Latest Chanel Collections in 2021


Fashion- What one wears reflects one’s personality. For most, fashion is a way to express oneself. Clothes and accessories can convey a person’s attitude, mood, or behavior. When a person dresses up the way they want, it highly boosts the person’s confidence.

Fashion has been a part of society for a long time – and over the years, one’s wardrobe has already become a status symbol.  Considering the clothing’s both style and comfort, only selected brands have mastered the art of fashion. One of those at the top is none other than Chanel.


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Chanel is one of the most well-known fashion houses.


Chanel is one of the most well-known and oldest luxurious fashion houses. Founded by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in 1910, Chanel first opened its doors as a hat-making business in the beautiful city of Paris, the city of fashion and design. It wasn’t long until Coco Chanel realized the potential of her business and immediately thought of expanding into other forms of fashion, such as clothing and fragrances.

Nowadays, you’ll find all sorts of luxurious items being sold in different stores of the brand outside Paris. Chanel specializes in unique ready-to-wear clothing along with the most luxurious goods and accessories. You would expect that a brand that has been around more than a century would be dull and boring – but Chanel is anything like that.

Black and white photo of Coco Chanel

Chanel was founded by namesake Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in 1910.


Chanel has always been a timeless and revolutionary brand. Owned only by those at the top of the game, Chanel is undoubtedly a symbol of the highest prestige and glamour.

However, Chanel is more than just what meets the eye; its long history reflects the brand’s undying passion and resilience in the world of fashion. To quote Coco Chanel herself, “Fashion passes; style remains.”

Chanel’s Latest Collections

The House of Chanel has a total of 6 seasonal collections done per year: the Croisière (Cruise) Collection, Printemps (Spring or Spring/Summer Act 1) Collection, Summer or Spring/Summer Act 2, Métiers d’Art Collection, and Fall/Winter Acts 1 and 2.

Last year, certain brands announced that they would be cutting down on their collections due to the pandemic. However, Chanel refused to yield to the boundaries virus and continues to push through with its traditional six annual collections – after all, Chanel is a brand that has survived two world wars.

SPRING-SUMMER 2021 HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION (January 26, 2021; Grand Palais)

The Haute couture Printemps-été 2021 Collection was held together by Chanel’s current creative director, Virginie Viard. Printemps-été is a French word that directly translates to “spring-summer.”

The collection for this season was showcased last January 26, 2021, at the extravagant Grand Palais in Paris.

The premiere of the film was revealed at precisely 2 PM, Paris time of the same date. Dutch photographer and film director Anton Corbijn directed both the teaser and film. Unlike previous collection films, Chanel decided to go for an MTV-style collection set in black and white for the preview due to the restrictions set by the pandemic.

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With restrictions due to Covid-19, Chanel decided to do an MTV-style Collection for their Spring-Summer 2021


Since the limitations didn’t allow Chanel to organize a big show as in old times, Virginie Viard decided to organize a small cortège – a procession. It would be similar to those held at family celebrations, such as weddings.

Chanel had transformed the Grand Palais into a bohemian-styled celebration at a small-town village with this concept in mind.

According to Viard, a festive family party is what we want more than anything else this season. Rural floral arches and chairs made from wood spread throughout the venue, with flowers and petals decorating the entire floor and pathways. The Grand Palais felt so lighthearted yet magical, like a luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari Portofino Alabang, elegance and comfort fit for the brand of Chanel.

Spring Summer chanel collections colorful clothes with many women in different shades of red | luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

32 Different looks were celebrated in the Spring Summer Chanel Collection 2021


The collection is composed of 32 different looks. Since the concept was a wedding celebration, there were various styles to complete what guests would wear, from innocent-looking dresses and skirts with sequins fit for young girls who have just come to age to the classics worn by the luxury properties in Daang Hari Portofino Alabang neighborhood aunties.

The clothes weren’t limited to feminine styles, for the collection also exhibited masculine styles, such as a black tweed jacket, to represent the male guests – albeit modeled by women.

Perhaps the most stunning look of the Chanel collection was its finale, a beautiful model clad in a long white satin dress with a matching veil as she rode on the back of a white horse.

After this model came the mastermind behind the entire collection, Virginie Viard, who earned a standing ovation from all the guests present at the show.

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Wedding dress with a horse behind the model

Virginie Viard earned a standing ovation from all the guests present at the show.


A roundtable conversation with ambassadors and friends of the House of Chanel took place after the show, and Caroline de Maigret hosted.

FALL-WINTER 2021/22 READY-TO-WEAR COLLECTION (March 9, 2021; Chez Castel)

The Fall-Winter 2021/22 Ready-to-Wear Collection takes a different turn from all shows Chanel has done so far.

Famous Dutch fashion photography duo Inez and Vinoodh, primarily known internationally for directing Lady Gaga’s Applause music video, directed the film and shoots of the collection.

The ready-to-wear film involved Rianne Van Rompaey, Vivienne Rohner, Mica Argañaraz, and Louise de Chevigny. The shooting was done on a luxury real estate wooden cabin on a snowy mountaintop to flaunt the winter sports features of the ready-to-wear Chanel collection.

Caucasian lady wearing knitted top and blue fluffy skirt with a red bag and blue fluffy boots in front of a mountain | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The fall-winter ready-to-wear Chanel collection was internationally regarded.


The countdown teaser for the collection’s show amassed lots of attention due to the presence of several well-known ambassadors and friends of the House of Chanel – including Blackpink’s Jennie and King of K-pop, G-dragon.

The Fall-Winter 2021/22 Ready-to-Wear Show was held last March 9, 2021, at the legendary Left bank nightclub of Paris, Chez Castel.

black and white photo of a lady wearing a chanel necklace | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Fall-Winter Chanel Collection had an intimate atmosphere fitting for its venue.


The show had an intimate atmosphere fitting for its venue; contrasting elements played on the screen as models portrayed young women getting ready for an exciting night out.

The Chanel collection included 56 looks, and each look fascinated the audience. Once again, it ranged from fancy skirts to the most elegant of tweed.

Black and white filters colored the film – save for the catwalks of the models. The vibrant colors that suddenly pop out as a model steps on the runway captivate the audience every single time.

Lady with cropped hair wears a one piece suit | luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Not only was the collection celebrated, but also the women that brought it to life.


Not only was the preparation and processing of the girls shown, but also their expressions after leaving the runway. Models became simple yet astonishing women, taking a different course of action with their innocent and honest reactions.

a group pf women in a grayscale image enjoying each others company | luxury homes by brittany corporation

According to French model and Chanel ambassador Caroline de Maigret, everyone enjoyed the show.


French model and Chanel ambassador, Caroline de Maigret, conducted short interviews with some of Chanel’s ambassadors and friends after to show to gain some feedback, and none of them were disappointed.

Actress Margaret Qualley described creative director Virginie Viard as fearless – and it reflected in the collection, and Jennie from Blackpink described the show as “fierce yet soft – just like every girl’s dream.”

CRUISE 2021/22 COLLECTION (May 5, 2021; Carrières de Lumières)

Graphic. Punk. Black. Fringes. Bicolor. White. Rock. HyunJi Shin, one of the Chanel Cruise 2021/22 Collection models, immediately thought of these words to summarize the stunning show.

The Cruise 2021/22 Show was held last May 5, 2021, at a former quarry in the small village of Les Baux-de-Provence, Carrières de Lumières (Quarries of Light).

The limestone walls mixed exceptionally well with the contrasting elements of the Chanel collection. They gave the show a simple yet luxurious atmosphere – a perfect place to showcase the creative mind of Virginie Viard.

women wearing luxury clothes from chanel | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Chanel Cruise Collection was inspired by Jean Cocteau’s 1960 film, Le testament d’Orphée


The mod and punk inspired Chanel collection is an ode to Jean Cocteau’s 1960 film, Le testament d’Orphée (The Testament of Orpheus). Jean Cocteau is irreplaceable in the history of Chanel, being one of the friends who helped and supported Gabrielle Coco Chanel during the first days of her business.


Lady wearing a punk yet casual sophisticated Chanel luxury outfit | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Coco Chanel and Cocteau had a great friendship and inspired the punk yet casual and sophisticated looks of the Chanel Cruise Collection of 2021/2022


A series of scrapbook photographs involving the exchange of letters between Cocteau and Chanel emphasized who this collection was heavily inspired from – the beauty and tightness of the two’s friendship back in Paris.

Later, a short film teaser was released, set in Gabrielle Chanel’s Paris apartment at 31 rue Cambon with Gabrielle portrayed by Lola Nicon in a punk yet casual and sophisticated attire.

page of a scrapbook with flowers and leaves and photos of moutains and food | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A page in the scrapbook photograph collection is a testament of Chanel anf Cocteau’s friendship.


The collection itself has 66 different looks and sets itself different yet still very much like Chanel. There were both feminine and masculine looks, ranging from a tweed jacket to skirts and dresses.

Clothes decorated with frayed and torn edges, accompanied with fishnets and black fabric – the show made us travel back to when punk was rampant, but in style.

However, punk in this sense didn’t strictly refer to the gangster music approach, but rather the punk spirit – the resiliency and refusal to back down from a challenge, the very essence of what Gabrielle Chanel was.

Feathers Galore

The models released a flock of doves for the finale of the show, feathers scattering the venue to make an elegant view for the finale.

women of different ethnicities freed some doves they are all wearing chanel luxury clothes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

As the finale of the fashion show, the models released a flock of doves.


After the show, a musical performance involving several artists was held, with Sébastien Tellier taking the star spot. Afterward, the third edition of the Rendez-vous littéraires rue Cambon (Literary Rendezvous at Rue Cambon), Girl. Carte Blanche to Anne Berest was held.

FALL-WINTER 2021/22 HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION (July 6, 2021; Palais Galliera)

Chanel’s most recent show brought portraits and paintings to life. The Fall-Winter 2021/22 Haute Couture Collection was held at the Palais Galliera last July 6, 2021. The venue is perfect for the collection, seemingly making the muses as if they were part of the museum’s treasures of paintings and portraits as well.

Palais Galliera facade | luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

The Fall-Winter Haute Couture Collection was held in the Palais Galliera.


The teasers and previews for the show revolved around fashion muse Margaret Qualley, from the fitting of her dress in the atelier up to her showcase as she revels in the beautiful architecture of Palais Galliera. She was able to perfectly blend in with the astounding water lilies portraits of the museum.

white woman with braided hair tied with a black ribbon walks around her luxury home | Luxury home by brittany corporation

Paintings seemed to come alive with the beauty of the collection. It truly matched the beautiful architecture of the Palais Galliera.


The collection included 37 different looks and found inspiration in the movements found in portraits belonging to the French Paintings of Marie Laurencin; the haute couture Chanel collection echoed impressionist brushstrokes in the colorful signature tweed jacket and sequins on impressionist inspired dresses.

English garden flowers and sequins decorated the impressionist-inspired dresses, and the muses dressed were simply magical with their matching hairstyles and black bows. Truly, the portraits of Marie Laurencin have come to life.

There was movement. Chanel has stuck to the classic looks yet still posed extraordinary beauty in their craft. Virginie Viard decided to embrace color and vibrance instead of contrasting elements in the previous Chanel collections. Her reason for this was “because I love seeing color in the greyness of winter.”

Women of different ethnicities wearing chanel luxury clothes celebrate the finale of the chanel fashion show | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The grand finale of the Fall-Winter Chanel Collection was inspired by Virginie Viard as she says “I love seeing color in the greyness of winter.”


With a white bow as opposed to the black bows worn by the rest, the final look was presented. As Margaret Qualley, clad in her beautiful white dress with and veil that personified Chanel, threw the boutique in her hands, the show had come to a finale.

Chanel was able to create tableaux with the girls became seemingly moving water lilies and portraits.

Numerous friends and ambassadors shared their thoughts on Chanel’s collection in a series of conversations with Caroline de Maigret, all in awe of the ease yet exquisite craft done in the collection.

Margaret Qualley in a beautiful luxury white dress by Chanel | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Margaret Qualley is a sight to behold in the Finale of the Fall-Winter Haute Couture Show.


Living in Luxury and Elegance Throughout the Years

Other than fashion, one’s personality reflects in several different ways. Many believe that one’s home says a lot about someone. If  Chanel is recognized as the most luxurious fashion brand, Brittany undoubtedly holds the most beautiful houses in the Philippines.

Portofino Alabang clubhouse in in front of a pool for their luxury homes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The most beautiful properties deserve a luxurious clubhouse for events and milestones.


Known for having the most elegant properties, Brittany is the Philippines’ lead luxury real estate developer. Portofino Alabang, its award-winning flagship development project, is the perfect description for comfort and luxury homes.

Accommodating the most expensive houses in the Philippines, Portofino ensures that you’ll live your life with utmost elegance and sophistication at your designated house.

Bridge going to the luxury homes of Portofino Alabang | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Every small detail matters in the exclusive themed communities of Portofino Alabang.


The Italian-inspired architecture makes it easy to get lost in the luxurious European lifestyle. Located only 5.8 km away, Rustan’s Alabang in Alabang Town Center houses one of the only three official Chanel boutiques in Metro Manila.

Within a 12 min drive, you’ll be able to shop the most luxurious of all goods to your heart’s content. With numerous amenities and golf clubs found all around, you’ll never run out of experiences and adventures to explore in Vista Alabang.


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