Top 7 Sales Engagement Tips to Boost Sales


Want to boost your sales and conversion rates by a large margin? It’s possible with effective sales engagement strategies!

In real estate, sales are highly dependent on whether you can convert a lead into closed deals by convincing interested clients to make a purchase. However, it requires great sales engagement strategies especially since they are making a decision that involves a large amount of money.

Sales engagement can increase your chances of closing deals and even expand your network through word of mouth. With the latest developments in technology, there are now various modern strategies that you can use to build relationships with clients and engage them, especially through sales engagement and digital platforms. A career in Brittany Salesforce, selling arm of Brittany Corporation, will show you that it is possible to take advantage of recent market changes as long as you have the ability to adapt.

Conversion rates are substantial in determining the effectiveness of your marketing methods and to an extent, the performance of a real estate salesperson. This is why some of the most successful real estate professionals learn strategies on how they can optimize their content and social media profiles to reach their audience.

However, generating leads by sparking interest in the audience is easy enough. The hard part is building a connection with them. This is where sales engagement comes in.

A man talking to someone on his phone.

Boost your sales with engagements tips that can improve your relationship with your clients.

What is Sales Engagement?

Sales engagement is the interaction that happen between the salesperson and the client from start to end. These include the outreach, building relationship, negotiation, up until the purchase and even after-sales service. There are many ways that the engagement can happen between the seller and the buyer. In terms of digital marketing, visiting and browsing through a site or clicking links, are considered engagement.

Audiences that interact with you in any way, is considered a lead that you have generated from marketing efforts. Next comes the sales engagement – interacting with them in order to build a connection and keep them interested. You can do this by utilizing online platforms available to you.

Sales engagement is what keeps the relationship between salesperson and client alive. It can be measured through various tools and platforms where the engagement is being conducted. Measuring is done through data collection and interpretation. This provides insight of how effective a strategy is. Analyzing data also shows the conversion rate of leads into sales.

However, the most significant part of sales engagement is clear communication between you and your client.

Engagement is only the process of convincing your client to make a real estate purchase that is appropriate for their needs and suit their lifestyle. When you pursue a career at Brittany Salesforce, you need to be able to communicate clearly with clients and build a relationship with them. You can also boost your sales and increase your conversion rates with these effective sales engagement tips.

A group of young individuals clapping during a presentation.

Sales engagement allows a salesperson to improve their relationship with their clients and ensure successful sale transactions.

10 Sales Engagement Tips that Can Boost Sales 

Boost sales and increase success rate for you and your team with these sales engagement tips that you can utilize in real estate marketing.

1. Customer-Centric Discussions and Solutions 

When you are trying to sell something, you should not focus on what you can get from the deal. Rather, always focus on the problem or concern of your client and provide the best solution to them. Apply this mindset when you are trying to negotiate. It is not about you, but it is about providing a solution that your client needs.

Do not just offer them your products or services. Instead, get to know them and have a full understanding of their preferences and needs. When you build connections with your clients, you learn how to keep their best interests in mind. This will help assure them that you are listening to what they say and are concerned for what they want.

In real estate, sales are not a one-time encounter. You build relationship with your client, earn their trust, and assist them to the best of your abilities. Adapting a customer-centric approach when engaging your clients will increase your chance of closing that deal.

2. Optimizing Websites and Social Media Platforms

Online is where everything is at right now. Both businesses and customers can be found online, making it the best place to conduct business. But how will you reach your target market without a significant online presence? This is where website optimization and utilization of social media platforms come in.

When prospective clients look for available properties, they search first on the web. Ranking on the first page of the search result can generate leads that may be converted into successful sales. This is only one benefit of optimizing your website. Using and boosting social media accounts can also catch their attention and create a great first impression.

There are other advantages you can get from optimizing your website as well. These include the benefit of making it easier for potential clients to see the properties and services that you offer.

people using phone while standing

Optimize your website and social media accounts to engage with your clients.

3. Maximizing Communication Channels

When you want to reach out to a client, you don’t need to set a schedule with them anymore. Instead, you can turn to various communication channels that allow you to reach more potential clients and keep track of conversations. Other than keeping in touch with your client, communication channels can also serve to expand your network.

One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing in real estate is that you are allowing your potential clients to contact you instead of the other way around. There are various types of communication channels online that you can utilize including websites inquiry forms, e-mails, live chats, messaging apps, video chats, and even automated chatbots.

Most real estate websites have integrated automated communication tools such as live website support and chatbots that audiences can interact with 24/7. This will help you provide customer support in real time whenever possible.

4. Providing Relevant and Informative Content

What makes clients engaged is when you provide them with information that they consider to be relevant and interesting. When you continue creating relevant content, you are also building your credibility and trustworthiness as it shows that you, a real estate agent or brand, you know your craft.

Continuously providing relevant content also establishes the fact that you have great presence online. Most of all, content can let your audience know that you are capable of providing them the solution they need especially when you tackle issues that are often encountered by your target market. You can create informative blogs, news about market changes, and even guides on terms and processes that your client should know before making a purchase.

There are different types of multimedia content you can utilize as well. These include photos, videos, blogs, and even podcasts. Making full use of content marketing, you can encourage potential clients to reach out and interact with you. A career at Brittany Salesforce doesn’t only point to being a salesperson. There are other opportunities as well, including multimedia artists and content writers who can provide relevant content.

Image of a laptop with a word file open.

Create and produce relevant content that can be helpful to your clients.

5. Investing in CRMs and Sales Engagement Platform

One of the tricks of boosting sales is to keep track of all your interactions and relationships with your current and potential clients through an organized system. This allows you to plan on what your next step should be without ever forgetting or neglecting your clients and their concerns.

This is the idea behind customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This system has integrated tools that can track, manage, and sort your customer data in one place. There are different types of CRM as well, which serves different purposes. Some use CRM for lead management, others for tracking sales revenue, and those that are used to monitor social engagements.

Most brands invest in CRMs and automation tools because it makes the job easier for their real estate agents, reducing their workload and time spent, which they can redirect to more important things instead. CRM also boosts the productivity of your team, as it can be used how you engage with your clients. The data collected can be interpreted into patterns, allowing you to optimize and improve your strategies.

6. Appropriate Follow Up Processes

Some leads fail to go through due to lack of follow up from both sides. Some clients lost interest when there is minimal communication. As a sales representative, it is your responsibility to keep in touch with your clients.

If your clients show interest in purchasing real estate properties, you can proceed with appropriate follow up processes to keep them engaged. You can do this through the communication channels available online. Effective follow up processes can help strengthen the relationship between you and your client.

Follow-up techniques will help improve response rate from your clients. When you follow up use the right words and techniques, you can help your clients feel more comfortable with you, eventually earning their trust. One of the recommended subjects to broach during follow ups is to ask your client or potential buyer when and where they want to be contacted. This shows that you are willing to communicate with their comfort in mind.

woman in gray and white striped long sleeve shirt using silver macbook

Maintain a good relationship with your clients by using effective follow up techniques.

7. Learning and Implementing Analytics

In digital marketing, data is very important. It can be collected and interpreted to draw conclusions and results. Analytics is the process of collecting and interpreting patterns in data, which allows you to adjust your strategies as needed.

In sales engagement, analytics can be used to collect data, identify problems, understand how your clients behave, and even predict the outcome of sales or possible changes in market trends.

What makes analytics effective is that collects data from the traffic and engagement of users in your website and social media. The data can give you an insight on how your clients behave and what they are most interested in. You can use the date to optimize your marketing strategies and cater to their preferences.

By doing this, you can drive more engagement towards your socials or websites and increase generated leads that can be converted into sales.

Brittany Salesforce and its Modern Sales Engagement Platforms and Strategies

Being able to adapt to the market changes is an ability that the most successful real estate professionals have.  There are different factors that can affect the success of closing a deal. With the volatility of the real estate industry, you should always be ready to adapt to these changes while also being flexible enough to accommodate your clients.

In the new normal, learning about digital marketing and using modern sales engagement techniques is the way to go. You can expand your network, build connections, convert leads, and even boost sales.

The elite team of Brittany Salesforce studied how these modern strategies improve their marketing efforts. By using these sales engagement tips, they have increased their traffic and generated leads, while also boosting sales.

You can also pursue a career at Brittany Salesforce and learn about these marketing methods. Visit their careers page to check if there are available opportunities.

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