Movies to look forward to during the reopening of Cinemas


For two years since the start of the pandemic, people have been stuck watching their favorite movies in their homes. During this time, people have longed for the smell of the freshly-buttered popcorn, the lines for the ticket booths, the relaxing cool air of the dark theater room, and the comfortable reclining seats that cinemas offer to every movie-watching patron. However, the great news is that this longing will soon be satiated as local cinemas start to open again! We’ve compiled a list of movies to look forward to this season.

theater goers watching a film with social distancing | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Filipino cinephiles are excited to finally watch movies again on the big screen in malls | Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels


Now that the local COVID-19 cases are decreasing in number and herd immunity is starting to settle in, the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) has put NCR at level alert 2, easing quarantine restrictions! With this development, the Cinema Exhibitors Association of the Philippines (CEAP) has launched a movement, “Sa Sine Safe Ka,” to propagate the return to normal cinema operations. 

As the world of immersive screenings welcomes us back with open arms, there are a lot of movies to look forward to that cinephiles should buy tickets for! 

In the field of international films, a multitude of superhero-themed flicks and action-packed movies will plague cinemas! For Marvel-starved fans, ready your appetites as three big titles will be shown during the opening of cinemas in November and December! 

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Black Widow, Shang-Chi and The Legend of the 10 Rings, and The Eternals will be making their debut on the Philippine movie screen. After the devastating ending of The Avengers Endgame series, fans have been dying to see the sequels and prequels of heroes after the Endgame timeline. Now, they can expect to see the crowd-favorite face of badass Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow, which showcases her backstory before she became an Avenger.

scarlett johanson in the poster of black widow movie | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Black Widow is the long-awaited prequel movie that features the backstory of Avenger, Natasha Romanoff | Photo by IMDB


Among the list of movies to look forward to is the movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings, which features a new hero named Shang-Chi is introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Starring many familiar actors from the film “Crazy Rich Asians,” Shang-Chi gained a lot of traction in the US when it was shown, and now it will be available for viewing in the Philippines! On the other hand, The Eternals, directed by Academy-award winning Chloé Zhao, features a new set of immortal heroes that battle an evil force called the Deviants, earning a spot in Marvel fans hearts’ next to the Avengers!  

People can expect a swarm of moviegoers when buying tickets for these titles. 

To account for these surges of moviegoers, cinemas will put into place IATF provisions for safety, so take note of the following:

· Body temperature check

· Inspection of customers’ authentic vaccination cards with complete doses

· Wearing face shields and face masks while inside the theaters (per mall regulations)

· Encourage contactless transaction in ticket-purchasing

· Strict prohibition of eating inside the cinemas

· Socially-distanced seats

· Improved air ventilation

· Availability of hand sanitizers at the cinema entrances

· Mandatory hand-washing every 30 minutes for cinema employees

· Deep cleaning between screenings

Indeed, the return to watching cinemas in Dolby theaters sounds like a dream come true.

empty cinema with red chairs | luxury homes by brittany corporation

In the return to watching movies in cinemas, proper sanitization and health protocols must be upheld at all costs | Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels


However, there are still the perceived health risks of doing so. For those people who are still not on board with the idea of watching movies in cinemas, it’s okay! Watching at home is still the next best thing, and you can quickly get microwaveable popcorn with a drink of your own choice, with no inconsiderate moviegoer who keeps standing up and blocking the screen. After all, movie-watching is one of the best ways to stay sane during the long and arduous hours of dwelling and working at home! 

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Find the perfect place in Alabang that will make your mornings feel like a scene from a feel-good movie.


In continuing the streaming of your favorite movies to look forward to at home during this Christmas, make sure that your home is a suitable place that can equate to the level of watching in a cinema! With Brittany’s luxury homes for sale, which feature some of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, the cinemas definitely won’t be missed! Imagine watching Black Widow in a spacious, elegant, ravishing, and pleasurable environment- somewhere like Tagaytay or Alabang! Check out the available properties now and continue watching blockbusters in the safety and comfort of your own luxurious home! There is no harm in making sure that your home is a place you would want to be stuck in during the pandemic, so wisely invest in a luxury property that you won’t regret!

On another positive note, Spider-Man films from Marvel will also be released, such as “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Venom: Let There Be Carnage.” 

The showing of these films actually addresses the Filipinos’ qualms and petitions against being the late viewers of their favorite Spider-Man films since they had a delayed release in the country. It just goes to show how much Filipinos have been missing out on because of the pandemic!

On the other hand, “No Time To Die” is a non-superhero film but is still sure to pump adrenaline throughout your body! Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, it stars the last première of Daniel Craig as the beloved CIA spy, 007, Bond- James Bond. 

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In addition, Don’t Breathe 2 is another heart-attack-inducing movie- if you haven’t watched the first film yet, this is the sign to do so! The two movies center on a scary blind veteran with a thirst for blood and vengeance after his daughter was killed by a hit-and-run accident. His skills as a retired Navy seal make him a formidable opponent to bad guys.   

Horror fans can also get excited about the new Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, a new addition to the Resident Evil movies collection. In Welcome to Raccoon City, fans are exposed to the storyline of a group of survivors finding their way through the night in a wasteland full of zombie dogs and other nightmares.

However, superhero-themed, horror, and action movies are not the only trending movies to look forward to, after all, there should be genres that are suitable for the whole family to see!

Children are now allowed in malls and establishments, so families are also on the lookout for more kid-friendly movies! 

To accommodate the kids too during the cinema openings this holiday, families can watch Encanto, a Disney animated film that features songs exclusively made by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is the creator of Broadway’s famous Hamilton, which is also up for showing since the reopening of Broadway this year! 

disney animated film encanto movie poster | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Join Mirabel and her family, the Madrigals on a whimsical and musical journey this Christmas! | Photo by IMDB


Encanto is about a Columbian family called the Madrigals, who possess magical powers. It is a musical adventure of how Mirabel, the only family member who doesn’t have any abilities, discovers her own different kind of magic. A Disney movie is always an excellent choice for a fun-filled ride that will get the whole family bonding! 

Of course, no cinema comeback is complete without the return of Filipinos’ own local films, especially the resumption of the beloved Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). 

For the MMFF this year, there will be eight movies to look forward to. All of which are created by local talent, with a variety of genres: 

1. A Hard Day is an action movie directed by Lawrence Fajardo that stars Dingdong Dantes.

2. Love at First Stream is a romantic-comedy flick directed by the Philippines’ queen of rom-com, Cathy Garcia-Molina.

3. Big Night! is a drama directed by Jun Robles Lana which features a star-studded cast: Christian Bables, Nico Antonio, John Arcilla, Ricky Davao, Soliman Cruz, Eugene Domingo, Gina Alajar, and Janice De Belen.

4. Nelia is a suspense-thriller film directed by Lester Dimaranan, with beauty-queen Winwyn Marquez as the lead. 

5. Huwag Kang Lalabas, another jolting film on the MMFF list, is a horror film directed by Adolfo Alix, Jr.

6. Despite being a horror film, The Exorcis, is also a comedic movie starring the Gonzaga sisters, Tony and Alex. 

7. Huling Ulan sa Tag-araw is a romantic film directed by Louie Ignacio, which features Ken Chan, Rita Daniela, Lotlot De Leon, and Richard Yap.

8. Kun Maupay Man It Panahon (Whether the Weather is Fine) showcases the talent of Daniel Padilla in this drama film directed by Carlo Francisco Manatad. 

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For years, the MMFF show has always been a Filipino Christmas trademark. There is always a movie for families, kids, lovers, and friends to enjoy in the melting pot of MMFF. Now that it is making a return to the silver screen, the spirit of Filipino Christmas bounces back more vital than ever. This year’s MMFF will start on Christmas day, December 25, and will last up until January 7, 2022.

To view the movie houses opening in the NCR region, Manila Bulletin provides updates on the malls that will commence screenings. Before buying tickets, it is highly advisable to research densely-populated malls since most people will be hyped up about the cinemas opening again. However, some cinemas offer exclusive bookings and renting, which entitles its buyers to a session of having the entire silver screen for themselves! 

Indeed, these films would be the turning points of the year as the Philippines regains a sense of normalcy. 

As a country filled with people who love watching and creating movies, the pandemic has been a massive impediment to this passion of Filipinos. After everything that the Filipinos have been through the last two years, opening the cinemas will be a glimmer of hope to everyone. So be sure to scour the net for malls in your area and buy tickets for these movies to look forward to!

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