The Best Subdivisions in Daang Hari to Consider 


Daang Hari has been home to several top-tier subdivisions located in what people usually call the ‘South’. A once empty field has now turned into one of the most accessible roads convenient for anyone who wants to travel from Cavite to Manila, and vice versa.  While driving around the stretch of Daang Hari, you might find yourself looking at the majestic architectural details of  Vista Alabang, a masterplanned community that houses the best subdivisions in Daang Hari and grants accessibility and convenience to give you the finest upscale developments in the area.

EVIA Lifestyle Center near Vista Alabang luxury house and lot for sale developments | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Evia Lifestyle Center in Daang Hari is the ideal spot to unwind with your closest friends and family, providing a close-to-home vacation experience near the best Daang Hari subdivisions.


Vista Alabang: Everything at your fingertips


Most people would rather live in a luxury community that allows them to choose peace and serenity rather than the hustle and bustle of city life. A neighborhood surrounded by nature, but still allows you to live the dynamic way of life you have always dreamt of living. The life where you get to enjoy your mornings with a double shot of espresso while reading the latest news in a luxury home with breathtaking views. Imagine living in an Italian-themed community that is close to everything you need, from recreational establishments to medical and educational institutions. Vista Alabang propounds the pleasure of life within its locality, granting people the luxurious living they deserve.

One of the many developments situated in Vista Alabang that makes it a prime location is the Evia Lifestyle Center, a one-stop-shop lifestyle shopping center located at the heart of Daang Hari. Evia presents its locals with world-class dining experiences and a combination of an indoor and outdoor experience of an Italian-inspired setting and thematic living. Locals also get to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing movie house in Evia the Evia Cinemas or Vista Cinemas, where they can watch newly released movies with their dearest friends and family. Living in the luxurious community of Vista Alabang has never been so easy with AllHome’s and AllDigital’s diverse selections of furniture, home appliances, and various entertainment and digital equipment.

Aside from AllHome and AllDigital which are perfect for filling up your luxury home, Evia also offers AllBike for the bike enthusiasts, and PetBuddy for your pet’s food and accessories, and grooming services. Evia is certainly the one-stop shop for your recreational and essential needs. Want to shop for clothes for the upcoming grand occasion with your family? Evia has H&M, Forever21, and the likes. Miss eating out over ribs and steaks? Racks and TGI Fridays got you!  Want to grab an iced coffee with your friends? You can do so whilst reading your favorite novel at Coffee Project Black x Fully Booked. Everything you need is available at Evia Lifestyle Center.

Set within the boundless masterplanned community of Vista Alabang, Palazzo Verde is considered the gem of the vicinity for its world-class Victorian architecture and high-end facilities, equipped with thematic interiors and exteriors that are perfect for any special occasion that deserves nothing less than the grandest of things.

One of the top things people consider in finding a luxury home is the accessibility to hospitals,  educational institutions, and business districts. In Vista Alabang, it will never be a problem as there will be easy access to the upcoming world-class health development in the area— VitaCare Unimed Hospital. Aside from this, a 100-hectare University Town is soon to be developed in the area along with Vista Hub, a 10-hectare business district in Vista Alabang.

Warm summer day in Italian inspired themed community of yellows and oranges, and cobblestone designed roads and old classic lamp posts, and a lush green courtyard of small hedges with a water fountain in the center | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation is a luxury homes brand by Vista Land, the largest and most accomplished homebuilder in the Philippines.


Portofino: Beholding beauty and elegance within


Brittany Corporation, a subsidiary of Vista Land & Landscapes, is the premier name in luxury real estate in the Philippines. Brittany develops luxury subdivisions offering thematic living inspired by the world’s finest countries through Old World European, American, and Italian-themed projects. Brittany has three luxury developments at Vista Alabang: Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino.

These magnificent enclaves of Portofino situated in the 1,500-hectare master-planned development of Vista Alabang, offer luxury residential lots, and luxury house and lot packages. All of these is within a 5-minute drive from Evia Lifestyle Center, 10 minutes from Asian Hospital Medical Center, 20 minutes from BGC and Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and 30 minutes from Makati Central Business District. Aside from the access to the major road networks, the three residential communities of Brittany’s Vista Alabang also bequeath their residents with underground utilities, high-end amenities, round-the-clock security with electric fencing, 24/7 roving patrol, and CCTV camera at all entry and exit points.

Envision yourself living in an upscale luxury home that exudes elegance and thematic living. Envision yourself waking up to an exquisite view of the lush landscape as you feel the warmth of the perfect ray of sunlight. Envision yourself taking pleasure in the timeless beauty of your humble abode as you spend your days with your dearest family. In Portofino, everything you imagine happens.

Experience the life you have been dreaming of, and experience curated luxury in the enclaves of Portofino. Elegance is a key factor for Portofino, and with elegance comes harmony with nature. The communities are surrounded by trees and vast lush landscapes that make your stay in Portofino worthwhile. Being able to connect with nature will certainly bring out the best in you as the natural energy radiates within.

Portofino Heights community shot of rotunda with fountain and statue decors with vibrant greenery that complements the luxury house and lot for sale developments - Luxury Homes by Brittany

At Portofino, amenities and exquisite landscapes are top-notch and world-class.


Portofino Heights: Taking Elegance to Another Level


Step into an Italian-inspired neighborhood with Old World charm and architectural elements that make you feel like you’re living in a world-class community. Cupolas, cobblestone walks, gabled roofs, and pocket gardens are just a few of the Italian architectural characteristics that give Portofino Heights its refined feel.

Portofino Heights is the largest and first enclave in Portofino, offering elegant and spacious houses for your family. Portofino Heights is a 75-hectare development that provides luxurious homes and large lots ranging from 280 to 1000 square meters, all inspired by the stylish aesthetic of cosmopolitan Italy. All of this is set against a backdrop of lush landscaping and nicely planted pocket gardens and walkways.

Residents also get to enjoy a world-class amenity center called Monte di Portofino, which is endowed with the following features: a Roman-inspired lap pool and children’s pool, basketball court, tennis court, function rooms convertible to a badminton court, grand ballroom for 300 heads, fully-equipped gym, and jogging trails surrounded by nature.

Portofino Heights offers two ready-for-occupancy luxury houses which are the Raphael and Pietro models, the elegant and luxury house models from the Brittany Classics Courtyard series. Raphael ready home brings to life the Old World charm with its stunning structure and regal design, reminiscent of the beautiful landscape of Italy. With spacious bedrooms, an attic that can be used as an entertainment room, and a courtyard where you can enjoy an afternoon tea, Raphael ready home is undeniably one of the best luxury houses in Portofino that you need to consider. Another ready home located in Portofino Heights is Pietro, a ready home showcasing opulence from its alluring exterior and distinctive design.

Aside from the Raphael and Pietro ready homes, Portofino Heights also offers residential lots and non-ready for occupancy luxury homes such as Antonello, a two-story Italian home which has 286 square meters of floor space and 4 bedrooms; Pietro, a two-story, 264 square meters three-bedroom home; and Rafaello, a three-story non-ready for occupancy home, and the largest among the three luxury houses with 4 bedrooms and a  292 square meter floor area.

Parco di Portofino is the biggest clubhouse and amenity space for the homeowners of Portofino South - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Parco di Portofino is the biggest clubhouse and amenity space for the homeowners of Portofino South.


Portofino South: A luxury community in the South


Portofino South is another enclave of Portofino, with 50 hectares of land and lots ranging in size from 300 to 700 square meters. This enclave has the same Old World Italian beauty of Portofino Heights, as well as the sophisticated flair of modern Europe. Portofino Heights is a 5-minute drive away, while Evia Lifestyle Center is a 3-minute drive away.

Portofino South endows you with a taste of Italy with its Italian-inspired architecture, and world-class amenities from its amenity center — Parco Di Portofino. Residents of Portofino South will get to enjoy the following recreational facilities in Parco Di Portofino: a grand clubhouse with an impressive events hall where you can celebrate your family’s grand occasions, an interactive swimming pool for kids for them to experience a vacation not far from home, a sports amenity such as basketball court, an activity area, an exclusive function area, and meeting rooms, and a space for health and fitness. Parco Di Portofino also has an Al Fresco lounge. Al Fresco in Italy means ‘in the chill’ or ‘in the cool’ in English, which is why the Al Fresco lounge is the perfect place to unwind and take a break from the realities of life.


Amore at Portofino community shot with amenities that are top-notch and world-class as one of the best subdivisions in Daang Hari - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Amore at Portofino exudes the charm of Italian living in the community and home designs it features.


Amore at Portofino: Love at First Sight


Fall in love with Amore at Portofino, the newest development among the three magnificent enclaves of Portofino. Inspired by the Italian word that translates to the word ‘love’, Amore will unquestionably make you fall in love at the sight of its lush landscape that lends a quaint ambience, with a touch of romance. Amore at Portofino is Brittany‘s 35-hectare Tuscan-inspired exclusive gated community that exudes the rustic appeal and charm of Tuscany. With its intricate Tuscan-inspired designs on its sun-dappled streets, tinkling fountains, and manicured gardens, Amore is beyond doubt, one of the best luxury subdivisions in Vista Alabang, Daang Hari.

Lorenzo, the exceptional upscale ready home in Amore, highlights comfort and security for its residents and delivers artistic design from its concrete roof tiles to its stucco finish, to replicate the Italian aesthetic. This luxury home is built within a 209 square meter lot, covering a 177 square meter floor that is ideally built to bequeath you with a generous living space that overlooks a vast lush landscape and a dynamic setting to cultivate lasting memories with your family. Aside from Lorenzo ready home, Amore also offers pre-selling house models such as Carletti from Amore’s Artisan Collection; Rafaello and Antonello from the Brittany Collection.

Aside from the residential lots and house and lot for sale packages that Amore offers, this exclusive community also provides the best luxury living experience with its world-class amenities and facilities that boasts a beautiful sprawling pool, the perfect patch of turquoise amid the terracotta homes; and the Al Fresco lounge, the best place to de-stress and unwind in Amore at Portofino.


Vista Alabang houses the best subdivisions in Daang Hari | Portofino Heights | Drone Shot | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The best subdivisions in Daang Hari are those that offer you the best value and best quality of life in every home.


Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino: The best subdivisions to consider in Daang Hari


The real estate market in the Philippines has always been resilient and thriving, and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in luxury real estate is generally the safest option. The luxury market in real estate has always been stable and the affluent’s growing need for an exclusive and upscale property is persistently present.

Acquiring a ‘dream home’ is one of those life accomplishments that tops nearly everyone’s bucket list. Choosing a luxury home is more than just purchasing a house that is pleasing to the eye if you are aiming for a home where you will spend the rest of your life. Considering a home ‘luxurious’ is more than just the expensive price tag alone, but is more about having to experience the grand life you have always dreamed of living. The accessibility to major roads, shopping centers, educational institutions, and medical facilities also contributes to the value of a luxury home. The affluent market looks for many of the same features that all buyers desire but on a grander scale, and this market has a strong aspiration for exclusivity and security that only a few can provide.

In the generously spaced community of Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino, exclusivity, security, and luxury is the top-most priority. The sight of Portofino homes’ distinct design features such as its sun-drenched colors, high arched windows, archways, and cupolas will make you fall in love with its romantic and sophisticated ambience.

Buying a property in the best subdivisions in Daang Hari, may it be a residential lot or a luxury home, will undeniably make your dream of luxury living a reality. Your dream of waking up to a serene environment will become a reality with the enclaves of Portofino’s lush landscape of courtyard gardens, polished lawns, cluster rows, and streets of pines. From the high ceilings to the majestic cupolas, one thing is for sure you can see nothing but elegance from each luxury home.

From your morning cup of coffee to your evening barbeque party with friends and family, all occasions, no matter how big or small, will always feel like the best moment in your life with the serene environment Portofino provides you. Tranquility, elegance, sanguinity you name it, all these await you in Portofino.

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