Simple DIY Cocktail Bar at Home Guide


More than two years of staying at home, people already toured every corner of their house. Many tried new things to kill the boredom of just being home. There are some who mastered the art of preparing a dalgona coffee, some who learned baking and turned baking into a business, and others who already memorized every Tiktok dance challenge. Staying at home has been a challenge to everyone so being creative on how you can spend your time joyfully and productively is a must. 

gray couch with white pillow that says there is no place like home | luxury homes by brittany corporation

There is no place like home| Photo from Unsplash Website


What to Do at Home? 

To the introverts, staying at home is a good thing but to the people person, it kills them. To stay alive especially during the pandemic, both introverts and extroverts need to find ways to use their time. One of the things that made a noise in the year 2021 that people got hooked into was house designing, rearranging, and renovation that is why Home Buddies Community in Facebook trended and got big in its first year. People are sharing how they are rearranging their homes, redesigning, renovating, and adding new stuff inside the home or the thing they call “budol”.

If only furniture can speak, they might tell their owners that they’ve already experienced every corner of the home. Being able to move around the home and move things around your own home is a relief to many and it gives a refreshing feeling. Stress is being redirected in these chores and in both ways beneficial to the home and to the owner.

old man wearing white shirt painting the outside of a house | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Painting your home has benefits for your brain and mental health. It promotes stress relief. |Photo from Pexels Website


As you stay home you can do this simple chore. Shop online and design your home. Rearrange your furniture to create a minimalist vibe. Finish that long-overdue part of your house that needs some renovation.


While you stay in your luxury homes Philippines, there are several things you can do. To add fun and uniqueness to your home, you can try and DIY your own cocktail bar at home.

Guide for Setting Up Cocktail Bar at Home

Any grown-up with mansions in the Philippines or not, if to be asked what special element to be added in their home, a cocktail bar could be on the top survey list. Even if you don’t drink, offering your visitors something to drink would always make the meeting sparks a little joy and spice. Adding a cocktail bar is not like buying luxury lots Philippines or luxury homes for sale, you can just spend right in creating your dream cocktail bar at home.

Most beautiful houses in the Philippines have a cocktail bar space. So, if you are planning to add this element to your home, you better carefully read each listed guide to start your very own cocktail bar at home. A great addition to home space and an extra indoor activity for everyone.

neon lights that spell our cocktail bar | luxury homes by brittany corporation

You can save a lot of money by building your cocktail bar at home| Photo from Pexels Website


Decide where to place your cocktail bar at home 

Inside your mansions in the Philippines, you start by planning where to place your cocktail bar. Whenever the space is ready for your cocktail bar at home, better to plan what do you want your cocktail bar at home to look like. You need to think of the size and the shape of your planned cocktail bar at home. For inspiration, you can always check online sources and Pinterest for cocktail bar at home ideas.

Build and install bar framework, top, and table

If you are not knowledgeable in building or constructing, you better ask for a professional’s help but since this is a DIY, you better learn and prepare all necessary tools needed in building and installing your cocktail bar at home.


Now that the space is ready, start laying out your groundwork. Start measuring and cutting the materials. Assemble once all materials are prepared for arrangement. Make sure that your frames are properly arranged creating a 90-degree angle. Add some support if needed to make sure that the table and frame are steady. The final part of this structure would be putting your bar top. Once you are in this part, it will start looking like a real bar. Make and add more shelves with or without a door for a more bar-looking space.

crafting table with x-acto knife and pliers on top of green cutting board | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A lot of measuring to create a steady bar | Photo from Pexels Website


Choose your color and start painting your cocktail bar at home

This is the part where you sand and add color and shine to your bar. You are almost there but not yet. Choose a color that will not destroy your house theme. It is also better if you can ask for assistance or recommendations from friends to having an outside view or feedback. A good choice of color will make every effort in building the cocktail bar at home worth it. Make it IG-worthy as well!

paint and paintbrush set in the color of burnt auburn | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Right choice of color for your cocktail bar at home is important| Photo from Pexels Website


Remember and Shop for Good Must-Have Bar Tools and Glassware

If you are a beginner, do not be pressured to buy all the equipment and gadgets needed to be a legit bartender. You just need a few basic bartending tools to create good drinks. Don’t worry too much about the gadgets you don’t have because once you master the art of bartending, one by one you will see yourself buying what you needed in that very time. For bar tools, you can shop online or visit trusted stores like AllHome.

bartended sqeezing a lemon into a drink shaker | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The basic bar tools are just enough for starting| Photo from Pexels Website


Spirits, Mixers, and Modifiers, Bitters, Syrups, Garnishes, Ice, etc. 

You are on the final stretch. Prepare all the magical yet not secret ingredients for a perfectly created cocktail bar at home. Bring on the spirits, mixers and modifiers, bitters, syrups, etc. Everything you might need to create an amazing drink. Start preparing your drink. Explore. Try and discover using whatever is available in your home bar. You can always check online for the ultimate cocktail guide if you are not yet sure about your mixings.

cocktail ingredients displayed on a wooden table stylishly | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The power of good cocktails come from what’s put together in a glass| Photo from Unsplash Website


Your luxury homes Philippines is now party-ready! You can now call and invite your friends to one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, your home. But hey! remember to invite a few since the pandemic is not yet over. It is still important not to put your guards down. You can enjoy while being cautious at the same time.

man with crossed arms in from of colorful cocktails | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Having own cocktail bar at home is equals to always party ready!| Photo from Pexels Website


If in the future you would want to redesign, rearrange, or renovate your cocktail bar at home in one of the most expensive houses in the Philippines, you make take ideas and inspirations of cocktail bar aesthetics from Instagram and Pinterest. These are credible and reliable sources for bright ideas whenever you have a project.

As the year is coming to an end, and a new year is about to start, one great project or plan for next year is to work harder to acquire your own luxury homes Philippines. You may have your cocktail bar at home once you have your property. No need to be pressured but look unto the goal with endurance and faith that whatever is ahead is already prepared for you. You just have to work hard, excellently and smarter to achieve your goals. 

Since you will be adding this “acquire a house in 2022” in your Vision Board for next year, better you start checking on the top developers in the country that offers the best deals of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. 

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They also have online viewing of the different houses, very accessible on their website. Through their direct line and Facebook page, you can reach their project managers, salespersons, and agents to discuss your requirements and other concerns. They are very accommodating and competitive in their jobs. They will make your life easier as you desire and acquire your first property.

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