Notable Luxury Properties for Sale in Laguna

Considering how the entire world was shaken when the global pandemic occurred, it seemed like many families became inclined to save money rather than spend it. As a matter of fact, given the severity of public health emergencies like the global pandemic, families find it necessary to reserve resources and increase their savings behavior.

This resulted in the growing tendency to adapt to the system of uncertain consumption, where people reduce spending under uncertain or unlikely circumstances. This greatly applies to situations where families and even those who are living independently postpone their big goals, such as purchasing a car or a luxury home in order to accommodate basic necessities. Others decided not to risk their resources by gambling in the stock market to avoid unnecessary loss.

However, now that the entire world has found ways and opportunities to move forward and record a setting recovery, and with businesses finally opening again alongside professionals finally going back to work, families are slowly recovering as well from financial losses and starting to gain back the interest to invest in huge financial breakthroughs and dreams, and that includes luxury real estate.

What is real estate?

In the realm of investment, real estate refers to a physical property that can either be a building or a portion of land alongside the rights above and underground the purchased land. The same thing is true with how it is defined in the world of business.

Real estate can also refer to the acquisition of real property as well as the improvements being done on the property. For any transaction, legal acquisition of real property must be made between real estate professionals like a broker, developer, or real estate agent.

Initially, there were three types of real estate, and they are as follows:

Residential Real Estate

This type of real estate refers to any property or area which was developed and intended for the prospective client, usually a family, to live on. A residential real estate is commonly a unit in residential cooperatives or a manufactured home situated in a subdivision or village. Essentially, this can also be condominiums, luxury homes, duplexes, multi-generational houses, vacation homes, and townhouses.

Aside from residential houses, townhouses are also one of the most prominent investments in real estate.

Commercial Real Estate

This type of real estate refers to any type of establishment or property that is being used for income-generating purposes. The best examples of commercial real estate are offices, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools, and warehouses. Moreover, it can be noted that real estate properties of this type are good for one’s investment portfolio since properties of this type tend to withstand great economic recessions and can produce income amidst economic turmoil.

Industrial Real Estate

A property of this type can be described as any vacant land or establishment that is used for the sole purpose of production, distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing of goods from raw materials which are mostly consumed by the public. Furthermore, industrial real estate properties can also be development and research facilities and laboratories.

Why is real estate a good investment?

If you want to grow or at least diversify your investment portfolio, you can’t do it any other way than to start investing in real estate, whether it’s a business property that can bring in a lot of money or a home that you can live in. If you want to buy a property that will give you a good return on your money, luxury properties are the way to go. Now, buying single-family homes is one of the best ways to do this if this is the way you want to go.

This will give you a lot of benefits, like being able to live in comfort. A home should be a safe place where you can unwind, have people over, and let your kids play until they’re tired. Also, luxury properties like family homes are known for their high level of security and modern amenities, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your safety or your needs like swimming pools, meeting rooms, and other common facilities to keep you comfortable and convenient.

Brittany Sta. Rosa: Luxury Properties in Laguna, the Lion City of the South

Investing in houses in the Philippines can be daunting if you do not know yet what you are looking for or at least you have no background in the real estate market to make your investment worthwhile. Right off the bat, we will tell you that luxury properties in Laguna are the best among the rest.

Situated in one of the darlings of the South, Brittany Sta. Rosa gives you the luxury properties in Laguna that are worth investing in. It is a high-end residential property with enclaves that depict the South American lifestyle for its architectural details that portray the classic elegance of mansions in America during the ’80s.

The said luxury houses for sale could be found in the following Brittany Sta. Rosa enclaves:

Georgia Club

It does not happen all the time that you get to stumble onto a master-planned community with signature luxury homes that will remind you of white picket fences, shuttered French windows, gabled roofs, and wrap-around porches you’ve always loved when it comes to architectural designs of South American homes.

Georgia Club takes pride in giving you an exclusive nature reserve-like property with luxury houses for sale surrounded by more than a thousand tall trees and various species of plants and birds. This is an environmentally-friendly neighborhood, perfect for whatever it is you are passionate about doing, whether it’s a stroll in the morning, catching the sunset in the late afternoon, or having friends over for dinner.

Housing starts at a community where you are safe, secured, and well taken care of. At Georgia Club, luxury living comes in the package of these feelings.


If you want a house and lot for sale in a luxury development that gives you the classic ambiance of the English countryside, Promenade at Brittany Sta. Rosa is your valuable investment. Known for its distinguished hedged cobbled paths surrounding the luxury mansions, Promenade is your little paradise in the South.

Furthermore, its signature houses position as the standard for Old English and English country manor home, making it the epitome of luxury living. Potential buyers and future homeowners will also get to enjoy the community’s ambiance, for it is surrounded by the most prominent golf courses.

This Lawrence model unit is one of the house and lot for sale in Promenade.


People who want to settle down and start a family may be interested in luxury houses for sale in Augusta, Laguna. The houses in this neighborhood are different because they look like Colonial American homes. This property is 15 hectares and is perfect for families who want a lot of space. Even the houses are big enough for families that are just starting out and for families that are growing.

This is Carolyn house model unit from Augusta.

All of these notable properties are available for your viewing. Schedule an appointment with Brittany now!

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