Best Garden Stores in Santa Rosa Laguna


Whether it be in an urban or rural environment, gardening has been increasingly popular in recent years. Whatever one’s motivation for gardening, there really is no harm in exercising one’s green thumb. A large number of people have resorted to being “plant parents” as a result of the community quarantine program. In addition, it has enabled many to find new passions and interests.

Growing vegetables in a picket-fence backyard and transferring greens into clay pots are images that come to mind when we think of gardening, don’t they? However, various garden stores that serve both suburban and urban customers, with an overall modern and sleek look while being warm and inviting, can be found in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Where can I find a garden store in Laguna?

Marise Joyce Garden

photo of Marise Joyce Garden in Laguna | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Located in Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City, with branch in near Nuvali, Santa Rosa City, Marise Joyce Garden does not only offer assorted plants for sale. They also accept landscaping services, garden repair, supply and delivery of ornamental plants and trees, as well as other landscape materials. | Photo from Marise Joyce Garden Facebook page


Their areas of delivery are Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, and Manila. They are open from 7 AM to 5 PM from Mondays thru Saturdays and 8 AM to 5 PM every Sunday.

She Plants Too

Located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, She Plants Too is among the best garden stores in the province that has been supplying quality indoor and outdoor plants for the Laguna area and has been in business since 2019. It is possible to get everything from plants and gardening solutions to upkeep through them. All of the plants they sell have well-established roots, and they are more than happy to assist you in making the best choice. Their objective is to simplify garden enthusiasts to select the top-quality plants and succulents of their choice and have those plants delivered to their homes the same day they place their order.

Qach Lifestyle & Garden

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Qach Lifestyle & Garden wanted to build a place in our concrete jungle where people could reconnect with nature and find that they can transform any space they have into their own urban jungles. | Photo from Qach website

We all know that plants are healthy for us – their presence is therapeutic, improves air quality, and they aid in productivity.

The most common cause of plant death is neglecting to provide your plant with the best possible environment for growth. Learn more about your plant’s needs and commit to providing the best possible environment for it to develop, and you’ll succeed. Qach plants come with unique care cards that include light and watering schedules, making it easier to remember everything.

Qach Lifestyle & Garden is also located at Solenad 3 Nuvali, Laguna, and one of the must-visit garden stores in Santa Rosa.

Talking about the location, did you know that through Brittany Santa Rosa, you can get your dream luxury house and lot for sale near Nuvali? Brittany Corporations provides you the freedom to choose your ideal luxury house and lot for sale in Santa Rosa.

Nuvali is the right spot where you can make a solid living and have a happy family. It is because you have so much open space, you have beautiful homes, you have underground utilities, you have the best schools, you have all of these nice commercial areas, there’s a hotel, and everything you need to live life.

The best garden store, Green Centrale

photo of green centrale in vista mall santa rosa | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Green Centrale began as a small plant nursery in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and has expanded to include more houses and gardens. | Photo from Green Centrale Facebook page


A division of Greenscapes Plus Philippines Inc., a well-known landscaping company created in 2009, Green Centrale develops, plans, and implements landscaping projects and provides technical assistance and tree care management.

As a result of its efforts in 2015, Greenscapes acquired Vista Land’s business, the country’s largest real estate developer, including Brittany Corporation.

At Greenscapes, they have a team of experienced horticulturists, foresters, and skilled employees that are well-versed in tree care and landscaping procedures. With Green Centrale’s association with Greenscapes, you can rest assured that everything you purchase from Green Centrale is grown responsibly by people who are specialists in their fields.

Green Centrale goes above and beyond simply selling plants by advocating for good plant knowledge and care among its customers. The company’s social media profiles are updated daily with plant care advice to assist consumers in their quest to become successful plant parents. In addition, green Centrale and Greenscapes collaborate to raise environmental awareness, educate new plant parents, and encourage environmental stewardship among the next generation of plant parents.

Pots for Plants

photo of plants in pots in pots for plants store | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Pots for Plants is one of the pioneering online plant stores in the Philippines and the very first e-commerce firm in the country that delivered higher grade pots and planters. Today, the company is proud to be the leading plant-pot shop in the country, with over 200,000 customers. | Photo from Pots for Plants website


Miss Kit Laserna, the project’s brainchild, was inspired by the concept of bringing nature into one’s own house when she established the initiative in April of 2017.

According to the increasing number of people establishing gardens and the growing number of collectors adopting plants of all shapes and sizes, it is reasonable to state that turning green is indeed fashionable.

However, not everyone has the luxury of having a large yard for their gardens. This is where the company Pots for Plants comes in.

They are urban gardening and design firms that aim to empower aspiring gardeners and plant parents with the tools and resources they need to grow their beloved plant babies without more room.

You can be confident that your property will have a gorgeous and thriving green space in no time, thanks to their wide variety of attractive pots and planters.

To contact them, you can call or send them an email. Alternatively, you can visit the Pots for Plant’s showroom in Pulong Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Laguna, where you can see their collections of pots, planters, and plants in person.

Pots for Plants is a place where you can purchase beautiful pots for the beautiful plants that you have in your beautiful houses. Pots for Plants is located in the heart of the city of Santa Rosa

Final Words

photo of brittany santa rosa obelisk | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Brittany Corporation: Providing luxury homes for sale in Laguna to the privileged few.


No doubt that Santa Rosa is a piece of heaven here on earth. A place blessed with excellent natural resources such as the famous Pagsanjan Falls and Mount Makiling, among others, Santa Rosa City is indeed the best choice for someone looking for a house and lot for sale near Nuvali. And if you prefer living in total tranquility and calmness, you might as well look for a house and lot for sale in Santa Rosa, courtesy of Brittany Corporation.

Come and visit Brittany Santa Rosa and be amazed by its master-planned luxury homes for sale in Laguna.

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