Power Dressing 101: How to Power Dress for any Meeting

By definition, power is the ability or capacity to act or do something effectively. Then there’s the famous saying that goes, “knowledge is power.” However, the definition of power is very subjective. It changes with the whims of the beholder, and has many elements. Power can be associated with a job title, royal lineage, personal assets, influential connections, physical abilities, luxury house and lot, and so on and so forth. However, the most glamorous and yet the least talked about element of power is the effect of the attire: power dressing.

 Beautiful brunette woman with glasses and red lipstick, wearing a white blazer while jotting down notes during an online webcam meeting through her laptop | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Power dressing in your luxury home might feel unneeded, but this has an effect on your work and influence


Power dressing is an element of the organization that falls under the nonverbal aspect of professionalism. Other nonverbal aspects of professionalism can be posture, gestures, etiquette, and even eye contact during meetings. All of these things, both the verbal and nonverbal aspects, determine how we perceive an individual in the workplace. As such, the right attire can spark conversation and interest; while the wrong attire can suggest negative interpretations. 

How does power dressing play in the new normal, when work is done remotely at home? Well, life as we know it has completely changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter of weeks, things blew out of proportion, which led to our situation today. Even though it’s been more than a year of quarantine, the new normal remains to be fairly new. But if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in work, it’s the meetings.

Since workers have adapted to the home office setup, it’s common for coworkers to resort to messaging platforms, emails, and calls to coordinate regarding work matters while at their luxury home. With this is the rise in online meetings through popular platforms that benefited from the pandemic like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype for Business.

While there are usually dress codes in place in an office, there are unspoken rules one must follow in order to be seen as productive, effective, efficient, professional, and ultimately, powerful. Here are some things to consider to successfully power dress from your luxury home.

Woman having an online webcam meeting with an old lady, while taking down notes | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Power dressing is influenced by various factors, such as who you’re meeting and how.


Know who you’re Meeting: Power Dress to Impress, not to Express


Your fashion is personal. Power dressing for work, however, is completely different, especially when the intent is to impress. First things first is you have to identify who you’re trying to impress. It helps to get to know their preferences or even a little bit of their personality in order to persuade them or get their favor. 

For example, if the person or persons you’re going to meet with are known to dislike big, bold, and loud elements, then it’s certainly not advisable to wear a scarlet red blazer. If they are opulent members of society with luxury houses and lots by Brittany Corporation, then it would be best to wear brands they can relate to. Even if you feel like wearing a certain fashion piece, depending on who you’re meeting, you should reserve that for days where you won’t have to impress anyone or meet anyone professionally.

Salespersons meet with different clients from different walks of life. In order to gain their client’s favor or spark interest, there are indirect conversations that take place before the big yes or no question, especially when purchasing a luxury house and lot by Brittany Corporation. During this time, the salesperson puts his best foot forward in the way he speaks, looks, and carries himself. Certain clothes will make you seem reliable, while others beg for judgemental looks. Therefore, it’s important to dress to impress, not to express.

Leather jacket on silky rose gold dress and rose gold watch worn by an olive skin girl for power dressing in her workplace | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Watches and luxury homes can tell a lot about a person, and so do clothing. Power dressing is knowing what fabrics blend together, such as this playful leather jacket on a silky rose gold dress.


The Article of Clothing Speaks Volumes about you


To wear, or not to wear? That is the question! When it comes to choosing clothes, the first thing to think about is knowing what will be seen during your meeting from your luxury home. Nowadays, since meetings are usually held online, you don’t have to worry about the whole look from head to toe. If you’re meeting online, just focusing on your upper body is fine, since your bottoms won’t be seen anyways. 

However, you have to make sure that your bottoms and undergarments won’t get in the way or be seen through your top. For example, if you’re going to be donning a white polo, avoid wearing a dark-colored chemise or high waist bottoms that will be seen through the polo.

An interesting addition to this tip is knowing the types of fabric by The Spruce.

Formal attire of thick pink tweed coat over a polka dotted shirt and violet tie on a tan man with a classy watch and accessories, using his iPad for browsing the internet | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Layers can require effort, but the attraction, compliments, and positive responses you get from showing up so put-together is more than worth it.


Power Dressing and its Layers of Power


Layering clothes isn’t common in the Philippines due to the fact that we live in a tropical country. No one wants to be going and leaving work all sticky and sweaty in layers of clothing. However, there’s a meaning that comes with each layer. You don’t have to wear as much as you can, because two or three layers can be enough to convey power.

In films and media, we often see CEOs and executives wearing sleek coats and shiny ties, over silk shirts for men; and thick blazers on top of an exquisite dress and inconspicuous stockings for women. We never see them officially wearing jeans and a shirt, because that would lower their influence or sense of command. They power dress, collect valuable items and own luxury houses and lots by Brittany Corporation to match their level in society and life.

However, just because your role models do that, doesn’t mean you should follow the exact same number of layers. If you’re having a casual team-building meeting, then one layer is fine. Wear a colored polo shirt or a silky blouse to convey spirit and openness in a professional setting.

For top-level meetings like board meetings where you are a member, it’s only right to wear layers in order to assert your presence but not overpower your colleagues and heads. Wear an ironed shirt, a blazer, and a tie. Make sure to keep your colors neutral and monochromatic for that sleek and neat look.

If you’re a man who’s confused about what to wear, a more specific read is Zalora’s guide to corporate attire for men.


An infographic on power dressing properly for a business formal setting | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Checkout WebFX’s cheat sheet to view more infographics on different styles of power dressing


Knowing the type of Meeting is Knowing the Style of Power Dressing 


Smart Casual 

Smart casual is a form of casual business attire with a stylish twist. An easy way to pull this off is to follow the preppy trend, which can appear quite posh. You should wear this for less formal encounters so that you’ll still look professional yet approachable. This may also be a good attire for organizations that are mostly run by young professionals with a horizontal organizational structure—just make sure to check the dress codes with HR first. This way, you fit in with their informal dress code while still maintaining a clean, professional look that communicates that you care about your appearance by power dressing.

Business Casual

Business casual is the perfect balance between formal and informal. This is appropriate for client meetings outdoors, cafes, or even viewing luxury houses and lots by Brittany Corporation. Unlike more formal work attire, you can still play with colors a little bit. Power dressing can mean wearing khaki pants, cheetah flats, or pink dresses too.

Business Professional

A stricter and more common office attire is the business professional. This is the dress code for more traditional types of companies like those in the field of banking, accounting, finance, government, or law. This time, you have to tone down the colors and focus on looking neat, put-together, and sleek. Women should also wear heels no higher than three inches. The power dressing idea behind this is seeming reliable, competent, and trustworthy.

Business Formal

Business formal attire is reserved for the most formal events and social gatherings. The affluent usually wear this to benefits, auctions, and galas. This is similar to the black-tie attire, but for a more professional setting. Power dressing in this style should still remain conservative and prudent, yet bold and powerful. Men should wear a dark suit and tie as well as shoes and belt, while women can wear long evening dresses with an appropriate neckline and formal flats or heels.

For more ideas, check out these tips to dress like a boss by WhenInManila.

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