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Italian fashion brands’ sound, significance, and contributions to the history of fashion cannot be understated. Italy itself as a country is a definition of vogue and sophistication. Italian fashion brands garnered a serious reputation and are recognized as some of the best and most prestigious in the world, marking the country as one of the few homes of luxurious fashion. You may have probably lived under a rock to not be even nearly familiar with Italy as a fashion house, the Italian brand, its culture, prime labels, and influence in shaping the fashion industry until the present day.

What more if the story goes beyond the Italian style themselves? The quality of Italian luxury clothing persists to be revered as some with the best standards in the world. Italy, as one of the renowned fashion houses in the industry, shelters a lot of the most esteemed and most famous names in fashion brands, in fact, some of the biggest designers hail from this country. That’s a fact. With that said, we created a list of Italian brands for your wardrobe that perhaps, will help you not just to know their names, but on how they fit in the bigger picture.


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Versace is the epitome of simple elegance in Italian Fashion Brands. | Image from


The inception of Italian fashion drew on the existence of fine craft traditions in textile production, luxury leather goods, high-quality tailoring, and others. Italian designer brands like Versace are renowned for the quality, elegance, and refinement of their products, retaining their tradition of la bella figura, or good appearance, for every masterpiece, luxury brands make.

Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, Versace’s reputation was born as an audacious brand, fusing street style with high fashion to fabricate bombastic, avant-garde designs. Gianni Versace has revolutionized the image of femininity in the high fashion scene and popularized the concept of excessive luxury and the prevalence of gold.

Versace has always been on top of the game and it has been topping many lists of most iconic dresses for its celebration of the female form and its style has always been decadent, bold, and sultry, keeping empowered women as the central facet of the brand.  With its risqué designs and bold silhouettes, the brand is well known for mixing mediums such as metal, mesh, and leather, flashy golden jewels, bomber jackets – which are often painted with bright colors. Versace has also dominated the fashion culture with haute couture, ready-to-wear garments, high-fashioned shoes, and accessories that are coveted by celebrities, style gurus, and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Valentino, A sought after Italian fashion brand

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Valentino is known for embodying la dolce vita through their clothing. | Image from

Founded in 1959 by Valentino Garavani with dreams of la dolce vita (“the sweet life”), Valentino has become one, if not the best-known Italian brand in the world. Valentino has its own way of color. Known as Valentino Rosso, the enigmatic hue is said to compromise a full percent magenta, full percent yellow, and ten percent black. When Valentino Garavani was a teen, he encountered a woman in Barcelona wearing a red velvet gown. With his definition of unique, isolated, and fiery, it became his perfect heroine to do lots of red in his clothes, accessories, and other collections. Now, “Valentino red” gowns are Valentino’s signature dresses and have been always present since his first-ever collection. Valentino is a collection of masterpieces consummately designed as feminine and sophisticated. Today, Valentino has in fact grown into a fashion icon, taking the lead in styles with its voluminous dresses and magnificent colorful gowns with a unique style and soft tailoring.


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Valentino’s Most Iconic Designs

Italian Fashion Brands: Black Velvet

Famously worn by an award-winning actress, Julia Roberts when she accepted her 2001 Academy Award, this fall 1992 velvet dress is a white-piped black vintage gown that would go on to be known as one of the most iconic Oscar’s dresses of all time. The dress oozed classic glamour and was an elegant mix of velvet and satin with undeniably attention-seeking white piping running down the neckline of the dress with the perfect flow.

Italian Fashion Brands: Lady in Red

Anne Hathaway surely dazzled in this red Valentino dress on the Academy Awards red carpet in 2011. It’s considered as one of the most expensive red-carpet dresses of all time costing $80,000, which is definitely worth the price as the red gown pairs a sleek frontal silhouette with a thick bustle in the back.

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Gucci is an Italian designer of an Italian fashion brand founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 that houses high-end fashion items and luxury goods that cater to Italy’s upper-class market. The brand’s craftsmanship is top of the line, drawing upon its origins of the elite equestrian style and Florentine leather finishing. Gucci has taken over the fashion industry with its timeless designs that set forth bold patterns aesthetic and must-have pieces that every famous personality has been eyeing to wear.

One of Gucci’s iconic prints that became a staple of luxury fashion is its treated cotton canvas with fine leather and Gucci’s signature red and green stripes. Unlike most luxury fashion brands that stick to one or two types of locks and hardware, Gucci has a wide array of styles — all undeniably Gucci staples. All types of fashion and clothing accessories Gucci has are symbolic of its roots and heritage; the most head-turning styles are the interlocking Gucci logo, the Gucci Piston Lock, the Gucci Crest, the Horse bit, and the famous Gucci Bamboo. Each one offers something unique and different but brings with it a piece of Gucci everywhere you go.

The Gucci 1953 Horsebit Loafer, GG Flora Print Silk Scarf, and GG Multicolor Jacquard Cardigan are some of the brand’s must-haves for your huge walk-in closet in your Portofino home.

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Gucci is a bold, classic look. | image from


Italian Fashion Brand, Gucci’s Most Iconic Designs

The Flora Print Scarf in Italian Fashion Brands

It is a silk twill scarf in a delicate shade of pink with a floral pattern and astrological themed borders designed during ’60s for the Princess Grace of Monaco. This designer must-have is part of a special collection with hues of pastel accents that combine the brand’s most distinctive designs.

White Silky Jersey Dress

This aesthetically chic white dress is slightly see-through with the occasional not-so-subtle hole cut into its back or sides. The dress’ sensual appeal is perfect for grand occasions.


Savoir-faire and limitless creativity are the secrets behind the success of FENDI as one of the most prominent high-end brands in fashion. It develops the most elevated craftsmanship and their high attention to handcrafting the most remarkable clothing products and fur is a pursuit that has made FENDI one of the most sought-after designer brands over the years, producing a legacy of unprecedented innovation and creativity in the art of fur.


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Fendi’s Most Iconic Designs

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Fendi is relaxed and chic. | Image from


The Floral Lycra Pieces

The artisanal expertise for which Fendi is renowned is embedded in its languidly relaxed collection during the Spring 2020 ready-to-wear fashion show. The luxury pieces boast opaque organza, floral Lycra, floral-pattern fur, suede wrap dresses, and relatively humble materials like a white Terry skirt, quilted cotton floral dress that feature the collection’s wearability, perfect for a long day at an Italian-inspired community.

Italian Fashion Brands best, Prada

Prada was founded back in 1913 by Mario Prada, but it was Miuccia Prada who upgraded the business into the fashion brand that we know today. It started in creating luxury trunks and handbags for well-heeled Italians, and in 1919, it was confirmed as an official supplier to the Italian royal household, as symbolized by the famous knotted rope that frames the label’s logo. Miuccia inherited the label, instilling a modern perspective into the brand that made it timeless and simply elegant. The brand had never gone astray from defining premium luxury with immaculate beauty in every detail of its designs.

Prada is known for its signature motifs of using Saffiano leather, textured leather with cross-hatch pattern print that has a great impact both in volume and in visuals. As for the designs, Prada has showcased an outlandish flair, highlighting collections that trickle with flashy aesthetic compositions; the kind of oddness with a certain class and glamour that keeps everything in order.

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Prada’s Most Iconic Designs In Italian Fashion Brands

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Prada likes experimenting with patterns and textures pushing the limits of outlandish designs. | Image from

Italian Fashion Brands: The White Corset – AW15

Corsets, as they say, are highly symbolic materials often associated with women as it symbolizes their oppression. Whether this was really considered or not, Prada surely made a statement with this style. This design as defined by fashion experts was Miuccia Prada at her best. Overlaid by navy jackets, khaki coats, and rich fabric evening dresses that go to the tip of the foot, the white corset quickly became a phenomenon and the crowd’s favorite apparel.

Italian Fashion Brands: The Fuzzy Cardigan – AW16

The fuzzy cardigan with no hesitation was cleverly and astoundingly put together that created surreal oddness of richness. The combination of colors has a striking impact that will surely capture the eyes of all people. It has intricate beadings and distinct femininity wrapped with a strong furry brown belt. The price point of this design was high, but so was its desirability. It was matched with dainty shells that were intelligently put to create a distinctive palette and culture.

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Live in your own Italian Luxury with Portofino Alabang.

Live Your Italian Fashion Brand Dreams in Your Luxury in Vista Alabang

Luxury, as they say, is not all price tag and coveting labels. Luxury today is about a more intrinsic sense of worth and exclusivity. Most people want to live in luxury, but such life is only tailored-fitted for the privileged few. With that list of brands mentioned above, put simply, luxury and fashion both run in the Italian blood, instigating its influence to so many countries. Just like in the Italian-inspired prime enclaves of Portofino in Vista Alabang. The sheer scope of Italian fashion, design, architectural details, and quality exude inside the timeless and elegant sanctuaries of Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino that never seem paradoxical to grasp also from the outside of their walls, looking from the beauty of their master-planned community.

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