Valentines Date Spots in the South

Whenever February of each year comes, everybody seems on autopilot preparing and becoming busy for the sweetest day of the year for couples. Valentine’s day became quite an excuse to be grand and exploratory. Couples are becoming more intimate looking for valentine’s date spots to visit, searching for great meals to enjoy together, and checking out gifts to give for a surprise.  It seemed like they will do everything for their partner to make their hearts flutter and to create memories to remember.

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The most important gift you can give your partner is your presence | Photo from Unsplash Website

The Cost of Love

According to Social Weather Station (SWS) study, 39% of Filipinos last year stated they would joyfully spend Valentine’s Day with their loved ones. Many Filipinos, especially lovers, are eager to spend money to celebrate this day. Even if they live in one of Philippines’ most gorgeous homes, they will look for Valentine’s date sites. Valentine’s Day is becoming “grossly marketed” as dates get more expensive and extravagant, not to mention the surprise gifts. As extravagant as it may appear, some even spend a house and lot for sale to wow their lover.

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Most people give everything for love | Photo from Unsplash Website

People love to celebrate love. They would go to great lengths to make their loved ones feel special, especially since the celebration is in full swing. For many men, Valentine’s Day has become a struggle and a challenge to think of how to celebrate and where to find the right valentine’s date sites.  In this article, you will know the list of valentine’s date spots that will make your Valentine’s Day date perfect depending on your mood.

Your Valentine’s Date Mood

Couples are very exploratory when it comes to dating. As much as possible they would want their dates to be different from the previous one. Though they do already have favorite spots and date places, some do intensive research to do new activities together and visit beautiful destinations. Depending on your mood together or your plan, here are some valentine’s date spots in the South that you might want to check and consider making your valentine’s day not just special but unique.

Valentine’s Day date ideas

Valentine’s Day offers a plethora of possibilities for fun and romance, what you need to do is to excert effort and dedicate time to your partner to set up a perfect Valentine’s day date.

These are some of ideas you may want to consider doing this Valentine’s day.

Going Outdoor

Enchanted Kingdom

Who says Valentine’s date should just be class and fancy? Valentine’s date can all be fun and play. Enchanted Kingdom is also one of the best valentine’s date spots in the South, near Brittany Sta. Rosa projects, that love birds must try. If you both are bored in your own luxury homes, this is the place to be where you can enjoy together and release the inner child in you. Enchanted Kingdom has so many things to do in a day so better plan before availing of a ticket.

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Photo from Enchanted Kingdom Website

Backyard SkatePark

This skate park is a new addition to your valentine’s date spots in the South if you are a skater, but if not you can just enjoy watching the X-gamers or skaters that will bring honor and represent the Philippines. Backyard Skatepark is located in Tagapo, Sta. Rosa.

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Fun activity you can try with your loved one | Photo from Unsplash

Going Romantic

The Purple Owl

Before you check-in to luxury real estate for rent in Tagaytay, you can try one of the best restaurants in Tagaytay which is The Purple Owl. It serves homemade food by Mrs. Gee’s Kitchen. The place usually transforms depending on your occasion. It can be date nights, anniversaries, proposals, or even just a casual dine-in.

The Nest Dining in the Sky

One of the most romantic valentine’s date spots is The Nest Dining in the Sky. This place is usually a perfect venue for proposal and anniversary celebrations but during valentine’s day, it is more special. You can enjoy its delicious comfort food and its good service. Located on the 31st floor of Vivere Hotel, you can also enjoy the view of the South.

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Fine Dine-in with the view of the South | Photo from Vivere Hotel Website

Windmill at Lausanne

Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation recently opened the Windmill at Lausanne, a European-themed restaurant inspired by the attractive beauty of Europe’s countryside. The Windmill at Lausanne is the latest European-themed restaurant and café located near Lausanne – Crosswinds’ newest expansion.

Like Crosswinds Tagaytay’s The Ruined Project, Cafe Voila, and Yama, there are plenty of instagram worthy attractions in Tagaytay. Indeed, Crosswinds Tagaytay is home to numerous picturesque locales. Aside from the Giant Red Chair and the Napa Wine Cellar at Crosswinds, there are other other attractions in Tagaytay. We came to Tagaytay not only to see the famous sights, but also to feast our eyes on the local cuisine.

Sonya’s Secret Garden

Not just one of the valentine’s date spots in the South but always a go-to place for a couple because of its relaxing and romantic ambiance. Sonya’s Garden is surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery. Always a choice for intimate gatherings, and even proposal venues. What’s more amazing about this place is it is pet friendly.

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Sonya’s Secret Garden | Photo from Sonya’s Secret Garden FB Page


Going Artsy

Museo de Santa Rosa

Dates can also be artsy. You can enjoy your Valentine’s Day in one of the valentine’s date spots in the South. Museo de Santa Rosa is a Heritage Museum that is built to give pride to the history of the city. If you and your special one are both from Laguna, you both should discover the beauty of the history of your town. What a great way to celebrate the day of love but by showing love in your town through knowing it.

Front of Museo de Santa Rosa|Photo from Website

Going Formal

Mona Lisa Ristorante

Mona Lisa Ristorante in Commerce Center, Alabang, is another fine-dining option for a Valentine’s date. It’s an Italian restaurant with a wide variety of options on its menu. There is a European City feel to the food served to you and your companion.

Italian Resto that will transport you to European City | Photo from Primer Website


While you are in your luxury homes Philippines and thinking of a steak meal to eat, Melo’s in Westgate, Alabang, near Portofino Heights, could be a great valentine’s date spot for you and your spouse. Melo’s Steakhouse by Carmelo Santiago is known as the first to offer Certified Angus Beef in the Philippines. They have an alfresco set-up and offer live music.

NAPA at Crosswinds Tagaytay

If you plan to check-in to Crosswinds Tagaytay with your special someone, best place to have your Valentine’s date is in NAPA at Crosswind Tagaytay. Known for its alfresco set-up and beautiful wooden interior, if you like to stay indoors, this resto offers coffee, tea, pastries, burgers, pasta, and desserts.

NAPA at Crosswinds Tagaytay | Photo from WindowSeat Website

Special Valentine’s Day Date

Every couple would like to make each valentine’s day special so trying new valentine’s date spots helps make their day extra memorable. But it is very important to be reminded that valentine’s day can be special wherever you are especially if you are with the person you love. You might not be able to go to beautiful places, treat her in an expensive restaurant.

Valentine’s dates are important in relationships to keep the fire from burning, but the feelings you have from each other is what truly matters.

However, if you’re in the mood for a lavish Valentine’s Day gift, you could also buy her a luxury condominium at Crosswinds Tagaytay and you both could experience luxury living and enjoy Valentine’s day every day.

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