Best Food Trends of 2021


Let’s be honest, if there’s one thing that remain steady and constant in our lives during the pandemic, it is food. People were more inclined on eating, baking, cooking, and experimenting in the kitchen because staying at home gives them all the time in the world. People are even complaining about gaining weight because while working from their luxury homes, a lot of food is part of the day.  

boodle fight | Best Food Trends of 2021

People gather for a feast| Photo from Unsplash Website


Food in times of Pandemic

Did you know that during the pandemic, food is one of the things that brings comfort to people? Food has become a go-to of many of us specially when stressed and discouraged. Food gives a certain good feeling whenever a person has negative feelings. Food activates the brain’s rewards system releasing a chemical that brings relief and reduces tension. 

When the pandemic started, everything became uncertain, and everything was affected. Careers and plans were changed. Dreams and ambitions were shattered to pieces. People got depressed and it caused them to turn to food as their comfort. To some they don’t just eat food, but they got interested to cooking and baking as a creative outlet and stress reliever. 

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As people are becoming foodie, there are certain food that trended and became a highlight for the year 2021. 

Best Food Trends of 2021

Delivery Meals/Food

Since the pandemic forced people to stay at home to be safer and more protected, delivery meals or food has become on top of the best food trends 2021. Food deliveries are being recorded and processed daily with the help of some vehicle courier. Having food delivered in your luxury homes became part of the best food trends of 2021 not only because of faster and easier transaction, but it also paved a way for many people to have income during the pandemic like the grab and lalamove riders. There are also many varieties when choosing food online as if you are buying properties for sale.

papa johns delivery service motocycle | Best Food Trends of 2021

Delivery riders are all around especially during the early pandemic


Baking Breads/Desserts 

#StressBaking or #QuarantineBaking, these are two of the many baking hashtag trends during the pandemic and it was both course through until year 2021. To help flattening the curve people still stayed in their luxury homes and do something creative spending their time producing a much more beautiful things than curling up in their couch and be stressed inside home. Many said that baking breads has helped them through the pandemic. It is their outlet to communicate and manage stress. It has helped many to give their energy to a more meaningful task because baking also demands focus says  Valerie Van Galder, the CEO of the Depressed Cake Shop Foundation. More than being beneficial to the baker, the bake breads are also good to the people who receive it. Baking breaks and desserts became part of the best food trends of 2021 because it has become a valuable tool for mental health and self-care.

person kneeding a dough | Best Food Trends of 2021

Baking is a great form of therapy| Photo from Unsplash Website


Vegan/Keto/Plant Based Food/Healthy Food

Because of the increasing concern on physical and mental health during the pandemic, people have been switching to vegan/keto/plant-based food or healthy food to live healthier and longer. These foods that made itself part of the best food trends of 2021 has turned the status quo of people enjoying meats daily to people who no longer eat meats or just on their cheat days. 

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Tiktok Pasta/Tiktok Recipe

As the pandemic continues, people also tend to put their energies using social media to escape in the present and enjoy a different world. Tiktok is one platform that gave people a way to distress. More than the dance challenges, Tiktok offers a wide variety of concepts such as giving general information to the public, showcasing of talents, or a gateway for sales manager to display their properties for sale like house and lot or condo for sale. Another concept that made a hit on tiktok is the tiktok recipe where people upload their way of baking and cooking to be shared on public to use. One of the best food trends of 2021 is the tiktok pastas like the fetapasta that went viral and garnered millions of views spreading like a wildfire.

person making pasta from dough | Best Food Trends of 2021

Tiktok pasta went viral on 2021 and garnered million views| Photo from Unsplash Website



No one knew that the pandemic would extend until the end of 2021, but no one also knew that there are foods that hyped and boomed in this year and become part of the best food trends of 2021. Sushi or baked sushi also took it spot on the list. Even Filipinos liked this Japanese cuisine that it even became an online best-selling food. Everyone likes to eat and bake sushi because it is very easy to do plus it has lots of rice in it.

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california maki being held by chopsticks | Best Food Trends of 2021

Sushi bake bandwagon


Andok’s Litson Baka

What a surprise to see Andok’s Litson to be part of the best food trends of 2021. A local brand has reached the board of trending foods and has caught the attention and taste of many Filipinos. For a certain time, this food did not just go viral on social media and created a Lechon Baka craze but all the more in the physical wherein many branches of the said food trend got out of stock. 

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The trends in 2021 may change for the coming year, but it may help you as you navigate for year 2022. As you start another year, it is best to pursue your dreams and ambitions and not being intimidated with how big it is. Like purchasing your own house and lot.

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