Fuel Surcharges And How They Affect Plane Fare

As the holidays roll in, revenge spending and revenge travel will no doubt make Filipino jet-setters book flights and travel to fun and exotic destinations to spend the holidays in style. ThBut there is more to the face value of your plane ticket. What may surprise travelers is the fuel surcharge included in their plane fare. This is subject to change, depending on global fuel prices around the time you book your ticket. This surcharge will affect how much you pay for your plane ticket.

But don’t let that stop you and your family from experiencing the joys of traveling to another destination, whether locally in the Philippines or internationally. But if you want to understand fuel surcharges a little better and learn where your travel money goes, this article will guide you through it.

What is a fuel surcharge?

Airlines and the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) define a fuel surcharge as extra fees that airlines charge passengers in addition to the base plane fare that passengers pay for their seats on any flight. Surcharge meaning additional fees are collected by airlines to help them recover fuel costs and stem losses caused by a spike in fuel cost. As global fuel prices are subject to change, a fuel surcharge can also go up or down. How much extra fee an airline can charge is regulated by a matrix that is approved by the CAB. This matrix is heavily regulated by the government to prevent airline companies from charging an excessive sum and to help passengers avoid additional or excessive burden on their travel expenses.

How does the fuel surcharge work?

In Philippine government, a fuel surcharge follows a CAB-regulated surcharge matrix. The matrix ranges from Level 0 to 20. Lower surcharge means a lower level on the surcharge matrix.

In October, the CAB announced that fuel surcharge is at Level 9. But in November, the board lowered it to Level 8, meaning there is a reduction in surcharges which also lowers the total cost of plane fare.

What Are Fuel Surcharges and How Do They Affect Plane Fare

How does a fuel surcharge affect airfare calculation?

Plane tickets come in a range of prices. The price charged for first class and business class tickets are more expensive than economy tickets. Aside from the usual payment, your airfare payment transactions are also composed of additional charges like excess luggage allowance for additional or excessive load, taxes, and a fuel surcharge.

As the surcharges are not a fixed amount, changes in the surcharge level affect additional charge in the airfare calculation. The CAB determines the appropriate level of fees based on a one-month average of jet fuel prices per liter. This amount will be the ceiling rate for fuel fees. The applicable fees are evaluated in the middle of the month for it to be applied in the following month, and it is announced 15 days before it takes effect.

According to the CAB, airline companies that want to impose or collect surcharges must file their application with the CAB on or before the effectivity period. When when you book airline tickets, the applicable fees on the day that you purchase tickets will be applied to your airfare.

However, there may be times when there are no surcharges. According to CAB guidelines, if the one-month price average of jet fuel is below 21Php per liter, no fuel surcharge will be collected or imposed upon payment of your plane ticket.

Is Air Travel Worth It?

Air travel is a fast and convenient way to get to your dream destinations. And who would not be mesmerized by being up close and personal with beautiful cloud formations? Traveling by plane is a worthwhile experience on its own, and it is such an enjoyable gateway to your dream vacation.

Traveling to a different country is such an enriching experience. The more you travel, the more you get exposed to world-class luxury lifestyles and different cultures. You get to see the beauty of the world around you and visit destinations that look and feel different from your hometown.

Of course, when you get home from a trip abroad, you may miss certain aspects of your trip. It may be the food, the architecture, or the overall lifestyle you observed while in a foreign country. With a Brittany luxury home, you won’t need to hop on a plane to experience world-class luxury living. Investing in a luxury home by Brittany means you get to live a lifestyle inspired by the top destinations without leaving the country.

Is Air Travel Worth It

Brittany Brings World-Class Luxury to the Philippines

With a Brittany home, you can experience a lifestyle inspired by Italy, Switzerland, England, or America without stepping foot on a plane. Brittany is a master of world-class luxury living through master-planned exclusive communities that take inspiration from the world’s most beautiful locations.

Brittany Corporation has developed several luxury communities in different areas of the country, each designed to bring a world-class luxury lifestyle to Filipinos. Attention to detail is a Brittany hallmark, and each exclusive community they develop will truly transport you to a world-class destination.

Experience the Old-World Charm of Italy at Vista Alabang

Vista Alabang is a 1,500-hectare luxury estate inspired by the beauty of Italy. A postage stamp bearing a Vista Alabang address will give you a taste of your dream Italian lifestyle. A luxury home in Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino will transport you to Italy through cobbled pathways, tree-lined streets, statue gardens, and fountains. Living here will also grant you an Italian-inspired home complete with stone wall detailing, gabled roofs, cupolas, and private interior courtyards.

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If the Swiss Alps have stolen your heart, you can relive that scenic mountain experience at Crosswinds Tagaytay. This is Brittany’s luxury community and condominium development inspired by the majestic Swiss Alps. Crosswinds is also a pine tree estate, boosting thousands of pine trees growing within the community. Feel the stress of taxes or phone bills melt away when you invest in a Swiss mountain chalet-inspired luxury condominium unit at Alpine Villas or The Grand Quartier, the two condo developments within Crosswinds.

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Fancy the quaint English countryside? Live in your own English manor at Promenade by Brittany Santa Rosa. Experience the best of the English lifestyle in an exclusive luxury community that is dotted with hedge gardens that transition smoothly into the surrounding nature. Luxury and traditional values can go hand in hand, and Promenade strikes the perfect balance.

American-Style Grandeur at Georgia Club and Augusta

Brittany Santa Rosa also brings forth the grandeur that only the American South can do. Find yourself a spacious American colonial-style home at Georgia Club and Augusta. Feel the freeing expanse of a large luxury home that you can transform as you wish. Houses with unique details like shutter windows and attic spaces will give you the perfect American-style living.

Exciting New Frontiers to Come in Bern Baguio and Forresta

Traveling to new places is always exciting, and Brittany can keep up with your wanderlust as they develop new luxury destination-themed communities. Bern Baguio is set to be another pine-tree estate, and Forresta will take you closer to nature while in a thriving central business district at Villar Land.

Brittany Can Take You Places

After booking your next plane ticket to your dream destination, invest in a world-class luxury home or luxury condo at Brittany. Take your pick from any of our themed communities in Alabang, Santa Rosa, or Tagaytay. Find out everything you need to know about luxury living by browsing the Brittany website or following us on LinkedIn and Youtube.

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