6 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays When You’re Living Alone


Photo of woman in black long sleeves, turning back on Christmas trees. | luxury homes by brittany corporation

What image comes first to your mind when you hear the words “holidays” or “Christmas?” | Photo from Roberto Nickson via Unsplash


Other than luxury homes adorned with festive holiday home decors, shining trinkets on Christmas trees, and holiday songs blasting on every corner, the quintessential celebration for the Christmas season paints a clear picture no matter where you are in the world: togetherness. Nothing wrong with living alone though!

Family members are exchanging carefully-wrapped holiday gifts; friends and relatives are sharing a sumptuous feast and doing fun holiday activities. All of these traditions strongly highlight team spirit and love in various forms: community, family, and friends. Something warmly observed in typical Filipino households that celebrate Christmas as soon as the first day of the ‘ber months arrive.  This makes one ask an important question: how about those who will be celebrating Christmas alone? What does “celebrating” the holidays mean for them? More importantly, does being alone during this time of the year really equate to loneliness? 

Because of the high value most people place on togetherness and human connection during Christmas, it might be difficult for others to figure out how to enjoy the holidays without the presence of family or friends. If you are in the same boat, you can still bask in the holiday cheer by using some of these ideas and tips to celebrate Christmas alone

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Bring the Holiday Cheer in Your Brittany Home

Spring-Clean & Decorate Your Luxury House

Why not take Christmas day as the day dedicated to flipping your old bed covers, scrubbing the tub, or organizing some clutter? Living alone and Doing house chores during a supposedly festive season sounds like a terrible idea. But hear this out: every mom and dad out there is right – cleaning the house can actually clear your mind and eventually makes you happy. For others, cleaning and organizing their luxury homes offer the same calming effect one would get from yoga or other mindfulness practices. And for many, the simple sight of their cleanroom or home is enough to do the trick. 

How is this possible? The mood-boosting effects of cleaning have a lot to with the sense of control it brings. Repetitive behaviors like scrubbing, mopping, or cleaning, in general, can make the doer focus on one thing and be in full control of his environment. Subsequently, not having any clutter around can calm down anxious thoughts. Finish the act with a sip of wine or a fancy dinner for one and voila – you have a clean and clutter-free Christmas house, a clear mind, and satisfied taste buds. Talk about a holiday well spent!

Rest Up and Spoil Yourself a Little

Photo of a lighted candle, pillow, and hot choc beside the window. | luxury homes by brittany corporation

You can also forget about being productive – declare your Christmas Day as a rest and self-care day! | Photo from Alisa Anton via Unsplash


Start by buying yourself a nice Christmas gift. Think of what you wanted to buy for quite a while and splurge if you may. You can have the gift wrapped up in greens and reds (with a nice card to boot) to complete the whole gift-giving ordeal.  Now is also a good time to truly rest your mind and body. An easy idea: transform your Brittany luxury home or luxury condo into a home spa. Take a warm bath, catch up with your skincare routine, sit down on your massage chair (if you own one), and treat yourself to a delicious meal later on while living alone. 

Once you are all done, wrap up the holiday with the biggest bang: 8 hours of sleep.  Slip into something comfy like a pair of soft loungewear and rest. You’ll wake up feeling joyful and refreshed after. 

Attend Virtual “Simbang Gabi”

Nothing can make you feel connected with your community this season than by joining the Simbang Gabi. Translated as “Night Mass,” Simbang Gabi is a Filipino Christmas tradition that involves a 9-day series on the days leading up until Christmas. Even with the current lockdown restrictions in the country, you can still continue this Christmas tradition with your loved ones virtually. Simply check out Simbang Gabi live streams to churches that offer them. 

Whip Up Your Favorite Dishes

Photo of various roasted meat dishes on a wooden table setup. | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Alone or not, a Christmas celebration is not complete without good food. | Photo from Rumman Amin via Unsplash


Transform your living alone holiday into a sumptuous celebration of your own by cooking some of your favorite fancy dishes. If you are feeling extra fancy, making your own graze box is a fool-proof idea.  All you need are some cold cuts, cheese, some pastry, dips, fruit, and veggies, along with some sweets. Complete the setup with the star of the table: a luxurious bottle of Domaine Ramonet Montrachet Grand Cru. In honor of the spirit of giving, you can even share some of your food to your neighbors or have it delivered to your family and friends. 

If  You’re Up for it, Adopt a Pet from Your Local Shelter

Maybe you do not have to spend the holidays or celebrate Christmas alone after all. What if it’s time for you to find a four-legged companion and give it a forever home this Christmas? Pets, especially cats and dogs are not only adorable companions but also incredible mood-boosters. Rescuing a pet helps ease loneliness and depression. Plus, they add joy and unconditional love to your life. 

Just remember: having a pet is both a commitment and a responsibility. If you are considering this idea, make sure that you are capable of raising a furry friend and committed to being a fur parent. When you are ready, reach out to local home shelters like PAWS and inquire about the application process for pet fostering or adoption.

If You Can, Go Outside or Book a Holiday Travel

photo of lady in front of a mountain | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Meeting locals and travelers helps in fostering social and emotional connections. | Photo from KaLisa Veer via Unsplash


If you are vaccinated, healthy, and not part of the Covid-19 high-risk groups, traveling to other cities (or countries) this coming holiday is possible. As things are slowly coming back to normal, several countries open up their borders for safe travel and tourism. But remember, strict health protocols should still be followed even if you’re living alone. 

 If you don’t want to travel far, booking a cozy staycation can match the world-class travel experience you would get from tourists spots abroad. For instance, a holiday night at the luxury condominiums of Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany provides an unforgettable Swiss Christmas experience. Its Swiss-inspired exteriors and cozy interiors match the breathtaking view of over 35,000 lofty pine trees in the area. 

But if any forms of leisure travel are out of your bucket lists, for now, you can try a simpler alternative: walk or sit outside and spend some time with nature. Stay cozy on your deck or porch by building a cozy nook adorned with holiday touches.  Brew some warm tea and light up some pine-scented soy candles. Put your favorite soothing music on the play as you enjoy your little Christmas oasis.

Know Someone Spending the Holidays Living Alone? Here’s What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

Photo of a woman standing near the window | luxury homes by brittany corporation

‘Tis the season to send some love and care. | Photo from Bench Accounting via Unsplash


DO: Check on them.

If a friend, family, acquaintance, or someone you know is celebrating alone, especially those who are in quarantine, solo-dwellers, or those who lost a loved one. Letting them know that you are thinking of them is helpful. It eases negative motions as it ensures that they have a space to open up if they are ready.   

DO: Send a Gift or Christmas Care Package if You Can

If gift-giving is one of your love languages, there is no better way to show you care than by sending a Christmas care package. It is a personalized package that contains various gifts relevant to the receiver. Here is a list of what’s typically inside a Christmas care package: sweet treats, self-care, and leisure-related gift cards, something functional, a cozy present, a bit of personal gift, and lastly a holiday note card. 

DON’T: Say “That’s so sad/miserable!”

This might be coming from an attempt to validate someone’s feelings, but phrases like this can be easily misunderstood as judgment. Plus, other people are not necessarily sad about celebrating Christmas alone. Either way, when they let you know that they do feel lonely, you can validate their feelings by saying something like: “I hear you, and given the recent happenings, it’s normal that you’d feel that way. I’m here to listen if you need me.” 

The Bottomline: Alone Together

As social human beings, it is normal for people to long for connection, especially during the holidays. For many, being alone on a Christmas day is not the ideal way to celebrate the season. But remember, the last few years have been anything but ideal. Spending the holidays alone might not be a personal choice for others, but the experience can still be a fun and new adventure inside or outside of your luxury house. Being alone does not mean drowning in loneliness. As mentioned earlier, you can still reach out to your loved ones or friends, by sending a simple text greeting, hand-written greeting cards, or an easygoing phone call. Keeping in mind that loneliness is a shared experience helps in realizing that you are not truly alone and you are, in fact, connecting with the best companion you have in your life – yourself. 


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