Expensive Christmas Decorations For Your House And Lot In Alabang

Decorating Your Home in Brittany Alabang for Christmas

For your luxurious house and lot in Alabang, nothing but the finest furniture and decorations will do. For this holiday season, that includes your Christmas decorations, and nothing but the the most excellent ones deserve to be put on display. When it comes to the best, we’re not just talking about physical appearance but also about quality and durability. It’s easy to look expensive without actually being worth much, but the discerning eye will be able distinguish the genuine article from what is just pretending to be one. The real test also comes when harmful elements, wear and time threaten a product’s life.

There are times when investing in something more expensive can actually turn out to be cheaper in the long run. Though it requires a much greater level of sacrifice or commitment on your part when it comes to the money you would have to shell out, the returns or rewards are infinitely better. Aside from lasting for a long time, if not forever, such investments also offer you the best version of the product there is. One great example of this, of course, is a house and lot in Brittany Alabang, where the finest homes in the country can be found and are definitely worth your investment.

This Christmas season, let’s take a look at some of the most outrageously expensive Christmas decorations there are, and get to know just what makes them worth so much.

Decorations Fit For Your House in Brittany Alabang.

This tree was made in 2007 out of solid 18-karat gold. It features diamonds as ornaments, and a star made out of platinum with a 45.2 karat diamond on it, which can be detached and used as a pendant.

This bauble may very well be the bauble of all baubles. Created by Embee Jewels of London along with Hallmark Jewelers in 2010, its sphere is made of white gold encrusted with a total of 1,578 diamonds, and surrounded by two rings encrusted with 188 rubies. This bauble is said to be valued at $130,000.

Apparently, women aren’t the only ones who can wear designer skirts, so can your tree! Made out of gold velvet and gold silk thread, this Arabasque Christmas tree skirt is designed by Jay Strongwater. With its design hand-embroidered and embellished with Swarovski crystals, one will be able to purchase this for their tree for $1,650.

For those looking for the perfect nativity set, this one by Bergdorf Goodman features the blessed family painted in gold and draped in Swarovski crystals. For sale at a price of $3,400, it would make for the ultimate Christmas display in your house and lot in Alabang.

You may not want to hang this wreath just anywhere, especially outside your house, as this wreath only happens to hold 17.49 karat rubies and carries 3.03 karat yellow diamonds. Valued at an obscenely high amount of $4.6 million, it comes as no surprise that it is dubbed “the most expensive Christmas wreath in the world”. The only thing is, with this wreath being worth more than your house and all that you have, it would be quite difficult to leave it hanging anywhere at all!

When one thinks about the figures indicating how much each of these Christmas decorations is worth, it would definitely seem absurd as to why anyone would even be willing to spend that much for something so trivial. But for those who know the real reasons behind an items’ value or worth, and the returns they expect to receive from their investment, the price to be paid is surely worth it.