Loving the Ski Resort Feel of the Alps

The Alps, stretching from Slovenia in the east and France in the west, is the most famous mountain range in Europe. The tallest mountain in Europe, Mount Blanc, is found in the Alps, on the border of France and Italy. The Alps attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every winter to ski on the variety of slopes that are available to different classes of skiers. Skiers, from novices to professionals, enjoy not only hitting the slopes but also the picturesque beauty that only the Alps can offer.

The ski resorts in the different countries that are encompassed by the Alps offer unique opportunities to the winter visitors. The Austrian Alps is home to famous skiing schools that pioneered today’s skiing techniques. The French Alps boasts of the world’s largest Ski Mountain resort that is famous for great slopes and beautiful ski trails. The German Alps play host to different world class ski competitions and tournaments. The Italian Alps is home to the world-famous Cortina d’Ampezzo and the crown jewel of Italian skiing – the Dolomitit Superski Region which is the largest interconnected ski region in the world with an incredible 460 lifts.

Swiss chalets and Alpine villas… find them in the Philippines at this luxury resort.

The Swiss Alps offer the world a winter wonderland with its world-renowned snowcapped wooden chalets. And there is no other place to enjoy those beautiful mountain chalets that the village of Verbier, in the municipality of Banes in the canton of Valais in the southwestern part of Switzerland. Verbier is a holiday resort and ski area in the Swiss Alps. It is recognized as one of the premier “off-piste” resorts in the world.

Some areas of Verbier are covered with snow throughout the year. Many of the world’s top skiers have settled in the area of Verbier where they can enjoy the steep slopes, the varied conditions, and the resort culture year-round.

Off-piste Skiing
Verbier is famous for its off-piste or backcountry skiing on unmarked ski runs. The famous off-piste runs include the Backside of Mont Fort, Bec des Etagnes, Stairway to Heaven, Croix de Coeur, and a lot more. Verbier is one of the very few resorts that have a mountain with no pistes coming down it, the Mont Gelé. There is also the opportunity, though rare, to ski 700 vertical meters from Verbier Village to Le Châble below.

Verbier Luxury Chalets
One reason that made Verbier famous for skiers, in addition to the beautiful slopes, is the snowcapped chalets that welcome visitors from all over the world throughout the year. Chalets in Verbier are noted for elegance and luxury, making them the perfect winter destinations. Verbier offers a wide range of catered ski chalets in a vibrant atmosphere, sheltered setting, and unique and traditional ambience only this part of the Swiss Alps can offer.

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