How Brittany Corporation Embodies Beauty in Every Detail

Neutral pastel colors Swiss quadrille houses and European homes lined up with healthy lush green pine trees, and a wide spacious paved road | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

From the architectural influences, home designs, and well-planned communities, luxury homes by Brittany Corporation embody beauty in every detail.


When you think about beauty, you think about a person who embodies it or a place that has an untouched and sometimes unreal attractiveness. Most of the time, beauty is defined as what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Sometimes, you think of beauty as a feeling evoked because of how a certain person, place, or situation treats you. 

The same is true in the world of luxury real estate. As that famous adage goes, beauty is now being decided in the details – features such as the kitchen, bathrooms, entertainment room, and everything else in between should be attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the beholder; and the beholder, in this case, is the homebuyer or property investor. But because beauty is subjective to the beholder, it can be difficult sometimes to grasp its true value (and whether it is worth investing in it), especially during the property finding process. What one form of beauty to the real estate agent or broker who sells it may be, may not be as beautiful to you. And because beauty is subject to the homebuyer’s wants and can change through time so fast, the qualities that make one luxury property beautiful today may become the basic or the norm as time passes.

As such, luxurious properties are now being deemed of their quality to become timeless, which is a concept that goes beyond their high-end amenities, impeccable designs, or even five-star additions that you can see. Beauty, especially in luxury real estate, is now defined on how the property evokes a desire to live and flourish – that you not only call your future home a status symbol but a sensible decision towards a high quality of living.

Warm summer day in Italian inspired themed community of yellows and oranges, and cobblestone designed roads and old classic lamp posts, and a lush green courtyard of small hedges with a water fountain in the center | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation is a luxury homes brand by Vista Land, the largest and most accomplished homebuilder in the Philippines.

Brittany Corporation: Luxurious Living By Vista Land


Brittany Corporation by Vista Land is a high-end property developer in the Philippines that seeks to address the demand for such definitions of beautiful luxurious properties. From lush, premium house and lot residential communities to high-end condominium enclaves, Brittany Corporation aims to offer the most sought-after bespoke lifestyle that allows an extravagant, effortless quality of life, both indoors and outdoors. 

Moreover, Brittany Corporation is the first in the country to conceptualize, develop, and manage beautiful residential communities that offer luxury properties; each rich in character and sophisticated in their thematic appeal. Inspired by the most scenic destinations in the world, Brittany’s luxury communities bring these breathtaking places closer to home, making the beautiful, luxurious lifestyle achievable to those who seek it.

So what is beauty in luxury real estate? These uniquely themed designer properties will make anyone who aspires for a beautiful lifestyle wanting.

Sunset views over green lush mountains and a swiss-inspired hotel that overlooks the scenery showing beauty in every detail | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Crosswinds Tagaytay calls to mind a picturesque Swiss town. Rows of chalet-inspired luxury homes sit on a lush terrain located at one of the highest points of Tagaytay.

Experience Luxury Distinction at Crosswinds Tagaytay


This hundred-hectare Swiss-inspired community, located in the coolest destination an hour outside of Mega Manila, offers panoramic views as the cool air braces and refreshes any exhausted soul. As a future homebuyer, it is easy to achieve living in a place where you can quickly take a break from the hustles and bustles of city life, and can still quickly get back to it. 

Crosswinds Tagaytay is not just a luxury residential community – it has quickly become a beautiful, exclusive destination itself for both future homeowners and vacation renters alike. Imagine being surrounded by the sight and scent of over 35,000 pine trees, the picturesque view of the lush terrains of Tagaytay City, and the commanding Swiss-inspired homes, which are all situated along the natural slopes of the exclusive community. Overall, these make Crosswinds a truly breathtaking place.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is also home to a wide array of Swiss-themed properties that has attracted luxury property buyers to invest, including the following luxury residential developments:

Grand Quartier Condominiums at Crosswinds Tagaytay

The Crosswinds Grand Quartier will make you recall any James Bond movie scene in Europe. Also known as the Crosswinds Resort Suites, this prime enclave within the prestigious Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort community comprises luxury condotel units set within the scenic Tagaytay vista. The first two buildings of this luxury property operate as a luxury condotel, where property buyers have the option to invest in a resort condo unit, or invest and earn from it by renting it out as a vacation rental. All resort condo units have balconies that provide a fantastic view of the surrounding beauty of natural Tagaytay, as the property is nestled upon a high peak within the exclusive community. The Grand Quartier III is a six-story building with an amenity level for residents and visitors to enjoy high-quality facilities, including the swimming pool and gym. 

The Terraces of Lausanne at Crosswinds Tagaytay

Have you ever envisioned living in a pine estate like you truly deserve? The Terraces of Lausanne takes advantage of Crosswinds’ 35,000-plus pine trees, quaint chalets, and the onsite first-class Swiss resort and commercial strip to fully complete the experience and lifestyle it plans to offer – a 24-hectare mixed-use development contiguous to Crosswinds. The Terraces of Lausanne aims to enchant property seekers of the sweeping panoramas, with views of Laguna de Bay, Manila Bay, and the lush hills of Tagaytay from the comforts of their luxury residential properties.

Alpine Villas at Crosswinds Tagaytay

If there is a beautiful dream realized in luxury real estate, Alpine Villas would be it. Alpine Villas is located at the gateway of Crosswinds and comprises six to eight-story Swiss chalet-inspired mid-rise villas that seem to be hidden from the hustle and bustle of the Tagaytay City proper.

Alpine Villas offers well-designed, space-efficient vertical residences, which are all equipped with all the amenities and services reserved for those who demand ultra-luxury: 24/7 safety protocols including a CCTV system in all the common areas, Wi-Fi, and building systems, concierge, receptionist, and security personnel will address the needs of the unit owners and tenants; and its very own fitness gym, swimming pool, and clubhouse with function room for the key events in one’s life.


Discover A Whole New Kind of Beauty in Every Detail and Distinction at Brittany Sta. Rosa


Brittany Sta. Rosa is a 260-hectare property rich in history, atmosphere, and nature, which has now transformed to become an exciting new destination, especially for people living in the south of Mega Manila. Featuring nine themed residential developments, where each offers an exclusive location and only the best educational and recreational facilities. It is also surrounded by Canlubang Golf and Country Club, the Sta. Elena Golf Club, and The Country Club, the top golf courses in the metro.

Georgia Club at Brittany Sta. Rosa

The Georgia Club is a 15-hectare exclusive residential community that features distinctly Southern American style luxury homes with architectural details such as wrap-around porches, white picket fences, brightly-colored doors, shuttered French windows, gabled roofs, and rope swings. All within an exclusive nature reserve-like property, the Georgia Club calls to mind the classic elegance of the beautiful stately mansions and plantation homes in the 1800s.

Promenade at Brittany Sta. Rosa

Promenade is a master-planned residential community nestled within the thriving city of Sta. Elena, Laguna. True to the image of the quaint English countryside, where hedged cobbled paths surround cozy mansions, the lifestyle offered by the luxury house and lots in this estate are supported by the community’s Clubhouse, a stately English Country Manor with function halls, a basketball court, a secret garden nearby, and a grand fountain. Golf enthusiasts will be happy to know that the two of the top Golf Courses in the South, the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club and the Country Club Philippines, surround this beautiful residential estate.

Augusta at Brittany Sta. Rosa

Augusta’s 15-hectare residential development, which is set to debut soon, promises luxury houses and lots that are built for families to weave a beautiful, gracious life among equally-minded neighbors. Infusing an old-world glow for today’s modern living, the Southern American-themed properties – amid a sprawling landscape of greens and wildlife – are bound to become real estate classics that appreciate over time because of the beauty of nature and tranquility it provides, two values that are as rare as any ultra-luxury amenity.

Belle Reve at Brittany Sta. Rosa

Aspire to live like the French? This 20-hectare ultra-exclusive enclave offers custom-built  Italian-inspired homes amidst the lush background of trees, flowers, and waterways. Envisioned by world-class landscape artists and architects, Belle Reve, which literally means “beautiful dream,” offers a bespoke French-Mediterranean themed community largely unheard of by a residential developer. 


Brittany Vista Alabang: There’s Beauty in Diversity


Brittany Vista Alabang is a family-friendly diverse community spanning over 600 hectares of master-planned real estate development. This community offers private enclaves that offer luxury houses and lots while supporting all aspects of family life. Located in Vista City, a prime location close to shopping, dining, entertainment, and amenities, Brittany Vista Alabang helps families thrive and prosper within the standards of an active metropolis.

Portofino South Vista Alabang

The word stunning is not enough to describe the luxury house and lots and the sensible lifestyle offered at Portofino South. Adjacent to the Courtyards of Portofino I, Portofino South offers awe-inspiring homes supported by its outstanding amenity center, Parco de Portofino. Parco de Portofino is a grand clubhouse that houses an impressive events hall, interactive swimming pool for kids, basketball court, activity area, function and meeting rooms, and a space for health and fitness.

Residents will get to enjoy not only the trappings of an exclusive, high-end lifestyle in the South but also the experience of living a beautiful life anyone wishes to have, thanks to these impressive enclaves.

Portofino Heights Vista Alabang

Portofino Heights is the first phase of Portofino South Vista. Step into Italian-inspired residential property masterpieces of grand proportions, that exude classic Old World charm in every aspect of its design. Each luxury house and lot at Portofino Heights features Italian architectural details such as cupolas, cobblestone pathways, gabled roofs, and pocket gardens. Coupled with beautifully landscaped common gardens and walkways, they draw the beauty of landscape and light similar to its Italian inspirations.

Amore, the newest of all Portofino enclaves, is inspired by the charm and rustic appeal of regional Italy. The architectural aspects of the luxury house and lots in this master-planned property earned accolades, including Best Housing Development in Manila and the Best Housing Development in the Philippines at the Philippines Property Awards. 


Live and Flourish in the Brittany Standard


The luxury real estate developments under the Brittany brand go beyond aesthetic beauty. As a luxury brand in the premium real estate market, Brittany ensures that each real estate development evokes a sense of exclusivity that is unique amongst the wide plethora of luxury developments in the country. 

Aside from the distinctive themed communities and house designs renowned in the US and Europe, each private enclave is equipped with garbage disposal, materials recovery and other sustainability systems that ensure the preservation of their well-manicured properties and the lush surroundings (including the flora and fauna it also supports). Moreover, Brittany’s gated communities have systems in place that will also ensure investment longevity, like 24/7 in-house maintenance personnel and security.

Brittany is a luxury real estate brand by Vista Land, the largest and most accomplished homebuilder in the Philippines. For over three decades, Vista Land has been unparalleled in delivering real estate projects, including luxury real estate developments with exceptional retail components in both scale and achievement. Vista Land has built more than 20 vertical residences and 250,000 homes for Filipino families spread over 30 provinces and more than 60 cities and municipalities nationwide.


Beauty in Architecture – The Gold Standard

The aesthetics of a building, structure or property is one of the principal aspects considered in architecture. While there is appeal to a building, structure or property should also be designed in order to satisfy requirements regarding safety, serviceability, durability, aesthetics, as well as assures that the building, structure or property has a proper structural performance through its entire service life. 

Such is the standard of Brittany developments. 


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