Where To Buy Unique Art Pieces for Your Luxury Home

Unique art pieces are a staple in luxury homes, in fact, the local art scene in the Philippines imbricates a network of investors, it is vastly growing, as more and more artists emerge in the contemporary art scene. Just like fine wine, jewelry and antiques, Art is considered a tangible asset, an investment that grows as time goes by, and the good thing about it is that its value doesn’t fluctuate, it continues to rise at the art market expands. Designing your luxury home with the finest art helps you express your creativity and at the same time, it makes a great conversation starter for your family and guests.

Adding elements such as art to your décor can help with creating balance to your home, it’s also believed to be good for your mental health to have an artwork in your home, a piece could resonate a calming ambiance that can help you relax and ease your mind, it’s definitely something that could get you excited to come home or even wake up to.  


Here are a couple of top local galleries where you can find the best unique art pieces for your luxury home.


1. Silverlens Galleries and its contemporary and unique art pieces

The stunning displays of unique art pieces at Silverlens Galleries | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Silverlens Galleries is a leading contemporary art gallery based in Manila, Philippines. The Filipino art scene has remarkably grown across different art communities in Asia. At Silverlens, they showcase talents of different local artists that defies creativity through different mediums and representation of art. If you’re looking into designing the interiors of your luxury home that creates a focal point which instantly catches your eye, a piece from Silverlens Galleries can guarantee to elevate the creative presence in each corner of your home. An example of an art not to miss is the series of works by Chati Coronel which can be found at Silverlens Galleries, her works have been featured in numerous art fairs such as Art Basel Hong Kong.  For this month, an ongoing exhibition of her works entitled “Celestial Data for Daydreaming”, wherein each piece is in reference to heavenly bodies, the seven planets of classical Greek astrology that represented the gods whose movements have influenced the human affairs, this series of works can be found at Silverlens Galleries.

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2. Vinyl on Vinyl houses some of the most unique art pieces in the country

Vinyl on Vinyl houses some of the most unique art pieces in the Philippines | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


Vinyl on Vinyl is a dedicated venue for artists in exploring creative experimentation and unconventional techniques, which is why most of the artworks that can be found at vinyl on vinyl are works that you can’t just find in any other gallery, giving them a unique identity. Most of their works incorporate a wide array of colors, a striking ensemble creates a fresh perspective that brings life to your abode. If you’re looking into adding a piece that showcases pop-surrealism and street art, this gallery is the perfect place to find works that can give life to your luxury home.


Adding a colorful piece to your home can prevent the atmosphere from looking dull specially if your homes’ interior leans into white colors and minimalist décor, it can help create a fresh perspective. And as social media platforms continue to rise, having an artwork to keep your photos livelier will surely make your home Instagrammable. Art plays a major role in décor, it gravitates attention and a story to tell, making your living space more endearing. If you’re going to have a gathering with your friends, family or co-workers, a great conversation starter is just right above your walls.  

3. The unique art pieces from Modeka Art

Modeka Art and its wonderful displays of contemporary art | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


Contemporary art is a style that is forever changing, it showcases a variety of forms that attracts engagement. Adding a contemporary art to your home can elevate the essence of décor. A unique piece sets your place apart from other homes, it gives off an aesthetic filled with sophistication and a clear message of your home’s visuals. Modeka Art offers contemporary art, creative space and art consultancy. When in search for an art piece you have to consider the scale of what you are looking for because it is important to know the right measurement and what could be too much to prevent congestion. Knowing the right balance of colors to match your interiors is also a factor that needs to be considered before purchasing a piece whether it fits the ambiance or the arrangement of décors, if your luxury home has a minimalist approach, adding a big center piece. Blanc Gallery is not only dedicated to providing interactive art that offers diversity and opportunities for collaboration, they can also help you find the right treasure piece for your home through art consultancy, giving you a professional guidance on what fits perfectly for your luxury home.  

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Blanc Gallery

The Blanc Gallery | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

For over a decade, Blanc has continued to make a name for itself, garnering attention from the art scene through its critically acclaimed exhibitions. Not only do they offer paintings but they all have a wide range of art being showcased in their gallery from sculptures to different kinds of installations. A lot of known personalities have been known for being art collectors simply because Art makes such a great element to add to your home, having art as a home décor is a great way to personalize your space, choosing the right piece provokes conversation; after all, art is a form of communication that brings out the creativity amongst us. The first thing that will be noticed as they enter your home is a distinctive grand piece that exudes sophistication and curiosity to its audience. Art is a form of self-expression, it gives a glimpse of your personality and preference, thus why choosing a piece that draws connection to your heart is what makes the art even more special. Aside from being a focal point, it is also a great investment, a value of an art piece never declines and buying the right artwork can result to tremendous profits.

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