Why Portofino is the safest place to live in 2022


On December 13 2021, the Philippine National Police identified over 500 areas of concern as possible hotspots for crime ahead of the 2022 national elections. These areas include at least 39 towns and 7 cities. Acting PNP Director for Intelligence Police Brig. Gen. Michael John Dubria stated that this information was derived from their records and needs to be validated with other law enforcement institutions, such as the military and the coast guard. Nevertheless, it is crucial for us to be reassured that our environment is the safest place to live in 2022.

How can you ensure that your neighborhood is the safest place to live in 2022?

Gate of luxury exclusive Portofhino | luxury homes by brittany corporation

There are many ways to check whether a neighborhood is safe to live in or not.


Especially when choosing a subdivision where you’ll be in an enclosed area with other homeowners, it’s important to do your research before getting house and lot properties for sale. Here are some things you should do when checking out a new neighborhood.

1.Check the reputation of your Real Estate Developer

No matter how good a house and lot property may seem, it becomes all for naught if you end up being all stressed out over what actually lies underneath that beauty outside. You need to make sure that your home will remain as it is for the many years to come, not just a temporary façade. You need to find someone liable for any mishaps and faults you’ll find in your new home.

2.Check the market performance of the Company’s properties

Another factor that adds to a homebuilder’s reputation is its properties’ market performance. Study the trend of how the sales of the association fall and rise. Too many houses going up for sale on short notice can be an indication of a problem within the area. It’s not always about the price of the property that needs to be noted when looking at the market performance of a company.

3. Go around the area 

The luxury of exclusivity can be your brand of southern living with Portofino. | Photo from Brittany Corporation

As they say, to see is to believe. Feel free to inspect your potential neighborhood’s area.


Do they have the proper security measures installed? Are there any hazards present which pose risks to your well-being? These are questions you should keep at the back of your mind when touring your neighborhood. A good and picturesque view from your new home is a dream, but safety should always come first when choosing a home from the safest place to live in 2022.

4. Interview other homeowners in the neighborhood

Nothing beats personal experience. Being able to hear directly from someone about their honest experiences in the area will give you a different source of knowledge rather than just being all theoretical. A simple conversation with either past, present, or future homeowners will definitely give you a lot of insight on whether you should push through with your idea of buying a new home in the area or not. It’s also a good way to start building new relationships with potential neighbors!

In Portofino Alabang, your safety is guaranteed

The Brittany Corporation knows the importance of being safe, that’s why they prioritize everyone’s safety and security. According to them, they value our family’s protection, that is why they have carefully planned the following measures to ensure safety within the community. 

1.There are at least 2 security guards per gate 

Super heroes do not exist? Portofino Alabang begs to differ. American comic book writer Stan Lee defines a superhero as a person who does heroic deeds and has the ability to do them in a way that a normal person couldn’t. Security guards protect the citizens of the country. 

If someone is robbing you, who will most likely help you? Who will chase the burglar? The security guard of course. In Portofino Alabang, they are also the ones who make sure that everyone who enters the community is not a threat. Security guards do not only protect people, but as well as your properties and assets. 

2. Round the clock roaming security 

All day and all night, security roams Portofino Alabang to make sure everyone in the community feels safe. In this way, the security guards can also spot potential dangers, and come up with something to prevent it. It would also be easier for people to call for help with security guards roaming 24/7.

Luxury house and lot properties portofino alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Feel free to roam around any time of the day in the community.


3. Security Outpost along the perimeter line

A security detachment is dispatched at the perimeter line of Portofino Alabang. The perimeter security is important because it is the first line of defense, which makes it valuable. Most people overlook its importance, but when done properly, it can greatly improve the effectiveness of the community’s security. For everyone’s peace of mind, yes, Portofino Alabang’s perimeter security is in good shape. The Brittany Corporation invested a huge amount of money in the safety and security of Portofino Alabang. The outdoor perimeters of the community add distance, time and scale to a physical security plan that is not possible to achieve within the building itself.  

According to Perimeter Security Partners, there are key objectives when it comes to perimeter security. To simply put it, they call it the 5D’s: Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay and Defend, which begins from the outside. Starting off, we have the deter, which is the farthest from the community. The deter includes physical infrastructures, like lighting and fences. In this objective, the company aims to discourage the criminals from entering the community.

ight skinned hand installing two round home security cameras or CCTV that are color white and have built in mics | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Deterrence is a psychological battle, and when the security department succeeds, the criminal activity will never take place.


Take note that the technology you will be using is obvious. For example, place a CCTV camera where one could easily identify it. Make sure that the people will know that they are being surveilled in that area. The use of signages with “no trespassing” or “area under surveillance” can also be of help  in communicating a deterrent message to unauthorized persons.

Next up, we have detection. In this objective, we have to monitor huge areas of space to precisely detect possible unauthorized intrusion in time to respond properly. Accurate detection tools, such as high-technology surveillance cameras, especially those megapixel cameras, are needed in order to be effective. Other important factors include the timely notification to security personnel, and having the capacity to digitally zoom into the area where intrusions were detected. Moving forward, the next objective of the deny perimeter is to allow entry to authorized people only, and keep out the unauthorized person.

To perform this function, there is usually a technology being used to access control or a security guard at the point of entry. For the succeeding objective, we have delay, which is self-explanatory. It aims to slow down a criminal, or give ample time to the security team to respond. Moving on, defending the perimeter is the last objective. In this objective, a security personnel attempts to apprehend the criminal. In this final perimeter, there is usually an involvement of law enforcement, and it overlaps with the other perimeters.

4. Well trained security personnel

South African leader Nelson Mandela once said “Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.”

rear view of guard in uniform talking on walkie-talkie | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Indeed, the safety and security of the people living in Portofino Alabang is a collective consensus, and a huge investment.


In order to provide the best for its residents, Portofino trains its security team with the best security companies. The skills, including observation and critical thinking, of the security personnel are continuously being enhanced. The employers also make sure that all of their workers are fit for the job, they do not just simply hire anybody. The employees are also being monitored to make sure that they are doing their jobs correctly. If a problem arises, the company sees to it that they resolve it as soon as possible to maintain the safest place to live in 2022.

5. Award-winning Luxury Real Estate

Brittany is home to numerous awards, and Portofino Alabang is no exception. Portofino Alabang was awarded the Best Housing Development in Metro Manila in the 2014 Philippine Property Awards. The Raphael Model House in Portofino Alabang was awarded Best Premium House of the Year by The Outlook 2018. These awards are solid proof that Portofino takes pride on its name and has one of the best reputations when it comes to luxury real estates.

Securing your neighborhood developer’s reputation is one of the main key points that you should always look out for house and lot properties for sale. Brittany is a Vista Land Company, which is recognized as the largest and most accomplished homebuilder in the country. Portofino does not have just a good reputation, it sits as one of the best luxury real estates in the Philippines.

Live in a luxury home with a peace of mind

Living in the reserves of Portofino Alabang is an escape from the loud city life.

portofino fountain shot among plants and houses | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Brittany corporation aims to prioritize the tranquility of its residents.


The company is able to fulfill this by granting a life of utmost ease and comfort through their security. With Portofino’s heightened sense of security, safety command center, and strict vehicle speed limit, they are able to create a safe space and a great future for everyone in their community. 

Perspective shot from inside a luxury home in Portofino overlooking an Italian canal and other colorful themed Italian luxury homes | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Portofino is the safest place to live in 2022.


Portofino has premium utilities such as underground facilities for cable, power and communication. Because of these underground cables, there is less exposure to damage. If you are using aerial cables, there are many factors to consider, such as nature. Rain could do heavy damage, and different animals could bite the wires. Since Portofino Alabang’s wires are underground, they work regardless of weather conditions or unpredictable events. These underground wires are less dangerous as well compared to aerial power lines. Since they are not easily accessible, they do not pose as many risks.

There is also an alternate day garbage collection. According to the BioCycle website, this type of garbage collection is being implemented to improve recycling and increase the diversion of source separated organic wastes. To round the clock of water supply, deep wells and water reservoirs are present. There is also a professional property management team to help supervise Portofino Alabang.

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