Neo-Victorian Luxury Homes in Sucat


When visiting San Francisco, California, who would want to miss the iconic row houses on Alamo Square. Called “Painted Ladies”, these Neo-Victorian homes are a blast to America’s colonial past, when balls and socials were a typical weekend gathering among the noble families of Old America.

Did you know that in the Philippines, we too have our very own “Painted Ladies” at Brittany’s La Posada luxury community in Sucat? These tall and graceful homes are the picture of elegance and charm.

La Posada is located within the masterplanned community of Lakefront in Sucat, inspired by the charming pier at San Francisco. Lakefront has commercial and dining establishments that enhance the lives of La Posada residents, giving them a stylish backyard where they can congregate with friends and family.

La Posada’s homes are a delightful palette of pastels fanning from a central clubhouse with features and amenities that give residents an upscale lifestyle.

Families gather for swimming parties; friends play an active game of basketball at the court; couples stroll or jog in the early evenings. Imagine the possibilities for you and your family!

The Clubhouse is an excellent location for family celebrations such as wedding receptions, baptismals, and birthday parties.

And homes are so wonderfully charming, making one feel transported to a beautiful ranch community in the American countryside.