5 Questions to Build Relationships When Networking


In real estate sales, networks are important. This is how you build connections and gain potential customers. Networks can be enriched and expanded through the years. As a real estate agent, one of the most important things you should have is a network.

A network is not only about building relationships with other professionals who may help you in your career path. In real estate, social networking is to expand and build strong relationships with potential clients as well.

Relationship building is all about providing what your potential client may need. You have to learn how to listen to their needs and concerns. Moreover, it is important to have their needs in mind especially if you are aiming to create a professional relationship with them as a client and master networking.

As a real estate agent selling luxury real estate, you need to have networking skills that allow you to create positive relationships. When networking, you can build relationships with the right mindset and attitude. To ensure effective networking, there are questions that you can ask in order to gain their trust especially when you sell luxury real estate.

you can gain your customers trust by asking relevant questions

What is Networking?

Networking is not only about meeting new people. Networking is an action of creating connections with people who share the same interests, profession, or goals. There are often settings that allow you to conduct social networking such as gatherings, business conferences, and other large-scale events.

In real estate, a network is something that sellers build with an intention to gain potential customers. It is important to get a good grasp of networking especially as a luxury real estate agent. This would help you achieve professional success if you can build good relationships with clients.

The goal is often to receive referrals, which can expand your professional networking. What you want is for your current and potential customers to spread the word among their colleagues, helping you indirectly with networking and forming relationships with other people who might be interested in billionaire modern luxury house.

Networking helps boost the sale of luxury houses in the Philippines especially as your clients connect you with their other colleagues. When you have great networking skills, you can have good relationships with your professional connections especially in the industry of luxury houses in the Philippines.

What is networking and how can it help in the luxury real estate business

Building and Enriching Client Relationship

As professionals selling lots for sale, it is important to create positive work relationships with clients not only during sales but after it. Having a great after-sales service will create an impression in your client.

When you are building strong relationships, you put your client’s needs and desires first. In essence, to sell lots for sale, you must find the right property that your client dreams of instead of offering them what is available.

However, one thing that most real estate agents forget is that when networking once you’ve built a relationship, you must enrich it. It is not enough to create a connection. You must maintain the connection and allow it to prosper through effective services that show active listening. Luxury lots for sale are not hard to sell especially today that there is an increasing demand in the market.

What you need are networking opportunities to connect you with your target market. Shared interests in luxury houses in the Philippines among your clients and their friends may bring you these opportunities. Making connections during networking easier when your clients share common interests with your target demographic.

What is networking and how can it help in the luxury real estate business

Questions to Ask to Build Strong Relationships

When networking, you’re not only aiming to sell luxury condo. The main goal is to build a relationship with a potential client. Networking skills are needed especially as you build relationships with multiple people.

You also have to learn how to read body language in order to act and react accordingly to what they are trying to convey. When networking, you must avoid making them feel uncomfortable. This is how body language becomes important when creating new relationships.

But when networking, the most important thing is to ask questions and having high emotional intelligence. It shows that you are active listening not only to find common ground or discover shared interests, but ultimately, to develop close connections with the other party.

Communication is a two-way street. You are not only offering during the networking, but also spending time to allow them to provide you with information that may help you find their dream home or dream luxury condo.

Here are five of the most effective questions that can help you build relationships with potential clients.

Questions to Ask to Build Strong Relationships

  1. How could I help you?

    As business people, you want to develop people skills that help in making other people feel comfortable around you. This is the basis of success when creating a network of potential clients. However, your ability to make them feel comfortable starts with communicating with them effectively.

    The first step to this is to ask them the right questions that make them feel that you can be trusted. Instead of offering them luxury condo or billionaire modern luxury house right of the bat, ask them instead how you can help or support them. It shows that you are putting their interest first instead of trying to sell them a billionaire modern luxury house.

    What you want is for them to feel like the connection will bring them benefit instead of you. The key to professional networking is to make the other party think and feel that they have more to gain instead of you.

  2. Do you have any particular concern?

    When building a good relationship with another person, you want to be able to avoid any concern that they may have. This makes your job easier since you will be able to eliminate any options of condo for sale that they might not be interested in.

    As a real estate agent offering condo for sale, you want to be aware of any concern that they may have not only regarding the property but about sales negotiations as well. It makes them feel that they are being heard especially when you are able to provide support regarding their concern.

    Find out if your customers have a particular concern

  3. Do you have specific needs I should keep in mind?

    The whole point of networking is to learn about the person you are talking to and find out what they need. In real estate, you should not only be mindful of their needs in terms of condo for sale, but also as an individual.

    Do they have children who are in school? Do they need a house near their workplace or near educational institutions? Knowing about these particular needs during networking will help you tailor the services you offer according to what they need.

  4. What are you looking for in a real estate agent?

    As a real estate agent, you must have the skills that can help your client find their dream home. But most of all, you must be someone that they can trust. In relationship building, having knowledge of what they value in you as a person and as a professional is important.

    It makes your job easier when you become the person that they exactly need. You must prove that you have the knowledge and skills that can help them.

  5. How do you want to communicate with me?

    When you gain a potential client from networking, you should not hound them or corner them. Instead, treat them as friends whose boundaries you respect.

    The key to effectively communicate is allow them to set how you want to talk. Ask them how they want to be contacted. Is it through email, phone calls, video calls, personal meet-ups or through social media? Make sure to also ask them when they are available. Allow them to set time and date when they are free to talk and negotiate.

    Your job is to accommodate their needs and preferences especially if you want to develop and enrich your realtionship.

    find out how your customers want to communicate

Brittany Salesforce, Masters of Building Relationships

Brittany Salesforce are professionals who are veterans in networking who have the communication skills of a salesperson. They have a good grasp of the ins and outs of relationship building with clients and potential customers. They also have good working relationships with co-workers that allow them to share ideas on how to improve their services.

Building relationships with Brittany Salesforce provides an opportunity to experience their great service. They also offer a line of luxury properties that the few elite in the country desires. What makes these properties stand out is that they are built with your luxury and comfort in mind.

The opulent interior designs and architectural styles are truly outstanding, making their clients satisfied with their purchase. They offer properties in prime locations such as Crosswinds Tagaytay, Brittany Sta. Rosa in Sta. Rosa Laguna, and Vista Alabang.

These property developments have beautiful themed enclaves that are fit for the rich taste of the elite market. To work with Brittany Salesforce is an achievement that gives you the opportunity to also create networks among the elite market in the Philippines. You can also become a part of this outstanding team of real estate professionals and build a huge network that may lead to successful sales.


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