Top digital platforms for luxury properties

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People can buy anything and everything online.


Digitalization has made it easy for shoppers to find items they want to check out or buy. Several products can now be easily found on the internet. All you need to do is use the correct digital platform to find the product that best suits your needs.

Luxury Properties have a very niche market compared to low cost properties. Not everyone would look for the most expensive houses in the Philippines. That is why only some internet users are aware of the websites and other digital platforms where they can find luxury homes for sale in the Philippines.

A Digital Platform is defined as an online ecosystem where the community can exchange information and sometimes interact with each other.

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Like or react on your dream luxury house and lot posted on your favorite social media platform.

Social Media Platforms for the Luxury Real Estate Market

Facebook, Your collection of marketplace listings

Facebook has users from almost all walks of life. This includes affluent individuals looking for luxury properties. There are many groups, pages, and marketplace listings on Facebook that offer luxury homes for sale. Each of Brittany Corporation’s projects including Crosswinds Tagaytay, Vista Alabang, Brittany Sta. Rosa and The Lakefront Sucat, have their own Facebook page.

Real estate digital marketers of luxury property brands might not actively use this social media platform in posting their luxury properties for sale but as a buyer and investor, you might still want to try this platform to search for luxury properties to buy.

LinkedIn, Social media of most business people

LinkedIn is a social media platform where you can find luxury houses and lots for sale in the  Philippines. Some real estate brokers and agents may use this platform to reach out to the investors and propose their luxury properties.

While Facebook features more luxury properties to buy or invest in, LinkedIn allows real estate agents and brokers to connect with people that are interested in investing in the properties they are offering.

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The videos and photos of your luxury community could be a content to your Media Sharing Platforms


Instagram, An online gallery to view luxury real estate development

Instagram is a social media platform where you can find luxury properties. It places emphasis on the beauty in every detail of every luxury property that the brand is presenting.

Brittany Corporation and other luxury property brands have accounts on Instagram for you to check the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. Scrolling through the gallery makes you feel like going through the property physically with the numerous photos you can view.

Youtube, Content and video sharing platform

If viewing the photos and short clips on Instagram is not for you then you can check out the luxury properties uploaded on YouTube. This platform is best for luxury property seekers that want to immerse themselves in the property. Its lengthy videos capture the beauty of the property’s interior, exterior, and the community where it is located.

Luxury house tours are trendy on YouTube. People love to watch content showcasing luxurious interiors in the Philippines.

Some YouTube videos even have a 360 view feature. It is not necessary to have your 360 goggles to view this feature, but if you have one then you could also try it to get the total experience of viewing the place. YouTube might be the best platform for you if you have the luxury of time to watch videos other than just scrolling through social media pages.

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Buying luxury properties online could be a crucial decision that’s why you need to look for a credible property listing site and study the property before making a decision.


The social media platform is considered as a great digital platform for real estate agents and prospective buyers because of how user-friendly it is.

Property Listing Websites

Social media platforms with property listings are great when you want to have a glimpse of the properties that you want to buy. When you want to search the market value and investment details per property, consider looking for credible property listing websites.

DotProperty and Lamudi are some of the property listing websites where you can find luxury homes for sale in the Philippines. You can simply use the search bar and type in your desired location, station, or even the specific name of the project you want.

You can, for example, search for luxury house and lot  in Tagaytay and you instantly see all of the available properties that Crosswinds Tagaytay has to offer including the pre-selling mid-rise luxury condominiums of Alpine Villas, ready-for-occupancy properties within the community of Crosswinds, and luxury lots for sale in Lausanne.

You can find the full description of your chosen luxury property encoded in the listing. You can even request for the contact details of the seller if you have further questions regarding the property. It is best to get in touch with the seller to have them answer all your queries and concerns regarding the property you are interested in.

The Digital Marketers of Brittany Salesforce monitor all their clients’ messages in their property listing website accounts and even offer them a virtual viewing of the luxury properties of Brittany.

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It is easy to find luxury properties online because of the search engines that give you suggestions to the sites that you can visit.


Search Engine


As you open the browser on your computer or smartphone, the home page will always be your preferred search engine. In Google, you can search for the property you want using the search bar and it will give you various suggestions based on what you’ve searched.

In this digital platform, you can see the specific location of the property pinned on Google Maps. You could check the reviews and comments of other people who already have been in the community and you could leave yours as well.

Since it is linked to Google Maps, you, your family, and your friends can already find the directions to the location conveniently. It is alright to go to the location of the projects physically and experience the community, but make sure to follow all safety protocols.

The map feature could also give you an idea of how far the property is from your office, shopping malls, and hospitals. Accessibility beyond exclusivity might be one of your considerations in finding a luxury house and lot.

Listings of the properties in Google My Business also often have links to their official website or social media pages if you want to know more about the properties they are offering.

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Digital Innovation is indeed the future of Real Estate.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have struggled to find ways to continue their businesses with all the restrictions imposed by the government to avoid the spread of the virus.

Since then, everybody seems to shift towards digital.

That is why it is more convenient, given our current situation, to find luxury properties online today because every business now is going digital including the luxury real estate industry.

You just need to find the right digital platform that best fits your preferences. If the luxury house and lot for sale are what you’ve been looking for.


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