Top Food Delivery Services in the South


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Order direct from these top food delivery services in the south of Manila and support local restaurants in the time of uncertainty.


When the first few months of the pandemic hit, the things that were seemingly mundane became more precious to us. Restrictions have forced us to live, work, study, and even play at home. Shopping for groceries and even the latest fashion is now done online. Even dining out no longer becomes an option, and ergo, spending quality time with family and friends over good food.

However, the pandemic also helped us adopt the “new normal” way of doing this. Work from home and online classes are the norm for many professionals and students. Online games and streaming services are popular across generations. E-commerce apps have been the go-to services for anyone who wants to buy anything for whatever occasion. 

And for the food connoisseurs, food delivery services are the way to go. Whether you live in a house and lot or a condo for sale deep in a mountain community, food delivery services can deliver the best of local and international restaurant cuisine from the kitchen straight to your door. 

For folks who live in the South of Metro Manila, the demand for food delivery services is a particularly good thing. The options have become more varied, with some offering longer service hours and geographical radius. Some are saved as favorites thanks to the low fees, restaurant discounts and freebies offered. Some of them even offer exclusive menus or specialty food items that you can get only on the app service.

Hungry? Satisfy Your Cravings Now

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Which food delivery services are your go-tos when it comes to great food?


We list down the top food delivery services that cater in the South of Metro Manila:

1. GrabFood

This super app from the city state of Singapore is a fan favorite simply because it checks all of the boxes. It has a wider geographical coverage, caters to a lot of restaurants, and even offers exclusive discounts and free delivery vouchers.  Fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Shakeys, Yellow Cab, Pizza Hut, KFC, and more are available here, but you can also find some high-end restaurant gems so long as they are also registered to the service. Whether you fancy a little snack, or want to order party meals for a birthday or anniversary, GrabFood has a lot of restaurants that offer 24-hour delivery service in most areas of Metro Manila, including Alabang, Cavite, and even Tagaytay. The delivery fee starts at P59, and can vary according to the location, hours, and the restaurant. If your order does not meet the minimum order amount, a small order fee of P30 is applied.

Payment can be made via credit or debit card, or cash upon delivery. But you also have the option to pay via GrabPay, which is an in-app e-wallet service that you can also use on Grab’s other services such as its ridesharing service, pabili, and express delivery.

2. Foodpanda

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With the mission to “bring(ing) good food into your everyday,” Foodpanda also has a wider geographical reach and has a lot of restaurants in its roster.


 They deliver via its signature pink bikes, and is best in highlighting the latest food trends and new local restaurants. You can order food and pay it via cash on delivery, or via credit or debit card, of which you can save your payment details safely for future orders. 

3. Pickaroo

Pickaroo is another fan favorite thanks to its wide range of choices. The app features over 800 brands and food stores like Central by Landers Supermarket, Las Flores, and even high-end ones like Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. When you place a food order, your bill also comes with an P68 charge for the shopper’s fee. Delivery fees start at P48 pesos, of which you can receive your order within the hour. One good option is that you can schedule a food delivery up to three days in advance. Aside from food items, anyone can also order groceries, medicine, gadgets, and more to your doorstep. The app is also lauded for its user-friendly interface and hassle-free transactions.

4. Moment Group

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Miss chowing down on those huge, juicy burgers at 8Cuts? How about some comfort Filipino food by Manam’s? Love the delicious Chinese food at Din Tai Fung? Or are you craving for some Japanese at Ooma’s?


You can order food at any of these brands directly from Moment Food (which is also known as The Moment Group). Started by three partners in 2021, the company now offers its customers the opportunity to dine in at home on their food by simply booking on their website. They can book for same-day delivery, same-day pickup, or pre-order for up to two weeks via its in-house Mo’go delivery service. The service, however, does require a minimum single transaction worth P500. Delivery fees start at P99 for orders that are within 3 kilometers away, and P299 for orders that are within 19 to 23 kilometers away.

5. Central Delivery

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Central Delivery is another dedicated food delivery service for restaurants under the Landers Group. They only offer six restaurants, namely popular chicken franchise Popeye’s, Kuya J’s, Landers Central.


Da Gianna, Dough and Co, and Isla Sugba Seafood City. And because they own the restaurants they list, Central Delivery always offers great deals such as Buy 1 Get 1 deals and 50% off on certain menu items. They also tend to change things up every week or month, which is great for fans of the restaurants they carry. To order, you need to place a minimum single transaction worth P300, and pay it via cash, debit or credit card, and PayMaya.

6. Foodee Global

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Foodee Global is the largest multi-brand F&B organization in Metro Manila. One of the most well-known cuisine operators, Foodee Global has since expanded its offerings from domestic concepts to popular brands such as POUND, Llaollao Philippines, Hawker Chan, Tim Ho Wan, and MESA.


There is always a restaurant from Foodee Global’s roster that will appeal to you, and you can order a Foodee Global restaurant via any of the country’s popular food service delivery apps such as GrabFood, Pickaroo, and Foodpanda.

7. Mr Speedy

What if you are craving for something else that is not listed in any of the popular food delivery service apps? The next best thing is to order food directly with your favorite restaurant and secure a separate courier service. And for business-to-customer deliveries, Mr. Speedy ranks number one. The service also has a dedicated Eats program, where they partnered with select restaurants as its official delivery partner. Payment option is cash, which is great for folks who are not comfortable saving their payment details online, and the delivery rates are also affordable.

Fine-dine at home with popular Tagaytay restaurants

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You can also choose to dine at home with the best of the cuisine from the South of Metro Manila, or make South your next home.


If you are a foodie by heart, dining at home with the best of local and international cuisine is possible thanks to food delivery services. But if you are also in the market of finding a new home, how about considering a location that is also known as a food haven?

Tagaytay is a known foodie destination for people who are looking for a gastronomic adventure. From the long strip of restaurants and eateries that serve the best comfort food for the cool climate and hole-in-the-wall eateries, Tagaytay will be the perfect place for your next home, and also your palate. 

You can even park and dine at these popular restaurants, and enjoy both the cuisine and the alfresco dining supported by a cool climate and magnificent vistas of nearby Taal and of Metro Manila below.

For example, if you happen to choose a luxury house and lot for sale in Tagaytay, the first thing you should be doing every day is to eat breakfast at Breakfast at Antonio’s. Cafe Voi La is tucked away within the rows of luxury homes in Tagaytay for sale. And how about a unique caffeine experience at Ruined Project, an industrial-inspired, biophilic-styled cafe? Otherwise, you can also wine and dine at Napa, a newly-opened restaurant in Tagaytay that will make any guest experience the famous California wine country.

Did you know that you can enjoy living life in a luxury home and near these winning restaurants every single day? 

Whether you fancy dining at home or resuming a life of dining out, choosing a home that is located in a community that offers such a gastronomic experience is worth investing in. Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation can give you that experience, and so much more. Choose to experience Swiss living in the country through its high-end vertical residences at Alpine Villas. Or live in a resort community as if you are in the Alps at the Crosswinds Grand Quartier. You can also plan living a quiet but fulfilling life at Lausanne at Crosswinds, a planned residential development nestled within the nature reserve and a more exclusive section of Crosswinds