Celebrating Christmas Season at Home


The most awaited holiday is here, the Christmas Season! As soon as the Ber month hits, the Christmas countdown starts, Christmas songs are played, yuletide decorations are being put up, and it seems that everyone feels happier. The four-month-long Christmas preparation made Filipino Christmas longest than the rest of the world. We grew up with such rich yuletide traditions that we look forward to it as soon as September comes. With that being said, it is a fact that this pandemic will not bring down our Christmas spirit. We list down 10 activities for you and your family to make Christmas at home, safe and fun! 

Christmas Season Christmas Decoration   

zoom of christmas tree with a red glittery christmas ball | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Decorate with your family to make it more meaningful.


First things first, the decorations. It is a sight to see different houses lined up side by side with different Christmas themes of their own. Conceptualize with your family on what theme would you like to do this year. You can opt to choose from white Christmas, traditional Christmas, a cabin in the woods, and if you’re feeling more playful, you can always have movie-themed decorations, or get inspired with your current favorite series. Putting up Christmas decorations can be stressful at times, but if you do it as a family, it will be an exciting bond among all of you.  

family fixing the christmas tree in their luxury home | luxury Homes by brittany corporation

Decorate your luxury homes this Christmas with glamorously curated holiday decorations from All Home.


Christmas Season Movie Marathon 

Nothing beats lounging with your family while streaming Classic Christmas Movies. It’s nice to reminisce our childhood through these movies, remembering different memories in each scene. Surely everyone will look forward to weekend Christmas movie night, because who doesn’t love Santa movies, right? Bring out your projectors if you want a more luxurious experience, and spend your yuletide nights cuddling with your loved ones while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.  


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netflix original film christmas chronicles poster | Luxury home by brittany corporation

Enjoy movie night without leaving the comfort of your luxury houses.


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Glamping at Home 

Not being able to go outside as freely as before, our backyards has become the ultimate sanctuary for most of us. Make this Christmas as merry as the pre-pandemic Christmas by transforming your backyard into a luxury glamping spot. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a cozy yet enchanting picnic setup. In planning glamping, you’ll need a teepee tent, a lot of throw pillows, your coziest blankets, and of course, fairy lights. Since most of us are tired of staying at home, a lot of people are utilizing their outdoor spaces as more interactive areas. In Brittany Sta. Rosa, we offer luxury house and lots with spacious outdoor spaces perfect for your family’s needs and desires.  

couple enjoying each others company in their luxury home in a tent | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Gaze upon the stars while enjoying a luxurious glamping setup.


Hosting Virtual Christmas Gathering 

Yuletide season reunites families all over the world. With everyone being so busy throughout the year, a well-deserved getaway at the end of the year is what we’re all looking forward to. The Christmas season is all about connecting and bonding with our loved ones, and this pandemic will not stop us. Now that we are amidst this health crisis, many video conferencing platforms have emerged to keep us connected to everyone from all over the world. We are all longing to see our dear loved ones, but their health is always our top priority. One platform that caught our eye is Kumospace, it’s a platform wherein you can personalize a virtual room with games, presentations, and video conferences to make your virtual party interesting. 

hand doing a facetime with his family | Luxury Homes by Brittany Coporation

Reconnect with your loved ones with just a tap on your phone.


Smores and Pajama Party 

Bring out your matching Christmas pajamas and let the world be your oyster! You can plan out cozy yet fun activities like making smores, binge-watching a movie or as simple as ordering food online and pigging out at home. Pop in the oven your favorite easy melt chocolate, a stack of pillowy marshmallows, and you have yourself your own smores. If you are feeling cozier and would like a ready-made one, we found the perfect smores at The Bistro Charlemagne located at Solenad 3 in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 


caucasian children in front of the christmas tree in their luxury home in brittany santa rosa | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Get cozy wearing your favorite matching pajamas.


Wine and Jazz Night 

Experience bliss at the comfort of your home with just your favorite bottle of wine and a playlist of the greatest Christmas jazz hits. Unwind and lounge with nothing but the best music and wine. This is a perfect way for you to reconnect with your partner, conversing deep topics while sipping a glass of chardonnay. 

family doing a toast in their kitchen in the luxury house and lot in brittany santa rosa | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Pop a bottle of wine and enjoy the company of your loved ones.


Play Secret Santa or Monito/Monita 

One of the highlights of Christmas is the gift-giving. That precious feeling when you wake up on Christmas morning opening the gifts under the Christmas tree can be celebrated every week during the whole season. Monito/Monita is exchanging small gifts, usually with playful and witty themes like something small, something naughty, something weird, and anything else you can think of.  

gifts under a christmas tree in a luxury home | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Christmas shopping was made easier with Vista Mall Sta. Rosa.


Gingerbread House  

Christmas is extra special, especially for the kids. We do our best to make their Christmas extraordinary so that when they look back to it when they are all grown up, they remember all the best Christmas moments. This delightful treat will bring out your kids’ creativity by designing their own gingerbread house at home, talk about a sugar rush! 

family making gingerbread house in their luxury house in Portofino alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Enjoy quality time designing gingerbread houses with your kids.


Baking Christmas Cookies this Christmas Season

Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly baked cookies, it easily warms up your whole house and makes your day. Christmas is not complete without those bite-size Christmas trees, snowmen, and canes. Plan a baking day with your kids to make Christmas cookies, which you can also give out to your neighbors and friends.  

cookie cutter on dough with caucasian lady's hand in a luxury home kitchen | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Delight with a scrumptious batch of freshly bakes holiday cookies.


Christmas Family Portrait 

Family portraits are treasures you can pass on to the next generations. It’s nice to look back and remember how Christmas went that year. Pre-pandemic, we usually hire a professional photographer to take our family photos because we want it to be perfect, but fear not, because all we need is a tripod, a camera, and of course, a smile. Gather your family members, and strike a pose with your elegant Christmas decoration. Nowadays, more laid-back and candid photos are popular because they showcase everyone’s personality, but a more organized and formal family photo is truly classic and timeless memorabilia.  

family reading stories under the christmas tree in their luxury house and lot in brittany santa rosa | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Make memories with your family at Brittany Sta. Rosa.


Christmas Season Conclusion 

Being healthy is one of the luxuries in life. This Christmas season, you don’t need to leave your house to celebrate, after all, the true essence of life is in our homes. Remember, with all of the existing Christmas traditions that every Filipino family has, be sure to make your own.  

Experience blissful living at Brittany, where luxury, exclusivity, and accessibility collide.  

Happy Holidays & Welcome Home! 

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