Why Do Foreign Students Choose the Philippines to Study?

A considerable number of factors contribute to the Philippines’ standing as one of the most popular selections among international students year after year. The list consists of some of the reasons why we are the destination of choice for students from other countries:

Philippines is a popular study abroad destination for foreign students

The Philippines is a great destination for foreigners—not just for travel but also for education. Many foreign students, especially those who are seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees, are coming to the Philippines for a number of reasons.

In fact, in 2019, there were about 4,785 student visa applications from foreign nationals. Even though the number significantly dropped the following year due to the global pandemic, there are still undeniably a lot of foreigners who are planning to study in the Philippines.

Why Do Foreigners Study in the Philippines?

Every year, the Philippines is one of the top options for many international students for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the factors that make the country the top choice for foreign students:

Large English-Speaking Population

The main reason behind foreign students’ hesitation to study in other countries is the language barrier. Many foreigners who are planning to study in the Philippines might be worried if it is a requirement for foreign students to be fluent in the country’s native tongue.

The simple answer is no. Yes, it can be a great help to know the basic greetings and other commonly used words. It is also a sign of respect to the country and its people to learn a little about the Philippines’ national language, which is called Filipino. As the national association recommends, “connect with respect.” Although a significant number of the Filipino population are known to speak English,

Many Filipinos can speak the English language well

This can be attributed to the Philippines’ education system, which is taught mainly using the English and Filipino language. For foreign students who can speak the English language fluently, there is no need to stress out because there is a huge chance that the teachers and students can carry on a casual conversation in this language as well.

It is another issue if the foreign student cannot speak English as well. They can choose to enroll among the abundant options of international schools with programs that are dedicated to other nationalities, such as Chinese, Germans, Japanese, and many others. However, because of being a specialized program, it should be expected that the admission fees will be a lot higher.

Numerous globally-recognized institutions

Foreign students can enroll in various prestigious universities in the Philippines. These institutions are ranked decently on a global scale and are known to produce academically brilliant and skillful students every year.

The top universities in the Philippines specialize in different fields so it is best to do research before enrolling to make sure that the chosen academic institution can provide the knowledge and training in the respective field.

Students who attend universities such as the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University have access to a wide variety of educational possibilities on a global scale. These institutions are among the most renowned in the country. These universities have also been placed in a strategic location, making it simple for people to get to them using either public transportation or their own vehicles by utilizing the road infrastructure that has been created around the metro area.

Adaptable Climate

he climate in the tropical Philippines can be easily categorized into two main types—sunny and rainy. It is mostly hot all year round, which makes the country a great tourist destination, especially for those who like to enjoy or love the breathtaking beaches that look like its summer all the time.

The weather in the Philippines is mostly humid throughout the year

Whatever the climate in the student applicant’s country, deciding to reside in the Philippines will not be as difficult as the clothing does not require much preparation. They just need to prepare themselves for the humidity they will feel once they finally land in the country.

Rich Culture

Foreign students who study in the Philippines frequently recall that the people there are quite good at having a good time. Filipinos can even make a simple visit to shopping centers a fun activity. There are also traditional activities called fiestas all year round that happen in different regions of the country that can be easily accessed by a short drive from the metro.

There are many traditional celebrations in the Philippines all year round

Celebrating life’s milestones such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations is also more fun in the Philippines. Filipinos love to do everything with the entire clan present! The combination of amazing food, karaoke, and the extended family chit-chatting the entire day is surely an experience of a lifetime for many foreign nationals.

Friendly Neighborhoods

Filipinos who are working abroad have the reputation of being hospitable and friendly. The same is true for foreigners who are in the country, as the native people are really welcoming to visitors. For foreign students who will reside in any residential real estate property in the Philippines, expect to meet amazing people in friendly neighborhoods who will not let foreigners miss their homes.

Looking for houses in the Philippines? It is best for foreign students to discuss real estate transactions with reputable developers and real estate professionals. May it be a short-term stay or permanently residing in the country, there is plenty of real property to choose from in the country such as a condo for sale or for rent. From single-family homes to multi-story detached buildings, foreign nationals can also make real estate investments for personal property governed by real estate industry laws in the Philippines.

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Affordable for Students

Last but not least, the top reason why foreign students choose to study in the Philippines is that the world-class quality of education offered in the country is more affordable. On top of this, the Philippines has a significantly lower cost of living than many other nations in the world.

A student is responsible for a variety of costs in addition to the tuition and fees associated with their education. These costs may include rent, food, transportation, and utilities. The prices of these essentials can be found all over the world, however, in the Philippines, they can be found at a significant discount. This may sound too good to be true, but foreigners who are interested may just look it up and compare the pricing of sales for themselves.

Real estate in the Philippines is generally more affordable. This is perfect, especially for foreign students who are looking for a place to stay only for a few months or years. Even foreign nationals who are planning to retire or settle down abroad, the Philippines is one of the top places on the list because of this.

Houses in the Philippines, specifically condos for sale that foreigners can actually purchase and own, are hot commodities of foreign nationals who are interested in permanently migrating and residing in the country.

Of course, there are rules and regulations that the government has put in place against foreigners acquiring vacant land, commercial real estate, or even undeveloped property. As long as foreigners heed what the law dictates, there should not be a problem with moving to the Philippines.

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