Luxury Living in Portofino Alabang


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Living in Portofino Alabang is what luxury is.


The meaning of luxury may differ for each and every one. It may be something that is of high value, or a feeling of exclusiveness that brings you the idyllic life. Luxury may also be an investment made to secure a great future for your family, or it also may be the quality time spent with your loved ones. Luxury is often deemed to guarantee a successful and happy life, bringing us the gratifying and harmonious life we desire.

We are all living in a time where most people are putting an exceptional value on experiences, and the authentic pleasures life can bring. Luxury living is having the ability to spend time on things that one values or cherishes, and it may also be living in a space where one can find the tranquility that supports the life journey one wants to take.

Luxury living starts in a home that satisfies everyone’s desire for a life of harmony, where one can not just survive but thrive. Living in one of the luxury homes in Portofino Alabang will make you realize that people must place value on authenticity, sustainability, tradition, and longevity of life.

Why is Daang Hari a Great Location?

vista alabang in portofino alabang luxury house and lot | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The prime location of Vista Alabang grants utmost convenience and serene living.


Vista Alabang Daang Hari, a 1,500-hectare community, is the most thriving and exclusive location in the South of Metro Manila, instigating an extravagant lifestyle in the state of extreme comfort and convenience. Living in Vista Alabang provides a holistic way of living combined with the ease of modern accessibility that will enable you to seamlessly live a productive yet harmonious lifestyle.

Living in Portofino Alabang is close to Evia Lifestyle Center

Evia Lifestyle Center, one of the many essential developments in the heart of Daang Hari, is the most premium lifestyle center where the locals get to enjoy a thematic leisure experience. World-class dining also awaits the city dwellers with Evia’s local and international dining spots that will truly satisfy your empty stomachs. Dear Joe, Bread Basket, San Marco, and Sombrero are just a few of the wide variety of dining options to choose from in Evia, where you get to spend a chill afternoon with your friends and family. Evia Lifestyle Center also has AllHome and AllDigital that offer diverse selections of furniture, home appliances, and digital equipment that will surely get you excited to fill up your luxury home.

Have you been yearning for a shopping spree for your furry friends? PetBuddy got you covered with its innumerable options for pet food and accessories, and of course, a high-end grooming service. You may also want to reward yourself and splurge in your most awaited retail therapy in Evia’s upscale shopping strip that showcases some of the most well-known fashion brands and shopping stores like H&M, Forever21, Mango, Uniqlo, Market Liberty, and many more! 

Palazzo Verde is a perk when Living in Portofino Alabang

Aside from Evia Lifestyle Center, Vista Alabang also grants access to the country’s premier venue that boasts a state-of-the-art Victorian architecturePalazzo Verde, where luxury moments are celebrated in the place of the highly coveted event in Daang Hari.

Essential establishments and services are also within reach in Vista Alabang, being the best location where everything is right at your fingertips. Health and educational institutions, leisure spots, and upcoming business districts are accessible from the most exclusive subdivisions in Daang Hari—Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino.

Portofino is just a 5-minute drive away from the Evia Lifestyle Center, 10 minutes away from the Asian Hospital Medical Center, 20 minutes away from BGC and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and 30 minutes from the Makati Central Business District—all these are made accessible with the major thoroughfares surrounding the community: Skyway Stage 3, Villar Avenue, River Drive, and the ongoing Vista Avenue and Cavite-Laguna Expressway.

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There are Available Master-planned, Thematic Communities

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Portofino communities boast an outstanding appeal that makes every moment spent worthwhile.


Portofino, an award-winning housing development in Daang Hari Alabang, showcases the beauty and elegance of Old World Italy, imbued by its state-of-the-art enclaves—Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino. Living in these magnificent enclaves enables you to achieve a life of high productivity while maintaining an opulent lifestyle to attain a life of fulfillment and joy.

What are the Master-planned Communities of Portofino Alabang?

Portofino Heights

Portofino Heights, a 75-hectare residential property, is the first and biggest enclave of Portofino that boasts the quaint magnificence of Old-World Italy. From its main gate that is ensconced at Daang Hari in Alabang, you could see how grand and sophisticated the community is. 

Portofino South

Adjacent to Portofino Heights, is the second enclave of Portofino—Portofino South. Portofino South is a 50-hectare residential property that evokes exceptional beauty, making every day a picture-worthy moment.

Amore at Portofino

Amore at Portofino, the newest among all the enclaves of Portofino, is a 35-hectare luxury development that was recognized as the “Best Housing Development in Manila” in 2015, and the “Best Housing Development in the Philippines” by the Philippines Property Awards. These development awards unquestionably certify that purchasing a luxury house and lot for sale is certainly worth one’s investment.

Live a luxurious lifestyle in Portofino’s ultra-high-end enclaves that possess a lively yet subdued vibe of one of the world-class destinations today and experience the sublime beauty of living in the historic setting of Italy without having to travel to the other side of the world. Immerse yourself in the warm breeze and crisp air of Portofino’s exclusive communities and prepare to walk upon sun-decked and cobblestoned roads that lead to Portofino’s expansive living spaces meant for luxury living. Inspired by the chic style of cosmopolitan Italy, these luxury houses and lot developments are perfect for luxury living, and an everyday celebration of life and love.

What are the World-Class Amenities when Living in Portofino Alabang?

Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino are all designed to grant you a life tailored to your luxurious lifestyle. These exclusive and expansive enclaves boast a stunning range of amenities that go beyond the norm that impart luxury living with utmost ease, productivity, and comfort.

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A Spacious Clubhouse

Parco di Portofino is the biggest clubhouse and amenity space for the homeowners of Portofino South - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Parco di Portofino is the biggest clubhouse and amenity space for the homeowners of Portofino South.


Portofino Heights’ amenity area, Monte di Portofino, provides high-end recreational facilities such as an Olympic-sized lap pool with children’s pool, a grand function hall, fully-equipped indoor fitness gym, indoor badminton court, basketball court, tennis court, kiddie park, and a gazebo. These facilities make every day in Portofino Heights feel like a vacation experience.

On the other hand, Parco di Portofino is Portofino South’s exclusive amenity area that gives a resort-like ambiance with its swimming pools that have a kiddie and therapeutic pool, sun deck with lounge chairs, multi-purpose hall, indoor fitness gym, activity area, and meeting rooms, basketball court, and gazebo.

The rustic community of Amore at Portofino also has an Al Fresco Lounge that allows you to enjoy the scenic views of Portofino while overlooking Amore’s lifestyle pool that is backdropped by the clear blue sky and lush landscape.

The safety and security

Gate of luxury exclusive Portofhino

The gates of Portofino scream luxury.


Living in the enclaves of Portofino is an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and these developments aim to prioritize tranquility and security, granting a life of utmost ease and comfort. With Portofino’s heightened sense of security, round-the-clock security personnel, roving patrols, security, and safety command center, and strict vehicle speed limit, creating a safe space and a great future for your family is made easier.

Masterfully-crafted Homes

Luxury house and lot properties portofino alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Portofino’s classical Italian masterpieces and contemporary designs grant a seamlessly harmonious lifestyle and luxury living.


Italian architecture has left its mark in practically every part of the modern world with its timeless beauty and exquisite appeal. The distinctive style of the Italian Renaissance endows contemporary designs that reflect the classical Italian charm.

Portofino’s masterfully crafted homes—Ghiberti, Raffaello, Antonello, Pietro, and Carletti, are designed with the finest contemporary Italian structures, complemented by its unique details that impeccably instigate a luxury living for the privileged few. All luxury houses and lots for sale in Portofino are complemented by unique Italian structural details, expansive living spaces that support green living, and features that are punctuated by luxury and comfort.

The houses for sale in the prestigious enclaves of Portofino feature classical and distinct building materials and timeless designs such as copulas, airy windows, high ceilings, cobblestones pathways, decorative brackets, and accents, and curving staircase that embody the warm, classical Italian charm.

The ever-changing meaning of luxury is inevitable and people’s aspiration for authentic and curated experiences is the reason why Portofino takes pride in providing thematic living and sought-after homes that consistently increases in value, making your investment in Portofino worth the money. Portofino in Daang Hari Alabang is beyond doubt, the ideal place to build a family.

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