Why Spend Your New Year In Baguio

Are you still looking for a place to celebrate New Year’s Day? Then add Baguio City to the list because it just might be one of the most accessible places to spend the upcoming holidays in.

Holidays in the Philippines

The holidays towards the end of the year are the most eventful in the Philippines. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year to the extent that all the festivities to welcome the season start as early as September. By this time, families started to make grand plans how to make their celebration extra special.

However, even if there are festive cheer all around, there is also a downside to it. As December arrives, the traffic in Manila is known to be horrible. Even during the wee hours of the night, there are still plenty of private and public vehicles slugging around the metro with people attending late-night parties or making last-minute shopping in preparation for the holidays. This problem alone is tedious enough that many families opt to spend the holidays somewhere else instead, specifically somewhere outside Metro Manila.

Baguio During The Holidays

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines is Baguio City. Also known as the City of Pines, it is the perfect venue that reminds visitors of their favorite Christmas movie scene. The cold climate, the majestic pine trees, and the need for clothing layers is the trifecta of a holiday-themed vacation.

Thinking of spending the holidays in Baguio? Here are some of the reasons why you should spend New Year’s Day in the city of Baguio with your family this year.

Cold Climate

Baguio is the place to be when one needs a break from the notorious Philippine heat. The average temperature in Baguio towards the end of the year can drop as low as 12° celsius. It might be not that cold for foreigners coming from a country with four seasons but for Filipinos living in this tropical country, that temperature is super cold.

new year in baguio cold climate

During the hottest time of the year, every summer, the temperature in Baguio barely reaches 30° celsius. This earned its other famous title which is being the ‘Summer Capital of the Philippines’ because many flock to this area to escape the summer heat. In fact, Baguio is a popular vacation spot for all seasons. There is always a crowd visiting this sanctuary whatever the weather is. Whether for the holidays or just a regular weekend getaway, Baguio is the place to be to relax and unwind.

Great Food with Fresh Produce

One of the important Filipino traditions during the holidays is munching on a special feast with the family on Noche Buena and Media Noche. Now, people might be concerned how to keep this tradition if they will be spending the holidays outside the home.

Do not fret! Baguio City is actually a place where the freshest produce c0me from. For those who are in the mood to cook the food themselves, there are many markets where they can buy fresh produce. From vegetables, fruits, and meat produce, Baguio has it all—most probably with better quality than the ones in the metro.

On the other hand, for those who wants to relax and just order food, there are a bunch of great restaurants around Baguio where they can order ready-to-eat food. Just make sure to pre-order or make early orders since food will easily sell out as the holidays approach.

Breathtaking Scenery and Family-Friendly Activities

There is a limited number of options to do on the holidays in the metro. Usually, families visit the mall to watch a movie or go to the amusement park with children. Because there are only a few choices of activities to do, these places are usually so crowded and congested that people can barely enjoy their time outdoor. Worse, there are times that it can be more of a hassle than a leisure time.

great food new year in baguio

In Baguio City, there are a lot of places that families can go to for sightseeing and engage in some family-friendly activities to celebrate the holidays. For example, people can rent boats in Burnham Park’s man-made lake. This activity is a hit for kids especially those who grew up in the city and do not usually experience such activities.

There are also other parks where children can take photos with horses or even wear the province’s traditional clothes. There are also a bunch of parks where families can go for a more relaxed activity like a picnic and just enjoy the cool Baguio weather for the day.

For the adventurous ones, Baguio is a mountainous area and there are plenty of hiking activities that can be tried. It might not be too common to do on a holiday but this can be an interesting activity for those who are looking for a not-so-basic holiday experience.

Bonus: Baguio Fireworks Display

Celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Baguio is a unique experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else. When the clock strikes twelve, there are fireworks going off in every direction. Residents all over Baguio can watch fireworks from almost every place in Baguio, every nook and cranny of each neighborhood will not miss the colorful display of playful lights.

This is only the province’s official firework display. Aside from this, the residents of Baguio City also take New Year’s Eve celebration pretty seriously. People from Baguio are known to launch rockets that are often on par with official fireworks display, or sometimes better. As they say, what is a better way to welcome the first day of the year but with a bang, right?

spend the new year in baguio

Spend The New Year in Baguio

Not convinced yet? There is only so much this article can cover to share why it is worth it to spend the first day of the new year at the beautiful city of Baguio. It is best to experience it yourself, it will surely be a treat for you and your loved ones as you welcome the start of a new year. Whatever the holiday is—Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, etc.—it remains to be a great destination overall.

Baguio is one of the ultimate destinations in the Philippines, may it be for travel or residential purposes. Staying in Baguio is a luxury experience in itself, and it is a dream come true to own a property in this side of the country.

This is why Brittany Corporation will soon bring luxury living to its very own real estate development in Baguio City. From the plains of the south, to the heights of the north, Brittany is now reaching an elevated view of nature living. This luxury real estate development will surely be an epitome of beauty for the years to come. Get ready to celebrate life and luxury at Brittany Corporation‘s Bern Baguio.

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