Unique Holiday Activity to Try in Your Portofino Home


We are already in the “ber” months, which means it is time for the holiday season for us Filipinos! We can already hear Christmas tunes in commercial locations such as supermarkets and shopping malls, and Christmas decorations are being placed up. Who wouldn’t like to start decorating Portofino Alabang’s gorgeous mansions with some festive Christmas decorations, if you’re in the mood to be early? Celebrate early with a unique holiday activity that would work for you and your family.

The epidemic and our present position may have prevented us from participating in some of our beloved Christmas traditions, but who says we can’t establish new, unique activities with our family in our own homes? There are still plenty of reasons to get into the Christmas mood, especially when your Portofino house offers the ideal setting. Here’s a list if you’re looking for some creative ideas, or unique activities to get you and your family involved – even during the epidemic!

Unique holiday activity you can start as early as now

Take amazing holiday photos

white family of three taking selfie in a christmas decked luxury house and lot in vista alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Immortalize your special memories through photos


Holiday photo cards are a fun and cheerful tradition for most families. They’re both exciting to send and receive. As there might be limited places available due to the pandemic you might want to show off your luxurious Portofino home instead. Have the photoshoot feature your beautiful pocket garden or your peaceful courtyard or maybe your own Christmas tree.

Writing letters to Santa is a unique holiday activity

little girl writing a letter to santa in a santa hat near the fireplace in a luxury home in portofino alabang | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Writing letters is an art that you can experience in Dear Joe, a letter-writing cafe


This time-honored custom is a fun activity to conduct with your children. This may be done on Christmas Eve or any other day leading up to the big day. Distribute stationery or plain old paper and invite both large and tiny kids to write letters to Santa.

Make a festive wine rack as a unique holiday activity

This Christmas activity is enjoyable to participate in with friends. Why deviate from the Italian motif of the Portofino Alabang luxury residences for sale? Wine is an integral element of Italian culture, and what better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with wine?

Bake unique Christmas cookies

gingerbread cookies spread out on a chopping board on red cloth on a brown table | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Unleash your creativity by making gingerbread cookies with your family!


On “cookie day,” kids of all ages may help out in the kitchen. They have the option of peanut-butter flowers, spritz cookies, or gingerbread men! There are simply too many delicious Christmas sweets to pick from. Get the youngsters psyched about the holidays with these colorful shapes, which include staples like Santa, Snowmen, Stockings, Christmas Trees, and more. This is among the fun Christmas activities that will make the kids busy.

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Decorate a gingerbread house

family making gingerbread house in their luxury house in Portofino alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

After making gingerbread men, make them a gingerbread house


In the same context as cookies, you can give the kids a gingerbread house kit and you won’t hear a peep from them all day (unless you ask if you have any more gumdrops). Increase the competition atmosphere by awarding awards for the most innovative, ugly, or lifelike gingerbread houses.

Use an advent calendar

secret santa boxes in peach room | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Advent calendars are a nice way to excite your family days before Christmas


By hiding a tasty surprise behind each little door, an Advent calendar may help you countdown to Christmas day or celebrate for 12 days in a row to make the holiday spirit consistent. Make your own or buy one with a theme that the whole family will love unwrapping on a daily basis.

 Make a Christmas playlist and play Christmas song bingo

Filipinos adore Christmas carols. With a playlist that includes all of your favorites, you can have the whole family rocking around the Christmas tree. We believe that it is never too early (in the morning or throughout the year) to begin playing them.

The playlist may be used to play Christmas music bingo. It’s a fun pastime since you can do other things while you’re playing it. Make sure that each song on the bingo cards is included on the day’s playlist ahead of time. Guests may keep an ear out throughout the day and call bingo when they have marked off five songs in a row on their bingo card.

 Go caroling

This is a Filipino tradition in which children walk from house to house singing Christmas carols to the residents. Portofino Alabang is a neighborhood filled with some of the most beautiful homes in the Philippines! Going door to door in this neighborhood while singing Christmas carols will be a lot of fun.

Decorate your home with Christmas lights

Be the best one in the neighborhood! Create unique displays of holiday lights for your neighbors to enjoy. You can even take your family on an evening stroll and see the Christmas lights displayed on the luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari or to see a tree lighting ceremony.

Fun activities to make your Christmas eve lively

A hearty noche buena with more food than you can possibly eat, caroling with cousins, and extended family reunions in buffets are likely to be among every Filipino’s favorite Christmas mainstays. Here are some fun holiday activities your friends and family can enjoy on Christmas eve.

Host an eggnog tasting party

3 cups of eggnog dusted with cinnamon and star anise in a luxury home | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Did you know that eggnogs are made of actual eggs?


Include this in your fiesta de noche buena! Because of its warm temperature and the inclusion of aromas like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla bean that evoke the winter season, eggnog is especially popular over the holidays during Christmas dinner. Hot chocolate has no competition against this staple.

Create a Santa key

There’s a good chance your Portofino home doesn’t have a chimney through which Santa can deliver presents. Don’t burst your kids’ holiday mood. A Santa key is the ideal way to explain Santa’s coming to your children. Make a Santa key to turn their queries into a fun Christmas Eve game.

Throw a rustic Italian Christmas party

When people think of Portofino Alabang, they naturally think of Italian mansions. What better way to show your appreciation for the Italian-themed luxury home and lot for sale in Portofino Alabang than by throwing a rustic Italian party? You’ll have a wonderful feast if you focus on rich colors, plenty of food, and modern farmhouse table décor.

 Make mulled wine sangria

2 cups filled with fruity sangria and the punch bowl on a wooden table in a luxury house and lot | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Sangria is a fruity way to drink your wine.


This year, instead of beer and wine, try a festive Christmas drink, at least to get the party started. To achieve that Christmassy hue, this delectable seasonal sangria combines cranberries, apples, and red wine. Sangria is no longer exclusively for the back patio, it can now be for holiday parties as well.

Have an ugly sweater party

Nothing strikes festive fun holiday party more than ugly Christmas sweaters party. Previously limited to Grandma’s wardrobe, you can now find so-ugly-they’re-cute Christmas sweaters in almost every big-box retailer. Invite your guests to dress up in their most festive holiday garb for your holiday gathering. Whoever dresses up in the most outlandish costume gets to have dessert first!

Have a Christmas tree sleepover

To get the most out of your Christmas tree lights, host a family slumber party beneath it. If you do this on Christmas Eve, be careful not to impede Santa’s path to the stockings. This is the perfect moment to watch Christmas movies with the family before a cozy night.

Christmas is good reminder of how wonderful life is. Your Portofino home won’t surely be dull during the holiday season if you try a new family tradition. Christmas at Portofino Alabang will be worth it. If you haven’t yet, check out their amazing collection of luxury houses.


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