Philippine Real Estate Luxury Market: Heating Up Or Slowing Down

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it affected several industries and markets, including the Philippine real estate luxury market. Since the onset of the global pandemic, the market for luxury homes Philippines has experienced its ups and downs. But as 2022 draws to a close, researchers and market insiders now have a clearer picture of the Philippine real estate luxury market trends. Not only can these market experts give us a precise analysis of how the market is doing so far, but they can also give us a forecast of the market for luxury houses in the Philippines for the near future. With their expert opinions and research, they can tell us if the market for the most beautiful homes in the Philippines is heating up or slowing down.

How is the real estate market in the Philippines 2022?

As the second wave of COVID-19 made its way through the country, the Philippine real estate luxury market did experience slower growth. This slowing down was on par with the luxury real estate markets of other countries. But as that second wave passed, the market for luxury homes Philippines quickly recovered.

More individuals and families began investing in luxury condominium units or luxury houses in the Philippines. Several factors came into play, such as the easing of pandemic restrictions, the increased on-site work requirements, and the desirability of new luxury residencial communities in Cavite, Laguna, and Alabang.

According to a webinar from JLL Philippines, noted a marked improvement in the luxury residential market, especially the luxury condominium setor which saw vacancy rates go down and residential demand go up. “Return to office is one of the primary factors that the luxury real estate market is heating up. Professionals returning to in-person work schedules in central business districts such as the Makati central business district and Bonifacio Global City are keen to procure homes and condominium units close to their workplace,” shared the head of research and consultancy at JLL Philippines.

Is real estate a good investment in 2022 Philippines?

According to a recent report by Colliers, mid-income and luxury residential projects are projected to remain resilient as 2022 comes to a close. The pre-selling and RFO residential markets are slated to see an uptick in investors as demand for accommodations in key business hubs rises.

Is real estate a good investment in 2022 Philippines

Real estate is a good investment in 2022 as various residential properties, such as luxury condominium units, luxury houses, and luxury lots in prime communities, are experiencing a boom in sales. Residential property prices in Metro Manila remain good, as are emerging luxury developments in areas like Baguio, Laguna, Alabang, and Tagaytay. Property buyers would do well if they invest in the best luxury houses in the Philippines in these areas, as property values here are very promising.

Why Should You Invest in Philippine Luxury Real Estate?

Investing in luxury homes Philippines is one of the best things you can do for your future. A luxury property will give you access to a world-class lifestyle, primarily when you invest in luxury residences and condominium units in desirable neighborhoods and exclusive communities.

These new homes will bring you and your family additional space to breathe and relax. New luxury homes come with larger lots, giving you more space to create a beautiful home that fulfills your every need. Or you can use these homes as vacation homes that are accessible to you and your family whenever you need a break from the bustling activities of daily life.

Luxury real estate can also become an additional income stream from residential rents. Renting out your properties can be a lucrative endeavor, especially with the easing of restrictions. More people are returning to on-site work, and many are willing to rent properties like luxury homes or condo units located near their offices.

Luxury residential properties are a smart investment as these will yield so much price appreciation in Manila’s housing market in the future. Invest in a luxury real estate property in 2022 and benefit from the huge housing need in the Philippine housing market.

Join the World of Luxury Living with a Brittany Home

When investing in luxury real estate, quality is everything. And you are guaranteed world-class quality at Brittany Corporation, the luxury real estate arm of Vista Land. Brittany is a pioneer when it comes to thematic luxury communities, designing exclusive neighborhoods after beautiful world-class destinations like the Italian Riviera, the Swiss Alps, and the English countryside. Each Brittany luxury neighborhood and condominium development is designed with beauty and luxury in mind. Every detail is meticulously planned, giving home buyers and residents a luxury home of superior quality.

Brittany living is all about the finer things in life. They aim to give that gift to homeowners through beautiful home designs, lush greenery, world-class amenities, and an exclusive luxury community in a prime location. Brittany has developed exclusive luxury communities in Alabang, Santa Rosa, and Tagaytay. And there are new thematic communities in the works for Baguio and Davao. For years, Brittany has been the top name in the Philippine real estate luxury market, and that reputation is backed by the top-quality homes they provide.

Luxury Real Estate in Tagaytay: Brittany’s Crosswinds Tagaytay

Tagaytay is well known as a tourist destination due to the city’s colder climate. A trip to Tagaytay is a great way to relax over the weekend, surrounded by nature. Crosswinds Tagaytay is Brittany Corporation’s Swiss-themed luxury mountain resort and condominium development. The Crosswinds community is the country’s most beautiful pine estate, with over 35,000 pine trees situated in and around the area. The refreshing scent of pine acts as a soothing balm that can help you melt your worries away.

Crosswinds Luxury Condo Luxury Lot in Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation

Step into a life of relaxation in Tagaytay with Crosswinds’ condominium offerings. Alpine Villas and The Grand Quartier are the two luxury residential condominium buildings at Crosswinds. Both take design inspirations from the charming and cozy Swiss mountain chalet. Each luxury condominium unit will give you a luxury version of your personal cabin in the woods, a quiet retreat for you and your family. Luxury condominium prices are worth it here, as you can call beautiful Crosswinds Tagaytay your home.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is also home to the city’s best dining establishments, such as Cafe Voila, Coffee Project, Ruined Project, and NAPA at Crosswinds. The luxury community is also conveniently located near some of Tagaytay’s best golf courses and country clubs.

Luxury Real Estate in Alabang: Vista Alabang by Brittany

Vista Alabang transports you to Italy, with the sprawling 1,500 hectare estate designed after the timeless beauty and charm of Italy. Vista Alabang offers an Italian lifestyle withing its three luxury enclaves: Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino. With a slice of Italy in the heart of the south, you don’t need to enter international property markets to live a world-class lifestyle. There is good residential demand in the Daang Hari area where Vista Alabang is situated. A home in the Portofino enclaves will serve as the perfect luxury residential real estate home base for families who want to live in the thriving heart of the South.

At Vista Alabang, you will find wide tree-lined streets, cobbled pathways, gardens with fountains and statues, and luxury homes inspired by Italian architecture. Luxury housing units are designed with large rooms, gabled roofs, stonework, wrought-iron details, and cupolas. Imbued with the spirit of Italy, the homes at Protofino will give you a taste of the Italian lifestyle that values quality and beauty in all things.

This exclusive luxury community also houses world-class amenities like clubhouses, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and fitness gyms. Vista Alabang is also close to Evia Lifestyle Center where you can find amazing restaurants and entertainment.

Luxury Real Estate in Laguna: Brittany Santa Rosa

Laguna is also experiencing a house price boom as residential real estate outside of Metro Manila gets more love. Santa Rosa is a beautiful city in Laguna that offers the perfect balance of nature and metropolitan living. With a touch of luxury Brittany living, Brittany Santa Rosa stands out in the Laguna real estate sector because of their grand homes. High and middle income families choose Brittany Santa Rosa because it is the ideal place to raise a family.

Brittany Santa Rosa has several luxury enclaves, including Augusta, Georgia Club, and Promenade. The first two are inspired by American colonial architecture that features spacious quarters, usable attic spaces, and shuttered windows. Residences in Augusta and Georgia club will fit in nicely with the grandeur of the homes in the American South. Promenade, on the other hand, is inspired by the quiet English countryside. The luxury homes of Promenade are patterned after traditional English manors and cottages, providing families with a cozy home.

Eliot Luxury Home in Brittany Santa Rosa

Upcoming Luxury Real Estate Projects From Brittany

Development in Metro manila and the nearby areas never stops. And Brittany is not one to shy away from further progress and innovation in housing projects, residential constructions, residential condominiums, and the mortgage market. Brittany unveils three upcoming projects that will be an answer to housing shortage in thriving hubs around the country.

Forresta Villar Land is a Brittany project in Daang Hari, within the sprawling Villar Land estate slated to be the next central business district. Forresta will provide intergenerational families with a luxury real estate investment that strikes the delicate balance between tranquility of nature and dynamic city living. A housing developers association will see this newest Brittany project in Daang Hari as an oasis within Villar Land.

Up north, Brittany has also gained a foothold. Baguio will soon be home to Bern Baguio, which will make you forget residential property prices due to its classic, bespoke and grand beauty. This project is the latest one to get approved residential building permits for luxury condominiumss in the area. Escape Metro Manila and wake up to the cool Baguio breeze and the scent of pine trees.

Luxury condos in Davao will also replace low end housing units as the city progresses as a business hub. Overseas property investment strategy shows that investing in a developing business district will give you many advantages while the mortgage market remains small. Brittany is one of the first luxury developers to create luxury condominium estates in the area. Great things are coming to Davao.


The real estate sector is seeing a lot of growth in 2022, and Brittany Corporation remains at the top of the luxury real estate property game. Learn more about the themed luxury communities that Brittany has to offer by browsing our website. Follow us on LinkedIn and Youtube to stay updated on the latest Brittany news.

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