Brittany Leads Digital Search in Luxury Real Estate

Over the recent years, digital marketing has been receiving an increasing amount of popularity in the business sector. It has established to be one of the most effective strategies to connect businesses to customers, especially during this time of massive digitization and physical distancing due to the pandemic. Today, digital marketing is being utilized by many businesses as a way to efficiently reach the target audience of their products and services.

The Rise of Digital Search—What is it and How Does it Work?

Digital search visibility is one of the popular marketing strategies nowadays | Photo by Caio from Pexels

Search Engine Optimization is a popular and widely used digital marketing strategy (SEO). The Digital Marketing Institute defined SEO as “the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results in search engines. It aims to improve your website’s position in search results pages. Remember, the higher the website is listed, the more people will see it.”

Because search engines receive the majority of web traffic, many businesses optimize their websites to appear high on search engine results pages (SERP). Once the website ranks on the first page of SERP with keywords that are most likely being searched by the business’s target audience, this translates to more engagement and a wider reach. This creates room for the business to engage with prospects, sell, and even provide customer service all in one marketing effort.

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Aside from being a more alternative route, it also has other advantages compared to traditional marketing. First is its speed in delivering the message to its target audience, which is crucial in this fast-paced world. Furthermore, using digital search as a marketing effort allows you to track real-time data such as who is visiting the official website and where they are coming from—information that would be difficult to gather using traditional marketing strategies such as printing campaign materials.

The game-changer in the Information Age | Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels

However, leading in the world of digital search is not an easy task. Trying to fully understand how search engines such as Google and Bing choose what website to rank high on SERPs is complicated. Some parts of it are still a mystery, even. But there are identified factors that are critical in affecting a website’s ranking, some of it includes the website’s content, User Experience (UX), Technical SEO, User Feedback Metrics, and backlinks.

Real Estate in the World of Digital Search

Before the pandemic, one of the industries that are known to make use of older marketing strategies is real estate. For a long time, the said industry rely on face-to-face referrals and paid ads via mainstream media such as newspapers, radio, and television. But as technology continues to transform businesses, the real estate started to adapt. Digital platforms started to be introduced to build awareness, gather leads, and make a sale.

People these day spend a significant amount of time online each day. According to a recent study, Filipinos are spending almost 11 hours a day connected to the internet with around four hours spent on social media platforms. Gone are the days that being online only answers to the need for social connection or entertainment—which is exactly why people use it for before. In a span of one decade, the world has seen the incredible evolution of various online channels. It has undoubtedly became a much bigger part of people’s daily lives by being a platform for news, education, and business sectors.

Filipinos are reportedly spending a significant amount of time online every single day

In a time when convenience is a priority and physical visits are challenging, maximizing the business’s digital presence is a must. Making sure that the information are readily available and easily accessible is a game-changer in making a sale. However, there are millions of content available online. People are being bombarded with new information everyday. How can businesses create an advantage against their competitors?

Digital search is one of the most effective ways to market any product or service online, including real estate. Being ranked high on SERPs is the quickest and easiest way to increase customer awareness and establish credibility, which may lead to a sale.

The Leader in Digital Search Visibility for Luxury Residential Properties

Brittany Corporation is one of the top companies in the Philippines that makes good use of digital search and other digital platforms. While the pandemic pushed almost all niche markets to go digital, Brittany is prepared to reach and engage with the business’s target audience because of its established digital presence in the luxury real estate market.

The audience targeted for content on luxury real estate properties is little, but this particular niche surely values convenience and quality of content. This is why Brittany Corporation’s website contains not just the extensive portfolio of its luxury real estate properties, but also helpful and informative lifestyle articles that often appear on the first page of SERPs using search words that are related to luxury real estate and luxury living in the Philippines.

One of its high-ranking lifestyle articles on Google SERPs is the search keyword “luxury house and lot in tagaytay” where users will find articles about the luxury residential properties in Crosswinds Tagaytay, a Swiss-themed community built by Brittany Corporation.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is one of the leading results in digital search for luxury investments in Tagaytay


Brittany Sta. Rosa is another luxury real estate development by Brittany Corporation, is also leading in digital search visibility for luxury residential properties in Santa Rosa, Laguna. In fact, when users try to do a search query on “luxury homes in sta. rosa”, this high-end property is on the first page of the SERP.

Promenade is one of Brittany Santa Rosa’s enclaves that offer several house models—Milton, Elliot, and Lawrence—inside a breathtaking and quaint English countryside community.

Meanwhile, for the affluent looking for luxury residential properties in Las Piñas City, the Portofino community in Vista Alabang, Daang Hari leads the SERP for luxury real estate. Portofino has two phases—Portofino Heights and Portofino South. These world-class communities offer some of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines that are inspired by the Old World Italian design.

Portofino leads the search for luxury residential properties in Daang Hari, Piñas

Even with the great amount of information available on the web, Brittany Corporation reaches its target audience by providing relevant and timely content related to luxury residential properties in the Philippines. No doubt, the company is one of the leading luxury real estate developers in the country for its ability to adapt and serve to its customer needs.

Brittany Corporation in other Digital Platforms

While search engines dominate web traffic, there are also various platforms online where potential homebuyers can access updated information on luxury residential properties by Brittany Corporation. As a forward-thinking company, Brittany ensures to be present and accessible in all relevant channels where the business’s target audience is present.

Brittany Salesforce Adapts to Digitization

Brittany Salesforce (BSF) is the group of real estate professionals within Brittany Corporation that lead the task of reaching out to potential homebuyers and helping them to explore available luxury residential properties in the Philippines.

BSF has seen the need to incorporate technology in the marketing and sales process. In doing so, the business has stood out in both the traditional and digital real estate markets. By adapting to modern marketing strategies, the company kept its competitive advantage against other developers in the same niche market.

Brittany on Property Listing Websites

Upon searching the web for luxury real estate properties, property listing websites come up on the first page of SERPs. For a potential homebuyer who wants to see details that are not available on other digital platforms, such as market value and investment details, property listing websites can be the best place for this information.

There are various property listing websites that are user-friendly, which is a huge help for those who are looking for luxury homes in the Philippines, like a luxury house and lot for sale or luxury condo. It only takes typing in the homebuyer’s desired location, the name of the development, and a few clicks to access information on this type of digital platform.

BSF ensures regular monitoring of inquiries sent by clients via Brittany’s property listing website accounts. Services for prospect clients like virtual viewing of the luxury residential properties and more will be provided once connected using this channel.

Brittany Established its Social Media Presence

Social media is the best place to reach people from different demographics, coming from all walks of life—including the wealthy ones who might be looking for luxury residential properties.


According to Buffer, the top social media app with the most active users per month is Facebook with 2.9 billion which is around 36% of the world’s population. From being an app for communication and entertainment, Facebook has evolved to being a tool used for business and advertising as well.

Brittany Corporation has used Facebook as a platform to create awareness and start engagement through Facebook pages and marketplace listings for its luxury communities in Crosswinds Tagaytay, Vista Alabang, Brittany Santa Rosa, and The Lakefront Sucat. Facebook is also a convenient channel to answer inquiries and assist homebuyers with their concerns. Lastly, it is also being used as a channel to build community among residents and potential homebuyers through Facebook groups.


Instagram is also a popular social media app ranking fourth on Buffer’s list with 2 billion monthly active users. This social media is best to appeal to prospects visually which is best for showcasing Brittany’s portfolio of luxury homes in the Philippines using photos or short-form videos. Seeing the developer’s various luxury real estate properties through a well-curated Instagram feed gives potential homebuyers a more vivid idea to help them in decision-making.


For a more detailed virtual content, YouTube is the best video-sharing platform available. With 2.2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the second largest social media site which is the best channel for video marketing. Nowadays, luxury house tours are some of the trendy contents and there are an abundance of it on the said app. Currently, Brittany Corporation’s YouTube channel contains videos of different luxury themed developments to help potential homebuyers have a better picture of Brittany’s luxury residential properties.


Twitter is most famous for microblogging where users can be updated by looking up trending topics in the country or all over the world. Aside from these features, Twitter is a good customer service channels used in the Philippines where users can send their concerns using tweets or direct messages.

Brittany utilizes its Twitter account mostly to share timely updates, and connect with potential and existing clients for their inquiries.


LinkedIn is a social media site that provides a platform for individuals to raise their profile, promote brands, build networks, and find career opportunities. Because its target users are working professionals, this becomes a great platform to find leads and prospects for luxury real estate. Brittany Corporation is active in building networks using LinkedIn, which allows real estate professionals to connect with a more targeted niche market.


The past couple of years have fast-tracked digital transformation at a speed that no one has imagined. It has changed the way processes are done in most, if not all, sectors of society. Without taking immediate action to stay relevant, businesses will lose an advantage with its competitors. It is important to know the trends and adapt to it.

The idea of buying luxury residential properties online is not a familiar concept to many. It is one of the things that is being explored as the world approaches the post-pandemic future. As the real estate market faces such a transition, it is best to find a trusted developer that offers a hands-on, excellent service to its clients.

Choose the leading the luxury real estate developer in the Philippines! Learn more about Brittany Corporation’s extensive portfolio of luxury real estate developments by checking out their official website. Follow Brittany’s social media pages or send inquiries via this link.