DUCO Travel Summit in Italy: All You Need To Know

Have you ever been to Italy? or have you ever dreamed of traveling to this famous country? Corporate people would agree that Italy is an international location one would wish to step on in their lifetime. Italy is not just a country of love and romance, but a country of arts and fashion.

Famous Colesseum Rome, Italy | Photo from Unsplash Website

Italy and the Beauty it Beholds

Italy’s proper name is Repubblica Italiana with the nickname “Bel Paese” which means beautiful country.

Travelers, backpackers, and wanderers would be in chorus to tell that Italy is a must-see international tourist destination. Popular for its Renaissance and incredible artists, its different tourist locations behold the beauty of artistry in different forms.

Italy is not only known because of its tourism, art cities, and unique sceneries, it is also popular because of its language, and its opera.

And do you know that Italy is also one of the most when it comes to fashion and luxury brands in the global?

Prada, is one of the most popular brands of Italy | Photo from https://www.thinkinitalian.com/ Website

DUCO Travel Summit

Have you ever heard of Duco Travel Summit?

If yes, we bet you are one of the fashion and luxury enthusiasts in the Philippines. If not, do not worry this article will help you understand more about Duco Travel Summit.

Duco Travel Summit is a high-end, exclusive, and premier tourism event that promotes Italian hospitality to the global most important customers. This extravagant event is held annually in Florence, Italy wherein organizers gather together the highest level of exhibitors all over Italy including luxury hotels containing the majority, then rental companies, tour operators, and tourist organizations providing the best deals for the attendees. Duco Travel Summit surely gives the customers the best experience they can have.

DUCO Travel Summit is an exclusive invitation that adheres to the objective of letting the attendees get the best deals for their travel experiences. Top producers travel advisors, and excellent hoteliers and suppliers are also present to give consultations to the travelers.

DUCO is discovery. DUCO is immersion. – Duco Italy

The very heart of Duco Travel Summit is a cultural exploration and understanding of the true beauty of Italy.

Tourist Destinations in Italy | Photo from Duco Travel Summit Website

Looking at these beautiful Italian destinations you might be wondering how can you join or when’s the next DuCco Travel Summit.

Next on the list as per Duco Travel Summit Organization will happen on March 27-31 of the year 2023. It will again be held in Florence, Italy and Duco will invite top travel advisors from different English- Speaking markets in Italy. Usually, it is attended by people from the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. But you wouldn’t know if you will be one of the attendees of the next Duco Travel Summit!

You still have time to plan for this kind of international trip, but in the meantime why not experience and take a trip to Italy on your own even here in the Philippines.

Italy in the Philippines

Real-estate developers have always been creative in building thematically designed houses, bringing in homes that feel like you are out in the international.

Many residential homes in the Philippines today are built in a way that units may it be in the city or province look like those international homes we usually see in Hollywood movies. Several homes of today are indeed international-inspired making home buyers more inclined toward this type of home.

Brittany Corporation of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. is one of the most trusted brands and real estate developers in the country that produces not only beautiful but also quality luxury homes for the community.

One of the many luxury houses and lot properties of Brittany Corporation is the Portofino at Vista Alabang along Daang Hari.

The whole community of Portofino is Italian-inspired that when you enter their gated community there is this feeling of being in Italy while in the Philippines.

Portofino is a 300-hectare property in the South of Manila. It represents the old world of Italy and modern style Europe. These Italian-styled homes are also supported by courtyards complimented by Italian architecture with details such as a cupola, gabled roofs, and pocket gardens.

At first glance of these enchanting house and lot properties, you would really wish to own one but as they say, Portofino houses are homes for the most deserving to live the grandest. Only a few can enjoy this type of property, and only a few can choose Portofino.

Here at Portofino Subdivision | Photo from Brittany Corporation Website

Portofino Homes

There are options you can choose from as you desire to own your very first property investment with Brittany Corporation.

Portofino may be along Daang Hari but is still located differently geographically speaking.

  • Portofino Heights Phase 1-3: Las Pinas
  • Portofino Heights Phase 4-8: Bacoor, Cavite
  • Portofino South: Las Pinas

Prices range from 10 million and up, but you can make sure that the value is worth the house you will own. What is more interesting in owning a Portofino home is that because of its very good location you are assured that in time the Market Value of your property will grow and increase giving you the much-needed raise, increase or return for your property.

Portofino homes have access to almost everything- malls, schools, hospitals, and churches. It also has village facilities and amenities:

  • Swimming pool
  • Sports Courts (Basketball and tennis court)
  • Function Rooms and Grandball Rooms for events
  • Fitness Center
  • Open spaces for jogging, and playground

Above all these, you can also choose from different Portofino Heights house models depending on your style: Ghiberti | Raffaello | Pietro | Antonello | Leandro

Portofino Heighs Luxury House Models | Photo from Brittany Corporation Website

You always have a choice in Portofino. The choice to enjoy the luxury living in their luxury homes and lot properties for sale.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy these Italian-inspired homes at Brittany Corporation. To connect with a property manager or sales agent visit Brittany Corporation’s website.

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