How To Live Life in A Total Work of Art

Human beings are always inclined to do anything beautiful. Whether it is found in artistic creations or something visualized and crafted by talented and creative artists, human beings can’t help but be in awe of the beauty that art forms.

Everywhere you fix your gaze on, art is everywhere, which makes art important. Even if you go back and study art history, art has been long appreciated by different classes of people. This all boils down to the enduring characteristic of art: giving life and color to seemingly lifeless and dull aspects of life.

How To Live Life in A Total Work of Art Photo from unsplash Birmingham Museums Trust
Image Source: Birmingham Museums Trust via Unsplash

If you do a little tracing through human history, you will see that many people tend to turn to and create art because of the perks that come with the importance of art. One is how art helps with the artist’s artistic expression.

Art created is always an extension of the artist’s emotions and ideas. This is why art is considered to be a therapy for many. Moreover, art is important because it is used as a universal language to depict certain emotions that words cannot express.

In such a time as this, where emotions are being suppressed because of fears of judgment and shame, art comes into the picture, whether as visual art with a religious subject matter or in other forms of the art movement, in order to encapsulate the different facets of human culture.

green-leafed trees Art has always been a part of human culture, whether music or dance, paintings or sculptures.
Image Source: Birmingham Museums Trust via Unsplash

Art has always been a part of human culture, whether music or dance, paintings or sculptures. In recent years, people have become more interested in the arts as they look for ways to be creative in their daily lives.

There are many reasons for this trend, but one of the most important is that the arts can offer a sense of transcendence from the everyday. When one engages with art, one allows themselves to step outside of the mundane and into a world of beauty and imagination. One can explore new ideas, discover hidden talents, and find ways to express our deepest emotions.

In a world that often feels like it is spinning out of control, the arts can provide a much-needed sense of calm and balance. Whether someone is creating art or simply enjoying it, there is no doubt that it can enrich lives in profound ways.

Aside from seeing the importance of art as a creative expression and a therapy, many have also seen how art moves human society to hone critical thinking because of how art, take, for example, street art, can stir up deep conversations about certain societal issues, especially these days where everyone wants to be involved politically and economically.

girl in white dress sitting on rock painting Art helps. Art moves. Art expresses. Art stirs. That is why art is important in our life. Photo from Unsplash
Image Source: Birmingham Museums Trust via Unsplash

Considering all these realities that art brings into one’s life and how it widens your perception of yourself and the way you see the world and everything in it, living a life that depicts a total artwork is more crucial than ever.

This does not only mean putting fine arts in the four corners of your bedroom but ensuring that your entire lifestyle, including the house where you are residing, is also a total work of art.

Luxury houses as fine art that promotes living life in a total work of art

Nowadays, artistic movements have extended to architecture and interior design. Architecture is a three-dimensional art where the aesthetic value lies in the structural and visual influences of the architect and the homeowner.

brown painting of people beside buildings artistic movements have extended to architecture and interior design photo from unsplash
Image Source: Birmingham Museums Trust via Unsplash

Moreover, there’s this German word Gesamtkunstwerk which roughly translates to “total work of art.” This means incorporating architecture, industrial design, design, and crafts altogether in order to form a great art that embodies your creativity with structures and designs that communicate a particular idea based on your inspired visual art and aesthetic objects.

A good example is a luxury house in a luxury and exclusive community. Most of the houses in luxury real estate developments are patterned after prominent artistic works and different cultures in the form of thematic inspiration that complements well with modern society.

Ready For Move-in Houses In Alabang Brittany Corporation

Such real estate development is best exemplified by Brittany Corporation, the premier name in luxury real estate development in the Philippines. At Brittany, the life of a total work of art is possible considering the luxury houses they offer, which are epitomes of art. Here’s how you can live a life in a total work of art at Brittany:

Thematic and grandeur living at Vista Alabang

The best way of making art is to exemplify the human experience and other cultures to create a new sense of art. At Brittany, thematic and grandeur living is made possible through one of its luxury real estate developments which is Vista Alabang.

Known for its distinctive elegance and rustic charm brought by its Italian-inspired architecture, Vista Alabang brings you luxury homes with alluring interiors and the timeless beauty of Italian living and architecture as seen in its distinct features such as the usage of arches and columns and decorative elements such as pocket gardens, gabled roofs, and cupolas.

luxury house and lot for sale in daang hari with chandelier | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

This luxury real estate development fuses the beauty of old-world Italy with the modern Europe style.

Master craftsmanship in Portofino

Brittany takes pride in giving you luxury houses built by the most excellent team of local builders and designers. Here at Portofino, rest assured that all of the luxury houses are truly crafted and built as fine art.

With comprehensive and intelligent planning, Portofino houses are structured in such a way that your luxury comfort living is carefully considered. Considering its state-of-the-art amenities and features, Portofino houses give you a newfound lifestyle that reflects a total work of art.

Bridge going to the luxury homes of Portofino Alabang | luxury homes by brittany corporation

From its grand clubhouses, function halls, sun deck with lounge chairs to underground utilities and a high level of security, rest assured that a good quality of life is achieved at Portofino.

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Rustic theme and lush appeal at Amore at Portofino

Now, if you are looking for a rustic theme and lush appeal of Tuscany, Amore at Portofino is the exclusive gated community with a life of total work of art for you. Recognized as the Best Housing Development in Manila and in the Philippines at the Philippines Property Awards, Amore at Portofino stands as a testimony that this is a luxury community worth your investment.

Amore at Portofino stands as an artistic sanctuary where your comfort is secured. Props to the luxury houses at Amore at Portofino that adhere to the finest standards of Italian architecture.

Color Trends for Your Italian Inspired Home Brittany

These enclaves from Vista Alabang are truly works of art. Imagine waking up to a luxury home with a thematic interior design and a structure inspired by one of the fundamental architectures in the world. Not to mention the artistic wonder you will get to experience because of the beautiful nature surrounding this luxury community.

Nowadays, it is rare to find a luxury house in a nature-like environment, but at Portofino, the beauty of nature is intentionally put at the heart of its community. After all, nature is the best work of real-life art there is. It is a visual format that relaxes and, at the same time, stirs the human mind.

What Defines Italian Home Interior Design

Furthermore, the aforementioned lavish house and lot developments have a ready-for-occupancy house and lots as well as wide lots for your custom Italian home style. And so, whether you have that big, modern family or are just looking for a home to add to your property portfolio, Brittany has them all in Portofino.

Living a life of a total work of art takes a huge effort. But this gets easier when living in a home that sparks art. Consider Portofino and book your appointment now.

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