Why is the brand of the developer important?

The real estate industry is known to be a competitive market anywhere in the world. This characteristic of the said industry has pushed many real estate professionals such as property developers, sellers, or agents, to think of new strategies to stay relevant to their target audience. Real estate developers in particular, spend many hours creating and establishing their brand as one of the strategies to make their name emerge from the competition.

The real estate developer's brand identity is important for potential homebuyers | Photo by Khwanchai Phanthong from Pexels

In real estate, all developers aspire to be the leading brand in the market that comes up as a trustworthy, reliable, and professional company. This means that the real property developer meets the evolving needs of their potential and existing customers—from answering sales inquiries, an optimized website with frequently asked questions (FAQs), a convenient sales process, and accessible customer channels for after-sales transactions.

Successful branding is the best marketing strategy as long as the brand promise and the actual customer experience match. This will help in establishing customer loyalty which is one of the—if not the ultimate—goals of every business.

What is a brand?

Nowadays, the consumer market gets younger and the world’s digitalization progresses at a very fast rate. This calls for many businesses to adapt to the current needs of the new generation by investing in brand development. This does not excuse real estate, an industry that once thrived with traditional selling strategies.

So what is a brand exactly? A brand is the overall perception of potential or existing customers to a particular company. It is an intangible concept that includes the basic elements such as the brand’s visual identity or brand’s personality, up to the more complex ones like brand loyalty and consumer recognition.

Why is the brand important?

A developer with positive brand recognition is more likely to be on top of the game and stay ahead of the competition. After all, a homebuyer would want to make costly real estate investments with a brand that is well-known for being reliable and respected. This is the same reason why e-commerce sellers value the important of customer reviews in their platforms. A company’s brand personality is a valuable asset, especially for real estate developers, because it is the foundation of their credibility, professionalism, and reputation in the industry.

Whether it is for a residential real estate or commercial real estate, a real property is an expensive and long-term investment. This is why it is important to do business with the same company that the industry experts recommend. Branding is necessary for every business in the present time and in the long run. A company with an effective branding already have a formidable presence in the industry which automatically validates any products or services they release as top of the line and investment-worthy, at least in the eyes of a loyal customer.

There are plenty of strategies involved in brand development | Photo by Plann from Pexels

Nowadays, social media is one of the main channels that help boost companies’ brand equity. Massive digitalization happened all over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic that even the real estate industry that was comfortable in using offline marketing strategies had to adapt to it quickly. Luxury real estate developers in particular are thriving with this strategy as many potential customers check various developers’ social media pages for possible leads on a new luxury house to purchase.

Managing a brand in the digital era can also be done using different online tools and platforms aside from social media. Reputable real estate developers selling high-end residential property and luxury houses in the Philippines use a website, blog, and even direct engagement with the customers to generate leads which hopefully translate to sales.

Why choose a developer with a good brand image?

The main objective of a developer when working on their brand is to engage and attract potential homebuyers. Being able to implement a relevant and well-rounded brand strategy can help developers stand out in the real estate business.

An effective brand strategy usually starts with a notable design for the company’s marketing collaterals up to recognizing the customer’s loyalty to the brand. These elements contribute to building a strong relationship with the clients.

Better customer experience

As the developer’s branding piques the interest of more homebuyers, the higher the chances of sales become. An effective branding in the housing market is more than the aesthetics, it should lead to prospects whose decision lies on many factors. Building a strong client and developer relationship during the real estate transactions can be a huge influence on their decision so it is vital to provide a good brand experience in all customer touch points.

People who want to own their own home find the whole process of buying a home to be exciting. Developers should take advantage of this and add engaging elements to their marketing strategies which usually includes a well-curated social media feeds and offline materials such as brochures, showroom visits, and more.

A developer with a good brand reputation is more likely to attract more potential clients | Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Higher property value

When a developer successfully established their brand, they can factor in their brand’s value to the sales prices of their real estate properties. Working on the brand development takes time and resources so it is only fair to factor it in, along with the quality of the customer service that the developer provides to their clients.

To simply put, potential homebuyers are more likely to pay a higher amount for real estate properties when they are branded—just like in any other industries. A good brand drives up the selling prices in favor of the developer who worked hard in establishing their name.

Stands out in the housing market

There are brands that have established their names so well in the market that the company name is already being interchanged with the actual name of the product or service. This is the best scenario for branding professionals because it means that the brand has successfully caught up to its competition and even emerged as the strongest.

Branding includes differentiating one developer to another by highlighting the better features and amenities against the competitors to prospect clients. Competition helps in inspiring further innovation and improvements in every business industry.

Stronger client-developer relationship

Last but not the least, a developer with a good brand reputation projects an image that builds trust in the mind of potential clients. Trust and confidence to the brand is really important in the real estate business as it involves a huge amount of money and a long-term partnership between the client and the developer.

Trust is fundamental in the real estate business | Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Brittany Corporation, the leading luxury real estate developer

Looking for a high-end residential property? There are many luxury real estate developers in the Philippines, but one with the best brand reputation is none other than Brittany Corporation. The amazing selection of Brittany’s luxury house and lot for sale and condo for sale turns families’ dream of a luxury living experience into a reality.

Brittany Corporation is a trusted real estate developer when it comes to luxury houses in the Philippines

Brittany Corporation has established a credible, trustworthy, and professional brand image, proven by the numerous international recognitions that the developer received from various award-giving bodies. Some of these award-winning luxury-themed properties are located at Crosswinds TagaytayPortofino Alabang, and Brittany Santa Rosa’s Georgia Club.

Read more about Brittany’s extensive portfolio of luxury houses in the Philippines through their official website and social media links. Start your luxury living experience now with Brittany Homes!

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