10 Remarkable Italian Architecture In Portofino

“I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture.”
-Tadao Ando, Japanese Architect

Our environment helps in molding our lives. With this said, our homes must be surrounded by fine architecture. One of the best architecture in the world is Italian architecture.

Indeed, the Italians have a different charm, even when it comes to their architecture. If you are fond of Italian architecture, why not live in a house that makes you feel like you’re in Italy? In Rome, perhaps?

Located along Daang Hari Road, Las Pinas, Portofino exudes the charms of Italy. The 300-hectares community is filled with beautiful Italian architectural details.


1.) Cupolas

Cupola on the Raffaello model house

A neat cupola atop the Raffaello Model House

If you’ve ever walked around in Italy, you’ve probably seen a lot of cupolas but didn’t know what they were called. Cupolas are one of the most evident Italian architecture that is can still be observed today. A cupola is a construction of small size that is found on the roofs of many architecture in Italy. The use of copula is to provide the building it decorates with natural light and ventilation under a roof.


2.) Cobblestone pathways

Cobblestone pathways along Portofino

The beautifully paved cobblestone pathways in Portofino Alabang

When you think of ancient Rome, it’s usually a blast to one of the essential times in the past for most. The Colosseum, the gladiators, the cities where the ancient Roman once lived in. One of the most iconic staples of ancient Roman civilization is none other than the roads they trod on – cobblestone. Cobblestone pathways have lasted in Roman architecture over the years and continue to be one of the leading icons of Italian architecture.


3.) Gable roofs

Gable Roofs decorating the top of the Leandro model house unit

The gable roof atop the Leandro model house unit in Portofino Alabang

Perhaps one of the most popular roofs around the world, Gable roofs are a piece of Italian architecture that grew in popularity back in the 16th century – or more precisely, the Renaissance period. From the name itself, these roofs have gables, the portion of a wall that forms a triangular shape with the edges of the roof pitches.

Gable roofs provide both practicality and aesthetics to a house; perhaps that is why gable roofs are so popular that they have become the icon of roofs, especially with children. Some of the most popular movies and other works often feature houses with this prominent feature.


4.) Hip roofs

Hip Roofs On One Of The Houses At Portofino

A gable roof combined with a hip roof found on the Antonello model house unit in Portofino Alabang

In addition to the gamble roofs, another popular topper of architecture in Italy during the Renaissance period is hip roofs. In contrast to the broad wall area offered by the gable roofs, hip roofs have all sides covered. Hip and gable roofs are an everyday staple in Italian houses, and you can sometimes find them together in some homes.


5.) Pocket Gardens

Georgio model house with front pocket garden

Pocket gardens welcoming the front of the Georgio model house unit in Portofino Alabang

Having greenery in your home is always a pleasure for both the mind and body. Having full gardens can take up too much space and maintenance – which is why pocket gardens have become a popular alternative. Pocket gardens can be observed in most Italian homes due to their aesthetic and much easier maintenance. Many other establishments incorporate pocket gardens to give more life to their environments.


6.) Casitas of the Leandro houses

The Collins Dictionary defines a casita as a small house, especially one that functions as an inn or guest house. Although the term “casita” originated in Spain, it is significant in Italian architecture.

Filipinos are known for being hospitable and family-oriented; placing a casita in the Leandro is a magnificent move.

Caption: If you love having guests over, you should definitely check out the Leandro house model of the Portofino Alabang.


7.) Geometrical shapes

We all know that mastery of geometrical shapes when it comes to architecture is essential because it assures the solidity of the buildings.

During the Renaissance, they used the shapes of circles and squares in their architecture. Furthermore, the said shapes also give rise to the height of the building.

Besides giving the buildings a firm foundation, it also adds to the beauty of the structures.

The Cathedral in Florence utilized geometric shapes in building of the cathedral.

If you look closely around the architectural details of Portofino, you would see that there are numerous circles and squares in the design, just like in the Renaissance.

With the use of geometric shapes, your Portofino home becomes not only taller but grander as well.


8.) Grand Fountains in the Community

If you have been to Rome, you would know that they have a lot of luxurious features. Indeed, Italians love to be grand.

But do you know who else loves to be grand? Vista Alabang!

Upon roaming around the community, surely you will not miss the fountains. The Italian-inspired fountains are made of stones and decorated with angels and other figures that will make you feel like you’re in Rome. Just like the Trevi fountain, don’t you say?


9.) Renaissance Walls

Walls are a vital part of the house. Of course, being sturdy is the most crucial thing, but who said the exterior walls of our home could not be sturdy and beautiful at the same time?

The bricks used in the houses in Vista Alabang are heavily inspired by Italy, including the walls, of course. With this type of Italian architecture, some parts of the house are given emphasis. Indeed, your Portofino home looks elegant yet simple.

Indeed, the Portofino Homes are already enchanted by Italian architectural details. But in case you want to add more Italian charm, check out the last suggestion in this article!


10.) Italian Doors

One can tell a lot about the structure of one’s home. By just simply looking at the architecture, you can have a glimpse of the people living there. In Italy, they pride themselves on choosing the perfect door for their houses.

For the art style, you can choose between the different eras. If you want it to have ornate arches with floral ornaments and animals above, go for the Veneto-Byzantine type of the 13th to the 15th centuries. Trust me; you will never go wrong with an Italian door!

Indeed, it is a must to make sure your door is not only magnificent but also welcoming. After all, the entrance to your Portofino home is the door.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Vista Alabang to get the keys to your Italian Portofino home! A home where it feels like you are in Rome.

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