, Brittany’s most luxurious house in Daang Hari, features a spacious room stylized with a vibrant blue and white interior contrasted by dark wooden flooring and accents.


One thing we can always see that all luxurious establishments have in common is that they always have a grand Chandelier. May it be five-star hotels, restaurants, malls, museums, and offices, they always have that big and grand crystal lights. Getting yourself your own house centerpiece through a Chandelier is definitely a must and has its benefits.

It helps you set the mood of the area, helps you achieve an elegant look, helps with setting the temperature of the room because of the tone of the light being used, and is also an additional conversation topic for your visitors as they arrive.

Chandeliers are decorative hanging light fixtures with branches for several light bulbs. It comes off of different designs, sizes, and colors. Good thing that most Chandeliers nowadays are very innovative and have adjustable features.

chandelier in luxury house and lot in amore at portofino | luxury homes by brittany corporation

In Amore at Portofino, your home comes with a chandelier that is bright as much as it is magnificent.


In choosing the right one, you need to really browse through several options before deciding as it has many varieties. You need to know what your motive is before purchasing if you want it to be the room art, how bright it should be if you need a cooler or warmer tone, and such.

Things to Consider when Buying a Chandelier

The chandelier should have adjustable brightness and tone

In choosing the right one, it is beneficial now to consider if they are dimmable or not. Adjustable chandeliers can help you set the tone of the room depending on the climate or time of the day. This also helps most especially in bedrooms and bathrooms since it gives you could the option to adjust if you want to make the room look brighter or just dimmed. There are also lighting fixtures wherein you can adjust the tone and color of the light.

You can set it to yellow or white toned depending on your mood. We need to ensure that not only it is pleasing to the eyes but can also highlight other art pieces and gorgeous design figures by giving it a generous amount of light for us to better appreciate them. Chandeliers also work well in bathrooms if you want to opt-out of candles while treating yourself a warm bath from your personal tub.

Luxury Chandelier in black-walled bathroom with big white tub in a luxury house and lot | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Photo from | 7 Showstopping Ideas for Hanging a Chandelier


The size of the room must be perfect

Another thing that you may need to consider is the size of the room where you’ll put it up. There are two ways Chandeliers are oriented. Uplight works for wider rooms since the light is directed upwards which causes it to reflect all over the room, or Downlight which orientations is directed downwards which is good for focused lighting. We need to ensure that all corners of the room are covered. Some use additional corner lights if still needed and if the chandelier is not enough to reach the whole room.

luxury home in portofino door with chandelier | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Maybe try placing a simple chandelier in the front door. Amaze your visitors with the dramatics!


The location on where to put the chandelier

Aside from the other items mentioned, we need to plan well on where to put it so it can be seen from all angles but not too near and overwhelming for the people in the room. It would also be nice if they are adjustable in terms of the height so in that way, you can customize it if the ceiling is higher or lower than the usual. Brittany units have fixed floor ceilings of x-sqm which is relatively higher than usually themed homes giving you more and flexible options on your centerpiece.

pink room in a luxury house and lot for sale in portofino alabang | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

While any room can have a chandelier if you want, consider the room and the color before deciding!


Consider the theme and color palette of the room

Lastly, you may need to consider the theme you want to pull off for your luxury home as a whole when choosing the right one. We need to know which one blends well with your light-colored walls and leather L-shaped sofa. They only add color and warmth to the room when they are switched on. Here’s a quick list of the themes and what types of chandeliers would be best to partner it with.

What are nice themes for rooms with a chandelier?

Modern and Elegant Theme

If you’re leaning towards getting the elegant and luxurious look, you may need to consider chandeliers with crystals. This gives off a glittery accent that can of course be inculcated with being fancy.

luxury house and lot crystal chandelier in a luxury room | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Photo from | Pioggia Chrome


A clear crystal beaded strands rain down from the open drum shade frame, creating an elegant, tiered chandelier look. A chrome finish completes the design.

Cool and Vibrant

A lot of people are worried that the chandeliers might not blend well with the modern interior designs and aesthetics of their houses. But good thing that they come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They use different kinds of materials too, making it easier for you to choose the one that will surely fit your home. The majority of people doing renovations and interior designing are now very fond of minimalist designs. This requires clean and simple fixtures in creating your modern living space and placing a grand chandelier with pearls or crystals will definitely ruin the vibe.

high art luxury chandelier ceiling lamp luxury house and lot | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Photo from | Kattari Outdoor LED Chandelier


“The Kattari Outdoor LED Chandelier by Kuzco Lighting evokes the gnarled, natural look of a pile of twigs while combining it with the rugged quality of Metal for a wholly unique aesthetic. Its Die Cast Aluminum frame consists of a series of curved triangular prisms, each holding its own integrated LED lamp that unites with the others in a multidirectional pattern. Its thick stem provides stable support, and its compatibility with ELV dimmers allows for flexible illumination.”

Traditional and Vintage

Brittany offers houses such as Ghiberti and Raffaello which are in medieval and historic castle themes. This would definitely be a go for you to put in a vintage type of chandelier to match it. It gives off a nostalgic yet elegant look from the earlier years back then. Chandeliers that are best for this are the ones that look like what we can see in great halls and palaces, chateaus, and cathedrals from the past. Most mansions in the Philippines would look best in these since a lot of them want to conceptualize renovations from old ancient houses as their theme.

fake candle chandelier luxury house and lot item in the luxury homes | Luxury Homes by Brittany corporation

Photo from | Sawyer Outdoor Chandelier


“The rustic Sawyer Outdoor Chandelier from Hinkley Lighting creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for outdoor spaces like porches and indoor areas like living area and dining room. The circular chandelier is made of metal with a Sequoia faux wood finish and uses candelabra bulbs enclosed in 6 Clear Seedy glass shades. The chandelier is constructed with Hinkley’s own anti-corrosion coating. With traditional inspiration, this piece complements a variety of design styles.”

The good thing about chandeliers is that they are beautiful and elegant even when the lights are off. They transform any room once added. They are added to transform your house into a refined space. Not only in living rooms, but you can also consider hanging them in unexpected parts of your house such as the bathroom, library, bedroom, dining room, and such. One of the many reasons why chandeliers are a trend nowadays is because it exudes elegance and luxury.

Women wear Jewelry as accessories to highlight the natural beauty of the one wearing it. Chandeliers are like the jewelry of our homes. It already looks nice without it but adds more sophistication and fashion when worn. As jewelry completes our outfit, Chandeliers completes our interior design. No matter how plain your look is, it becomes expensive looking with these add ons.



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