How National Tree Day Promotes Greener Communities

People are undoubtedly feeling the heat brought on by global warming as a result of the increase in surface temperature caused by the burning of fossil fuels over time. Community organizations have started environmental initiatives to conserve the environment in order to address this problem and climate change.

Every nation has been urged to join the fight against climate change by the 13th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations. The reduction of carbon footprints must be a global effort. Focusing on using renewable energy sources like solar electricity is one option.

Or they should think about installing an appropriate garbage disposal system in the neighborhood. The best course of action in this environmental conflict is to plant a tree, a specific organism with the same lush green leaves you have become accustomed to.

Trees help regulate the planet’s surface temperature | Photo from Pexels

Trees are so essential to our ecosystem that we have created a special day for them. National Tree Day or most commonly known as Arbor Day nationwide celebrates the importance of trees for a green community.

This nature care event can be celebrated at home or in schools. And it continues to remind each and every one of the major roles that trees play not only in keeping the surroundings pleasing to look at but also in making sustainable communities.

Celebrations like National Tree Day have helped promote the idea of living in green communities that can meet the basic needs of a person while sustaining the beauty of the environment.

Green communities open doors for multiple possibilities that can bring out the nature lover in most people. Keep it green and enjoy this nature care event known as National Tree Day.

Here are some environmental activities you can do as you participate in National Tree Day this July 31.

Plant Trees

One of the most common environmental activities done on arbor week is to plant trees. Planting trees is what the celebration is all about after all. Anyone is free to choose what kind of tree they want to plant but it is important to consider if it will thrive in the area allotted for it. With every seedling that you put in the ground, it’s fulfilling to think of it as an investment for the future.

Tree-planting helps replace the trees lost over the years, making a sustainable way of getting the best out of these precious resources. The later generations will thank you for your support of the preservation of the environment because planting more trees benefits the entire world in the long run.

Plant one tree in a year | Photo from Unsplash Website

Ditch the cars

Walk your way around to lessen your carbon footprint. Be one with nature as you feel the cool breeze that trees around your luxury house and lot in Metro Manila provide with each step that you take. It is a morning routine worthy of waking up to. And it’s a nice way to celebrate what trees can do.

If you’re not into long walks, riding your bike through a side street lined with towering bamboo or oak trees on both sides has a peaceful factor to it. Inhaling the fresh air from the swaying leaves as you pedal your way through benefits both you and the environment.

Even if you don’t fancy a walk or a ride, meditating under the first tree you see can be a calming way to celebrate National Tree Day. Focus your mind on your breath as you listen to the rustling of every leaf and that can be a soothing way to relax.

Promenade’s rotunda leading to the Clubhouse | Photo from Brittany

At Brittany Sta. Rosa’s  Promenade, every day is National Tree Day because of the excellent landscaping in this countryside-inspired subdivision. Compared to luxury house and lot in Metro Manila, Daang Hari subdivisions provide a more tranquil escape from city life.

There’s not a day you wouldn’t find yourself marveling at the grandiose design of this 29-hectare an estate. This gives its residents the chance to appreciate their environment as they stroll along its paved roads.

Explore your local urban greenery

Visiting your local greenery can be an interesting experience. You can never go wrong with familiarizing yourself with the environment you live in. Get the chance to know what species of trees and plants are present within your community, especially in Daang Hari subdivisions. Discover how you could urbanize your own garden at home. Learn more about nature in general and how you effectively utilize what it can offer to improve your lifestyle.

Gardening at home

National Tree Day isn’t always just about trees. Everything that has to do with nature can be highlighted along with this occasion. So it is no crime for you to fix your courtyard at home in your luxury home in Daang Hari if you want to contribute to an even greener community.

Another excellent subdivision under Brittany Corporation is Promenade. It offers houses and lots for sale with outdoor courtyards that can level up the beauty of the English manors. Their Eliot Smart Home is a two-story luxury house with enough courtyard space that blends well with the countryside feels of Promenade. Here, you can decorate your future garden with all sorts of flowers to go along with the scenery. This house and lot in Daang Hari are also surrounded by trees that act as natural walls which can bring the comfort of a private space for every family.

The Eliot Model | Photo from Brittany Website | How National Tree Day Promotes Greener Community | Brittany

Do nature photography

Grab a camera and go out there. Take a picture of all the scenic sites that you’ll encounter. Found a unique tree? Capture it. Saw wild animals outside? Snap a shot. There are so many picturesque views to see outside.

Photographing them will give you a chance to preserve their beauty. You can even share some of your images online and include a hashtag for the celebration to support arbor day.

Switch things off

We often take our energy supply for granted. Let that television rest. Turn off those lights to save power. One of the many things that trees can offer is the fresh air that is often overlooked when you leave your humidifier running for a bit too long.

So allow yourself to gain a new appreciation for the natural light from outside and the cooling wind blowing through the trees. Celebrate arbor day by conserving energy.

Enjoy Family time outdoors

Everyone is dreaming of that perfect bonding moment to spend with their families. This might be the sign for you to do that on National Tree Day. Experience the outdoors like never before as you enjoy your family time with an outdoor picnic that will surely be a memory to keep.

Spend the day with an outdoor picnic | Photo from Pexels | How National Tree Day Promotes Greener Community | Brittany

You don’t have to worry about the harmful sun rays if you’ve got trees to shade you from the heat. This is why trees are the MVP in promoting a greener community. Not only do they provide the oxygen that you need but they also act as natural umbrellas to protect you and your family from the sun’s scorching heat. This way, you will get to enjoy that courtyard picnic together.

After you’ve savored your food, step up the fun with a little scavenger hunt in your backyard. Challenge your loved ones on a race to find two trees with overlapping branches or a uniquely-colored leaf and enjoy how they scurry from one place to another.

Appreciate the outdoors at Promenade

Looking for a lot for sale? Promenade has got you covered. Their Lawrence model is a house and lot in Daang Hari that is complete with the rooms that you need to enjoy the luxury of the indoors along with a balcony and courtyard that’ll help you appreciate the outdoors as well.

The Lawrence Model | Photo from Brittany | How National Tree Day Promotes Greener Community | Brittany

Host a nature-themed block party

Any kind of celebration gets better when there are more people around. If you wanna go all out in promoting a green community, invite the whole neighborhood to a nature-themed block party. Share a village improvement message to set an example for environmental volunteers. Prepare dinner over the fire as you talk about forming community groups that are involved in building projects for the environment.

Late-night star gazing

Watching the silhouette of trees as their tops touch the starry bright sky is another enjoyable activity you can enjoy on National Tree Day. Be mesmerized from the balcony or rooftop of your house as you gaze at the stars on a late Friday night, wondering what else you could do to celebrate arbor week.

These are just some of the many things to do on National Tree Day. There are plenty of ways to appreciate how much trees have become a vital part of our everyday lives. These amazing organisms deserve much recognition for what they do to provide a greener community for everyone on a day-to-day basis.

Want to Live in Green Communities?

Speaking of green communities, Brittany Corporation has numerous luxury houses and lots that go well with the comforting vibe that nature can provide. A green community prioritizes sustainability. Brittany’s Promenade estate is one of their eco-friendly communities that can perfectly mix the ideal urban lifestyle and the relaxing countryside life. To get to know more about Brittany Corporation.


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