Finding Your Dream Home

Your Dream Home Quest

You’ve been working hard for your dream house all these years, and now, you’re finally able to make it a reality. You’re finally going to be able to buy not just a house, but the house you’ve always wanted and dreamed of. Whether it’s a big condo unit, a house by the beach, or an Italian-inspired house in an exclusive community, we all have in our minds the kind of home we would like to come home to everyday. As you start looking for your dream home, here are some things to consider:

Your Job/Lifestyle

You may have always wanted to live out of the city, such as by the beach, or in a suburban area where it’s peaceful and quiet. The thing is, your work, social life or the school of your kid/s may be in the city, and it’s not likely that your work or friends would adjust to your dream home or where you live. Even if you have a car, choosing to live outside the city could add a whole lot to the time and cost of your travel, and could cause much stress and exhaustion for you. You may actually find more peace and quiet by choosing to live, let’s say, in a condo located right in the commercial and business district where you work and socialize often, where traveling to and fro would be a breeze.

The Features You Want

Of course, when you say ‘dream house’, it’s a house that will provide not just a roof over your head, but one that will contain the features you’ve always wanted in a house – things designed to make life at home a whole lot more comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing for you and your family. These could be a pool or jacuzzi, a big backyard with a playground, a nice garden, a home theater, a big walk-in closet in the bedroom, a fully-appointed kitchen, and so much more. List down all the features you would like to have in your home, guided by your budget of course, so that when you go house-hunting, it would be easier to determine whether a house is the one you’ve been looking for.

The Neighborhood

No matter how nice a house is, if it’s located in a lousy neighborhood, then it won’t be a dream come true. The house may be just the right size for you and may contain all the features you want, but if it’s in a not-so-secure place, or you can easily hear the neighbors’ noise or the sound of vehicles on the highway, and it even gets flooded in the area easily during typhoon season, then you can be pretty sure you haven’t found ‘the one’. Make sure you invest not just in a nice house, but in one that’s located in a good environment. A dream house can only be one if it’s located in a good neighborhood as well, don’t you think?

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