Where to Spend Valentines Day 2022

Valentine’s day is always a cause for celebration. Everywhere you look, there are hearts and cupids, establishments are adorned in red, white, and pink, and flowers fill every nook and cranny. Reminders of love are overflowing, and one can’t help but smile at the extravagance of it all. Ideally, couples celebrate their love every day of the year. But Valentine’s day should be an excuse to go all out on the celebrations. Given a difficult couple of years, Valentine’s day 2022 signals a return to a bit of normalcy amid the ongoing pandemic.

There are several different ways to celebrate the day of love. For couples living together, Valentine’s celebrations might begin at their luxury condo right after they wake up. It could be a sweet breakfast in bed surprise, waking up to flowers and chocolate, or even a heartfelt sunrise wedding proposal! Or, couples could arrange to meet for a date involving a celebratory meal, movies, or a road trip. No matter how couples choose to celebrate Valentine’s day 2022, underneath all the preparations and the glitz is the acknowledgment and appreciation of the love they share for each other.

Traditionally, Valentine’s day is a day for lovers, but people have also used February 14 to celebrate platonic love in recent years. Dubbing the celebration as Galentine’s or Palentine’s, friends get together to have fun and celebrate the strong bond they have. On the day of love, anyone who wants to celebrate is made to feel welcome and loved.

Because of the limitations brought about by the pandemic, couples may feel stumped about where and how to spend Valentine’s day 2022. To help couples (and friends) out, here is a curated list of places to be for the day of love. And the best thing about these suggestions? They are open year-round, so you can revisit special moments with your loved one anytime you wish!

Where to Go for Valentine’s Coffee Date


1. Coffee Project at Crosswinds Tagaytay

Photo of Coffee Project counter

Photo from Coffee Project

Established in 2014, Coffee Projects opened its doors to coffee lovers and memory collectors alike. The interiors of each branch are designed with the utmost care, making for a unique and eyecatching backdrop for Instagram photos. In addition, mood lighting and comfortable seating make for a cozy space for couples to enjoy their Valentine’s coffee together.

Of course, people don’t go to a coffee shop for the ambiance alone. They also come for great coffee and delicious food. Coffee Project uses a combination of 70% Arabica coffee from Brazil and 30%  Robusta from Sumatra for their signature coffee blend. The result is a delightfully aromatic coffee with chocolate and fruity notes. Loyal customers also swear by Coffee Project’s Vietnamese Latte. Aside from coffee, this place also serves pastries, sandwiches, pasta, and rice meals.

Another reason to love Coffee Project is their branches’ proximity to luxury condominiums and world-class hotels. So if you and your special person want to celebrate at Coffee Project on a daily basis, check out a luxury condo unit nearby.


2. Dear Joe in Vista Mall Daang Hari

Photo of dining inside Dear Joe in Vista mall Daang Hari

Photo from Dear Joe Facebook page

If handwritten letters and good coffee are your favorite things to bond over as a couple, then spending Valentine’s day 2022 at the Philippines’ first letter-writing cafe may be the perfect place to celebrate your love. Dear Joe was established in 2021, welcoming customers into its sleek green and brown interiors. But what truly sets Dear Joe apart from other cafes is that customers can write letters to a loved one using which the cafe will then deliver by post. How sweet is that? In the age of direct messages and emails, here is a cafe that will allow you to send a sweet handwritten note to your special someone’s luxury condo.

Dear Joe serves a delicious selection of coffee, tea, and smoothies. Their Vietnamese-inspired Ca Phe Sua Da has quickly become a customer favorite. They also have a menu of salads, sandwiches, breakfast platters, and entrees.

Where to Go On a Valentine’s day brunch

1. Tsokolateria in Tagaytay and Baguio

Photo inside Tsokolateria in Tagaytay

Photo from Tsokolateria Facebook Page

Chocolate and Valentine’s day are indeed a match made in heaven. So why not spend Valentine’s day 2022 at a cacao-centric restaurant? Tsokolateria offers a menu where everything is made with cacao as the main ingredient or has bits of cacao added to the recipe.

Some must-try items are their Tablea House Blend, Tsokolateria’s take on the classic tsokolate de batirol. For a more adventurous tablea drink that will surely spice up your date, try their Sili Labuyo Tsoko Blend. Then, have a serving of their Champorado, served with a side of milk, salty adobo flakes, chicharon, and fish crackers for that perfect blend of sweet and salty. Finally, for more savory entrees, you can never go wrong with their Black Risotto or Bacon Lechon Kawali

2. Breakfast at Antonio’s

Photo collage of the food and menu in "Breakfast at Antonio's"

Photo from Breakfast at Antonio’s Website

Serving breakfast all day, Breakfast at Antonio’s has been a favorite spot for a quick getaway and comforting food. The restaurant has a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere, and its menu is similarly vibrant and designed to engage the senses.

Have a serving of their homemade longganisa and tapa, or choose from their selection of freshly baked ensaymada (which you can have grilled). They also serve European fares, like sandwiches and cold cuts, salads, and omelettes.

Where to Have a Romantic Evening on Valentines day 2022

1. The Pig Pen Restaurant and Bar at Nuvali

Photo of the entrance of Pig Pen restaurant

Photo from The Pig Pen

The Pig Pen prides itself in serving delectable food and great cocktails. The restaurant’s casual and relaxed space provides the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing dinner with a loved one.

Their menu features a selection of Euro-Asian dishes made fresh from high-quality and locally sourced ingredients. The cocktails at The Pig Pen are all made in-house and specially crafted to offer a delightful experience. Aside from their cocktails, they also have a well-curated selection of craft beer and artisan wines.

2. Buon Giorno! Caffe and Bistro

Photo of tables and chairs with plant decor inside Buon Giorno Cafe and Bistro

Photo from Buon Giorno! Caffe and Bistro

With a stunning view of Taal lake, sparks will surely fly when you have a romantic meal at Buon Giorno! Caffe and Bistro. As the name suggests, this bistro serves Italian food such as Salmo Risotto, Lamb Chops, Osso Buco, pizza, and pasta. They also serve desserts that are certain to satisfy any sweet tooth and inspire sweetness between couples out on a romantic date.

Valentine’s day 2022 will surely be a glowing success when you celebrate it at a bistro that serves food made with love and attention to detail.

Valentine’s day 2022 is celebrated romantically

1. Nurture Wellness Village

Image of the entrance of Nurture Wellness Village surrounded by trees

Photo from Nurture Wellness Village

If you and your partner want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then an overnight stay at the Nurture Wellness Village may be the perfect Valentine’s day getaway. As the pioneer wellness spa in the Philippines, Nurture Wellness Village offer their patrons a taste of their unique “Ecotherapy.”

They offer holistic spa services that tap into the unique qualities of Filipino holistic healing. Their location is also a haven surrounded by nature, providing a relaxing and healing atmosphere and a safe space for people to unwind and disconnect from the rest of the world.

2. Crosswinds Resort Suites Tagaytay

Image of Grand Quartier inside the community of Crosswinds Tagaytay

Photo from Crosswinds Resort Suites

Want to feel like you and your love are in a different country? Look no further than Crosswinds Resort Suites. Step into this sanctuary and feel transported into the Swiss countryside with the sight and scent of over 35,000 pine trees. Crosswinds is the only Swiss-themed resort in Tagaytay, displaying the full beauty of the place with its natural slopes and numerous trees.

It is a tourist attraction for sure, but it still maintains an aura of peace that the mountainous terrain has to offer. Tucked in a quiet natural sanctuary, Crosswinds remains conveniently located to all the modern amenities the city has to offer.

Valentine’s day is a beautiful celebration of love and relationships. February 14 serves as an important milestone for many couples, and it deserves a place of honor among the holiday we celebrate. When most days are filled with the same things, routines, and activities that occupy us, it’s nice to have such a well-loved holiday to pause and remind ourselves of the love that binds us all. Love is around us every day, and we sometimes forget that. Luckily, these date spots are there to remind couples to shine a light on love when the occasion arises. A simple gesture can go a long way, but a date to remember can be an even better celebration.

To celebrate at these Valentine’s day date spots even when February 14 ends, you might want to check the Brittany properties near these establishments.

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