Your One-Of-A-Kind Christmas in Portofino Alabang


Once an empty open space, now one of the most active and busy locations nationwide. If you are looking for a place to stay for good, having all the things you need, a luxury house and lot in Metro Manila, you might want to know more about the villages and subdivisions in the most coveted location, Daang Hari. 

aerial photo of road | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Empty lots are spaces where higher and greater things can rise. | Photo from Unsplash Website


Daang Hari Road: Road leading to Many Roads

Found in the South of Metro Manila, Daang Hari is now widely known for being a famous and well-curated access road leading to many municipalities in the south of Metro and parts of Cavite. It is one of the busiest roads in Metro Manila surrounded by the most beautiful houses in the Philippines which are the majority from the most accomplished builder in the nation, the Vista Land Company. Apart from the beautiful and most expensive houses in the Philippines, Daang Hari is encircled by a number of commercial and business centers especially in Vista Alabang with the renowned Evia Lifestyle Center, a now go-to-place for families and barkadas. 

EVIA Lifestyle Center near Vista Alabang luxury house and lot for sale developments | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Evia Lifestyle Center, where you can dine-in, shop, and enjoy a walk.


Evia Lifestyle Center: Being your Home Outdoors and the Basics Everyday

It became part of the family’s get-together to visit this commercial space, for it symbolizes home for many. There are various restaurant choices, large grocery outlets, and multiple specialty stores for everyone’s different needs. It has served to bring families together because it provides the basic needs and special wants of everyone with class. 

Many people were choosing to stay near this place because it got all you need. Schools, malls, hospitals, and open spaces for breathers are very easy to access. There is no way that you will not find what you need. 

Good news! There are a lot of luxury homes in Daang Hari. Portofino Alabang is one, still under the well-accomplished developer Vista Land Company. Generally speaking, Portofino Alabang are consisting of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. You can indeed line up their luxury house and lot in Daang Hari to other big and exclusive owned subdivisions. Portofino Alabang is one of the most expensive houses in the Philippines as well but if you will see it with your own eyes you will know that the cost is worth it for this real estate allows you to enter another side of the world.

orange luxury home with water fountain and shrubs | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Amore in Portofino, Italian inspired home for the family.


Portofino Alabang: Your Dream Property 

Any person would dream of having their own house at Portofino Alabang. If you are one of those who have passed by Daang Hari and cannot stop staring at the beautiful luxury house and lot in Daang Hari, you might have whispered the same prayer, “Lord, I will have a house in Portofino Alabang“. 

Portofino Alabang is the #Goals (Hashtag Goals). The beauty and built it bears. The community gives to its people. The exclusivity and security that gives peace. The all-access and everything at your fingertips neighborhood. Indeed, Portofino Alabang is your dream property. If money is not an issue, you would choose the luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari. You would choose Portofino Alabang.  

Portofino Alabang portrays grand Italian homes in the stretch of Daang Hari. Offering grand spaces and classic landscapes, as if every day is a vacation. All architectures, colors, and designs are all Italian-inspired. Architectures are built to amaze anyone who will step on the premises. The colors and designs are so cool and good for the eyes. None of what is put in the luxury homes in Daang Hari are well thought of. Every detail put together created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

More than the elegance, Portofino Alabang will also give you the perfect ambiance for Christmas. Christmas in Portofino is surely one for the books. A lot of beautiful memories await you as you stay and choose to celebrate Christmas in Portofino

Christmas in Portofino: Class and Fun in One 

Every family, Filipino or Foreign would love to stay and build memories in Portofino Alabang. With the safest environment it can offer to its children, and a good set of a neighborhood to socialize with, there is no reason that anyone would hold back in acquiring a luxury house and lot in Metro Manila– in Portofino Alabang.

As you create good memories with the whole family especially in the midst of the pandemic, being creative in your ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year is a must. Christmas in Portofino is not boxed on your accustomed Christmas traditions. There are a lot of choices you can do to celebrate Christmas in Portofino.

lady choosing a dress in a store | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Going on shopping has the power to release your stress and make yourself feel good. | Photo from Pexels


Shop in the Nearby Malls

Surrounded by various commercial and business centers, Portofino Alabang is a place you would want to live the rest of your life. As you celebrate Christmas in Portofino, you can go on shopping in the malls that surround this exclusive village. It is more than spoiling yourself and being updated on the latest fashion trade, it is a quick escape to the reality of life. It gives you the ability to be in control for once and make yourself happy. Shopping is more than a hobby; it is a way to refresh and unwind. Give yourself some break as you celebrate Christmas in Portofino. Put yourself first. You deserve it with all the challenges you face during the pandemic. If you don’t feel like buying for yourself, you can also shop for your family and friends to make them feel good and important.  

Dine-in to Fancy Restaurants

Don’t feel like preparing your Christmas dinner at your luxury homes in Daang Hari? You are lucky! Your luxury house and lot in Daang Hari are perfectly placed within the vicinity of multiple restaurants. Not just ordinary restaurants but high-class restaurants that will give you an experience like staying in a 5-star hotel. You may spend money for fine dine-in, but the appetizing dishes made up by highly talented and creative chefs will make it worth it. Adding the experience from the staff with faultless manners, and the aroma of wine will surely encourage you to return. 

Your Christmas in Portofino is not just bounded within the area of your home but extended to even the nearby commercial outlets that will give you the best experience. Full stomach and hearts filled with joy because of your decision to live in Portofino Alabang.  

Share a Good Dinner to Families around your Place

As you choose to celebrate Christmas in the most beautiful houses in the PhilippinesPortofino Alabang, you will make your Christmas in Portofino extra memorable. One way is to be a blessing on Christmas day. You are blessed to be a blessing. Overflowing blessings are not made to be consumed on your own but to be shared with others especially those who are in need. Tell your whole family that you’ve got a family affair and it will be fun. On the night of your Christmas in Portofino, you can prepare a delicious lavish dinner and allow other people to have an experience of that kind of meal. Drive around your place and look for families who you want to bless with your tasty dish. Your food will not just fill their stomachs but will be comforting during Christmas Eve. Christmas in Portofino will be extra meaningful knowing that you have touched others’ lives. 

gift wrapped in a brown paper and cute strong | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Prepare a simple yet well thought of gift for your loved ones| Photo from Unsplash Website


Secret Santa

While you stay in your luxury house and lot in Daang Hari, bring your families together and agree to have Secret Santa. A time to bless one another and give gifts. It is good that you also prepare your version of Wishlist to be the guide for your Secret Santa. It is more fulfilling to receive gifts if it’s what you truly want more than what you just need. You can include in your Christmas Eve program that before you reveal to whom you are a Secret Santa, it’s heartwarming to share or tell a short message of appreciation to the receiver of your gift to make time honoring one another while you are alive. Secret Santa is a good step to knowing more of your family member by knowing their likes and wants through the gifts they listed. You can buy your gifts in malls or online gift shops. As your Christmas in Portofino is to be spent with a Secret Santa portion, expect that you will create a closer bond with your family. 

Treat Yourself with an Expensive Gift

Buying yourself a gift is okay. You do not have to feel guilty and ashamed of this action. It is a form of self-care. As you celebrate Christmas in Portofino, remember to treat yourself with high regard. Go on shopping and check out that item you’ve been eyeing for so long. You deserve it more than ever. You worked hard; you deserve to have it. You give yourself what you want, and that will make you have. Also, buying yourself a gift is a form of therapy, and cheaper than a session. Get out of your luxury house and lot in Metro Manila, roam around and spot that perfect item for yourself. It’s good that as you celebrate Christmas in Portofino, you have your item bought for yourself. 

Go on Nature Walks

A different yet meaningful way to celebrate Christmas in Portofino? Go on nature walks. Don’t you know that as busy and active Daang Hari is, there are still a lot of empty lots in the area? Many buildings are rising, but there are still spaces vacant where you can take walks. During your Christmas in Portofino, you may want to go around with family and friends, to enjoy the greenery and classic landscapes of Daang Hari. Seeing greenery views while the sun sets gives an unwinding for the spirit. It also can increase your energy and reduce your stress. As you welcome Christmas Eve it is a great way to have given yourself a break from busyness and just be still and present in that very moment.

father giving his children gifts on christmas day | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The essence of Christmas is spending it with family| Photo from Pexels


Christmas in Portofino: The Best with Family

Christmas is an important time of the year to celebrate. It has been a tradition to the Philippines and around the world to celebrate this season. 

Apart from the cool breeze and the Christmas scent it brings, you will know it’s Christmas when people start to be more forgiving, more giving, and more loving. There is something about Christmas that makes us change our hearts towards people. 

But Christmas will just be another day if not spent with the people you love. That’s the key element of celebrating Christmas. Your luxury house and lot in Metro Manila is nothing if you just live on it alone. Your Christmas in Portofino will give you a perfect picture if you celebrate it with family. All the things you can do in your Christmas in Portofino is more meaningful and memorable if you allow your family or loved ones to be involved in it. It has been a tough season for all of us, celebrating seasons with the family will keep us more alive and fulfilled. 

May our Christmas be filled with joy and love! Make the most out of it with your family living in the most expensive houses in the Philippines- Portofino Alabang

Want to enjoy Christmas in Portofino? 

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